Send the Vegan Drag Queen
to RuPaul's Drag Con!

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UPDATED: April 21, 2017

So far we have raised $230
from 9 supporters!

After the relaunch
of her cooking show,
Honey LaBronx is heading
to Los Angeles to be
an exhibitor at
RuPaul's Drag Con on
April 29 & 30!

This is one of the biggest and
CRAZIEST things I've ever done!

My goal is to raise $3,000
to cover my expenses while I am taking part in the world's largest (and ONLY) drag queen convention!

So far I've got my flight and my lodging covered, thanks to some dear friends for taking care of me.

What I need now is the capital to create merchandise so I can get my name out there, signage, business cards, food for two days of cooking demos, etc...

Your donations -- of any size -- will make that journey possible!

There are 30,000 people expected at this year's Drag Con.

With 3.2% of the population identifying as vegetarian/vegan, that means there will be roughly 980 drag-queen-loving vegetarians at this event!

This is my golden opportunity to get my YouTube channel the following it deserves, so that I can finally make my passion my career!

Please click the button below to contribute.  Again, ANY donations will be greatly appreciated, so please don't think "I wish I could help, but can't!"

P.S. To help raise the funds, I am also:
• Selling T-Shirts (Click here to order a t-shirt)
• Offering $99 Headshots in NYC (Click here to book a session)
• Giving perks on Patreon for monthly donors
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