Benjamin Schneer

Assistant Professor 
Department of Political Science
Florida State University

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CV | Data


"Paths of Recruitment: Rational Social Prospecting in Petition Canvassing" with Clayton Nall and Daniel Carpenter. 2017. Forthcoming. American Journal of Political Science. 

"Divided Government and Significant Legislation: A History of Congress from 1789--2010" with Stephen Ansolabehere and Maxwell Palmer. 2017. Accepted for Publication. Social Science History.

  "Capitol Gains: The Returns to Elected Office from Corporate Board Directorships" with Maxwell Palmer. 2016. Journal of Politics 78 (1): 181-196.

  "Party Formation Through Petitions: The Whigs and the Bank War of 1832--1834" with Daniel Carpenter. 2015. Studies in American Political Development 29 (2): 1-22. 

  "What Has Congress Done?" with Stephen Ansolabehere and Maxwell Palmer. 2016. Governing in a Polarized Age: Elections, Parties, and Political Representation in America, eds. Alan S. Gerber and Eric Schickler. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Working Papers


"How the Mass Media Activates Public Expression and Influences National Agendas" with Gary King and Ariel White. Revise & Resubmit.


"Suffrage Petitioning as Formative Practice: American Women Presage and Prepare for the Vote, 1840-1940" with Daniel Carpenter, Zachary Popp, Tobias Resch, and Nicole Topich.
 "An Analysis of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Congressional/Legislative District Map" with Gary King.

Works in Progress

Book Project: From the Capitol to the Boardroom: The Returns to Office from Corporate Board Directorships with Maxwell Palmer.

  "How Legislatures Learn Jurisdictions: Petitions and Committee Formation in Revolutionary Virginia and the Early U.S. House" with Tobias Resch, Maggie McKinley and Daniel Carpenter. 

"Rainmakers: Former Politicians as Lobbyists" with Pamela Ban and Maxwell Palmer.

"Corporate Political Activity as a Bundle of Goods" with Daniel J. Moskowitz and Maxwell Palmer.