My commitment to teaching is something I hold in the highest regard because I believe that economics is one of the most important disciplines to study; the tools and concepts permeate all other social sciences, and are invaluable for citizens of the modern world. My goal as faculty, researcher, and student advocate, is to facilitate problem solving and informed citizenship.

2012 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (shared with Timothy Lambie-Hanson)

Detailed course evaluations available upon request.

Principles of Microeconomics:
Fall 2010: 2 sections
Spring 2011: 2 sections
Spring 2012: 2 sections
Summer I 2012
Spring 2013 Honors section

Principles of Macroeconomics:
Fall 2009: 2 sections
Spring 2010: 2 sections
Summer II 2010
Fall 2011: 2 sections
Fall 2012

Applied Microeconomics (Managerial Economics)

Foundations of Econometrics

Aggregate Evaluation Scores (out of 5):

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A weighted average of course evaluation scores.
  Personal Score Department Average
 The course made reasonable demands on the students.     4.31 3.97
 Tests and other forms of evaluation for the course grade are fair. 4.21 3.89
  This instructor has good speaking skills (is easy to understand). 4.56 3.56
 The instructor is always prepared for class. 4.78 4.40
 The instructor demonstrates competence in the subject matter. 4.61 4.28
 The instructor is enthusiastic about the course. 4.49 4.09
 The instructor is effective in presenting the course material. 4.30 3.80
 The instructor encourages questions and answers them constructively. 4.48 3.96
 The instructor makes himself available and encourages students to seek assistance outside the classroom. 4.53 4.13
 The instructor integrates real-world information and examples into the course. 4.74 4.13
 The instructor often goes beyond the textbook material to elaborate on a point. 4.49 3.84
 The syllabus accurately reflected the structure of the course. 4.72 4.31
 The instructor stimulated your interest in learning the subject matter. 4.35 3.57
 The instructor fostered a respectful learning environment. 4.69 4.16
 The instructor is better than most. 4.49 3.57 Ratings:out of 5 - (click for link)
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