Immersion Semester Program

In Spring of 2011, I was one of 12 students who participated in the Ithaca College Immersion Semester Program. The program is intended to train outdoor leaders. I was one of the few Outdoor Pursuits Minors who went on this experience, and I consider it the greatest learning experience of my college career. It focused heavily on experiential education, learning by doing rather than by being lectured at. I am a huge advocate of this idea and think that it should be more heavily integrated into the educational system. 

The experience help me gain an understanding of how to properly interact with other people. I learned how to lead a group in situations ranging from sunny and 70 degrees on an Island in the San Juans, to a blizzard in July in the Cascade Mountain Range, one of, if not the the most remote places in the Unites States. I learned to effectively communicate with other people, through an understanding and application of group dynamics.

The Website for the Immersion Semester Program can be found here:
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This Picture of me was taken on the saddle between Buttermilk Ridge and Sawtooth Ridge in the Cascade Mountain Range. On this day we climbed over both ridges.