Musician Ben Harper had been known to take a snapshot or two in his life, but had never seriously pursued photography. That is until his "other duties as assigned" in his job with the Mobile Symphony Orchestra put a camera and a zoom lens in his hands. "My job as Webmaster for the Symphony meant not only putting pictures of Scott Speck & the MSO on the website, it also meant getting the pictures taken".

It was a skill he took to quickly. Using a lifetime of experience listening to and occassionally playing in orchestras, he just started taking pictures of things he thought the audience would like to see but doesn't always get a chance to.

"The great thing about my photography gig is the relationship I have with the musicians and conductor Scott Speck. They already knew me so we had a comfort zone with each other from the start. Also I've been granted almost total access to shoot as long as I'm not seen or heard."

"You'd be amazed how loud a shutter is if it clicks in the middle of a slow quiet passage, to stay out of earshot I usually shoot the slow movements from the lobby."

Harper's MSO photographs have been published in Alabama and National Publications such as: The Press Register, The Vanguard, Mobile Bay Monthly, Lagniappe, Bay Family, and Symphony Magazine.