Benj Arriola GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Wonders...

...Wonders What The Hell Is He Going To Do With This Google Page? 

Hi I am Benj!

What will I do with this page? How will Google treat this page? Are there any priority PR points with this page? If I fill this up with my name Benj, will this Benj page do well in the SERPs? What if I use Google Sitemaps on this Benj Page?

So what do other people do to Google Pages like this Benj Google Page?

Do they just talk about Mesothelioma all the time? As they keep on repeating the word Mesothelioma, Mesothelioma over and over until you do not want to hear it? I do not think I will do that to the Benj Google Page. And of course, maybe there are tons of Google Pages out there about mortgage, loans, debt, insurance, and credit cards online, we will never run out of that. And of course, adult related, viagra and other things that make it big, and also things that make your waist small. More on Online casinos, poker sites and more. But all of that will never be on Benj Arriola's Google Page. I will just smile at this whole Google Page thing. Maybe Ican place some Google Video code and link to the 911 Conspiracy Video?

Ok, so I decided to add something.

It is August 20, 2006 and I decide to add some more content on this page. Hmmm what can I add? First thing I can say is that there is an on going SEO contest called Isulong SEOph.  And I decided to join this Isulong SEOph contest. And it's kind of funny how various people try to get more links going to their pages. Someone tries the music and other funny stuff on their Isulong SEOph websites, while other isulong SEOPh websites almost look like porn.

So what do I do really, seriously, with this page?

Ok, it Halloween 2006! And another SEO contest once again. And everyone is continuing their link building like crazy. (I think only I am at the moment. haha) So if this page is on Google pages, I assume this does not necessarily mean this has any crawling priority over other websites. What do you think? Will it crawl my Ituloy AngSulong website sooner? Maybe not, but about Ituloy AngSulong, the news is that Ituloy AngSulong is dancing on Yahoo ang MSN. Have you heard about that? I find that a problem because I have no Google Dance ballet shoes. I only have Taekwondo shoes, maybe there is one that I can download for Ituloy AngSulong. And hopefully some SEO sense comes out of this post.

MSN Doesn't know me.

My site on MSN got lost in the top 10 Ituloy AngSulong sites. On Google, Ituloy AngSulong is doing well. As well as Ituloy AngSulong SEO and Ituloy AngSulong news. On Yahoo, news and Ituloy AngSulong Downloads is doing well. On MSN, all cannot be seen including the About Ituloy AngSulong

Finally, I am seeing improvement in Ituloy AngSulong

Looks like my Ituloy AngSulong stuff are doing pretty well. But what about my GlobalWarming Awareness2007? Still not in contention. So how can I be a Search Marketing Specialist?

I can't believe I am taking this Global Warming thing so seriously!

Here are a few things...

Global Warming is NOT caused by the greenhouse effect.