Computer Protection

Please note some of the downloads are certified  virus and spy-ware free downloads.


Please note all the following download are certified as freeware in their licencing agreement.


Freeware Anti - Spy ware / Ad ware

Spy bot Search and Destroy.


Microsoft - Windows Difender.


Lavasoft - Adaware SE Personal.


Spyware Terminator.


                     Win-sonar 2005 XP. *Proccess Gaurd. 


                       Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool * stand alone app.





Freeware Anti - Viruses


Bit-Defender Free Edition 8.0.


Grisoft - AVG Free Edition. 7.1


AntiVir Personal Edition 7.0 Beta


Avast! Home Edition


Comodo Anti Virus Personal Edition 


Freeware Malware removal tools


a-squared (a2) Free 1.6.5 *free licence required.


Freeware Personal Firewalls


Omniquad Personal Firewall


XPFiremon *monitor SP2 Firewall


Kerio Personal Firewall


Comodo Personal Firewall


ZoneAlarm Free


SecureIIS Personal Edition


Outpost Firewall Free

Free Online Scanning


Trend Micro House Call Online Virus Scan



Recomended Combination For Free Protection.


Either Combination 1.



Combination 2.

Click on a combination title to download the set!