Rich Resource: Mr. Post's Class Website

Hello and welcome to my classroom website, a spot where Glen Lake students will be able to find important resources for my class.  The goal of this site will be to  offer students an opportunity to view, examine, and download information already provided in my class and on Glen Lake Community School's own website.  Usage of this website should is not a requirement for my class; I have created it only to assist parents and students who wish to have additional means of accessing coursework.  Everything provided in the classroom links to the left are also provided in the classroom
The best way to be kept up-to-date on class reminders is to follow me on Twitter: @MrPostsClass. If you don't desire a twitter account, you can still get my twitter updates by following my Twitter feed on your computer.

Additionally, the link "Student Online Resources" will take students to a website that contains links to resources I've found useful in creating classroom units, activities, and lectures.  These "bookmarks," each containing a few comments from me, are organized by unit and provide students interested in improving their understanding of classroom content an opportunity to do so on their own times.

With that, let me just add a "thank you" for visiting this site and taking an active interest in your (or your child's) education.  Please email me with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Benjamin R. Post
Glen Lake High School

 Updated: 5.7.2014