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Yes, you have come to the right page. Congratulations, and welcome to the Youtube videos page on Benjamin Rogers Texas.This page will feature many of the videos hidden in obscurity in YouTube's servers.

UPDATE: The second part of the Hunting Incident trilogy is being filmed. We got a non-exclusive peek at the teaser video and as your good friends, we are sharing our lunch with you ...

Is it the scheme of an evil empire to keep you from finishing your second quarter financial report or your next college algebra homework assignment? Unfortunately, no. However, as the makers of the videos, and being ordinary humans pressed with deadlines, we know that the tried and tested formula, "the dog ate my homework" works, if you are funny enough. Good luck and we hope you will return soon.

Special Delivery: A special audio talk, free for download and personal, non-commercial use is available here. It is here only for a short time, so download it today. (Hint: use right click and "save target as" or something)

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Who says that serious actors cannot have some silly fun? Watch the actors in the movie in a comic sketch that will suck your brains out (you know, in case the original trilogy did not do a good enough job of finishing off your brain. =P