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April 19



Anamorphic sick vid


Polish Nationals

Mateusz Ganc WINS! Jason Lee visits Poland

Full story coming soon!

dv888 Promotion

Coming soon to YoYoNation

Also a limited number will be @ EYYM

Superstar Review @ YoYoexpert


Next week:

Reporting LIVE from Italy while filming on location for the NEW YoYoFactory DVD.

More eight9eight goodness

April 17




April 14

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April 13

Redondo Pictures

March 17

New Video on youtube

As requested by many!

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March 17

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March 16




March 15



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Skylines @ YoYoNation

March 12


March 12

I Punched Boxthor in the Catch22

Guy Wright by Elliot Jackson

Miguel Correa en el campeoanto nacional mexicano 2009

Miguel Correa Demo at 2009 Mexican Nationals

campeoanto nacional mexicano 2009

NYC's and Orlando's yoyo contest 2008 Engl-Part 1/4

Martin and Hadrien make a 4 part Epic on their 2008 travels in the USA





2009 Redondo Beach Contest






And dont forget to keep an eye on http://www.vimeo.com/yoyofactoryPNWR freestyles now up!

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March 9

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March 9 2009

Redondo Peir again played host to an epic day of yo-yo play on the 35th Festival of The Kite weekend. Blessed with So-Cal sunshine and bumper crowds over 50 competitors took to the stage competing in either beginner, rookie or Pro divisions. The level of competition was epic, especially in the rookie division where 20+ players freestyled, most for the first time!  The level of skill was outstanding. Many of these guys and girls will be battling it out for regional and national titles in the years to come. In The end Ben Ross won the rookie division leaving the stage open for the PRO battles ahead.


Round one saw local favourites Grant Johnson square up against local friend Yoshi (Mark Mikamoto). Yoshi has earlier in the day set a new outdoor Buddha sleeper record of 9minutes + and carried his hot form to steamroll Grant. When 2 national champions, Paul Yath and Joseph Harris matched off in the next heat the crowd decided it wasnt josephs day and Paul progressed. After threee rounds the only man left standing was YOSHI, the undisputed KING of the peir!

After the contest Yoshi announced this would be his last contest on the peir and he would focus on his roll of yo-yo class teacher (4pm every Saturday) where he will train the champions of tomorrow!

Thanks to SUNSHINE KITE CO for hosting the event!

Thanks to MO for the pictures!


5th March 2009


YoYoFactory® has risen to prominence as a brand capable of supplying amazing product to discerning enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for it proven pedigree.


When the eight8eight™launched just under two years ago it was a revelation. A reliable yoyo, seldom out of stock, and regarded by many as one of the best performing yoyos ever. But YoYoFactory didn't stop there; after all, products are a journey not a destination.


The DNA™ is a full-sized eight8eight, styled on the original concept drawing from 2007. The smooth lines and comfortable feel are there as well as the trademark step of the 888. Finished in a soft blasted surface and a rich annodize the DNA is a sensory treat.  Bold colors showcase in the high shine of the face and inner gap. A soft luxurious feel on the precision blasted grinding surface is a treat. Precision masking on each half prior to blasting ensures extremely low string wear, striking shine and the right friction exactly where it is needed.


Despite being the widest YoYoFactory yo-yo in production (43mm) and 'full' sized (55mm), it isn't bloated. The weight (66gm strung) floats on the string. A word of warning, don't underestimate the power of the DNA.  Spinning at the end of the string, it spins hard and fast. The DNA is no slug through the air, moving at a deliberate pace. Certainly not as agile as say the skyline or even the original eight8eight. It rewards a more deliberate player who appreciates the time the yoyo is moving to the string as much as the time it is on them. What is your style?

Available March 8 Sunshine Kites Redondo Peir


Shipping to other great yo-yo stores NEXT WEEK!



27th Feb 2009

Dropping TODAY @ YYN


Mexican National YoYo Contest

Feb 24 2009




This Saturday and Sunday (Fb 28-Mar 1) will see the 2009 Mexican National Yo-Yo Contest held at MEXICO PARK PLAZA CUICUILCO AND PLAZA LORETO. Special Guest and judge for the event will be 2x USA National Champion Miguel Correa!

Paul Kerbel of the YoYoFactory Junior Team will be looking to defend his national title and guarantee his seed into the World contest where he placed 16th last year.


Check back next week for full results and photos!


DNA. New full sized metal (with 888 inside).

Feb 23 2009

Mid Janurary rumours started swirling of a full sized eight8eight. eight8eight has been a phenomenon, the benchmark all metal yo-yos appear to be measured upon, so news of a new version instantly created some waves. Its time to end the speculation and take a look at the facts:



42.9mm wide

55.3mm diameter

5mm gap (with Full SPEC bearing)

DNA VS 07 888

Based of the original 07 888 the DNA stays true to the design, not adding too much meat on the larger frame. Initial response from team players has been fantastic.

888 sized K-Pad response, exclusive SPEC bearing and YoYoFactorys precision beadblasting ensure the DNA delivers a world class feel and performance.

Recently pre-production DNA sold out at both China National Contest and PNWR. Pre-release stock (raw with hubstacks and decals included) was made available at SPINGEAR.JP and shortly @ YOYONATION in very small quantities.

Set for its public release in full production March 8. If you are in the LA area come down to Redondo Peir to the launch

PNWR 2009/ 5A Battle in Seattle

FEB 21 2009

YoYoFactory loves a good showdown and we usually find one to support every year. A few years ago we dropped $500 worth of prizes on and east coast 5A faceoff which was won by JonRob. This year we cranked the dial up flying former World champion Tyler Severance and 2X USA national champ Miguel Correa into Seattle to take on the next big thing, Sterling Quinn on his home turf at the PNWR contest. Disappoint it did not!






Congratulations also to Sterling for winning the single A seed to the US National Contest!


Sterling Quinn Skyline released. Also coming soon to www.yoyonation.com

The old pie in the face trick! Nathan/Boxthor

For full results visit: HERE

Videos coming soon thanks to yoyofactory/boxthor

Toy Fair NYC

Feb 2009 


A little wheeling and dealing but mostly making new friends and seeing old ones!

New product on display included the FIREDOG (for USA release in 09), The updated Velocity and Grind Machine (in fresh new packaging) and the SpinTop Family.... but that is a different story.

A big thanks to everyone we met in NY who made it an awesome trip.

NEW metal

Feb 2009

DNA, Adjust-o-matic, Dv8eighteight

Product Catalog

Feb 2009

Check it out:

2 collectable covers, 17 color pages of yoyofactory product and photos!

Want one? Its easy, ask your yoyo retailer to get them in. They are free, they just need to order them in!




Feb 2009 


First Stop JAPAN!

Japan is home to some of the worlds best yo-yo players. It was about time YYF went to Japan to check out the scene.

1st stop SPINGEAR

This place is the home of Yo-Yo in Tokyo. Foolishly I arrived AFTER one of the largest player meets of the year but never-the-less there is always a crowd at Spingear throwing down in the hall way.

Next stop Shibuya for a photoshoot and filming session with Kentaro Kimura, former USA national Champion, 2nd place in the world and former resident of NYC and somewhere in Georgia. Kentaro now lives in Tokyo and is at the heart of yo-yo making his industryleading Kenatro pads and K-Pads.

Then it was of to Harajuku with World Champion John Ando. Fresh in his hands was the new 3-tone superstar. Damn!

Look for footage from here in an upcoming YoYofactory DVD.

There was a final stop, and although I can't name the destination, I can tell you it is one of the most important places in Yo-Yo today.

Burried deep below a school is a quiet hallway, in this space 2 world champions practiced their skills and brough home glory. Today a selct few meet here frequently plotting the moves that come August will see them contending for world titles of their own. Check it out...

All action

The crtics watch

Kentaro goes next level

Andos quiver

Rnd 2 Hong Kong!

After saying goodbye to Japan John And Kentaro came along to Hong Kong! Again, YYF is yet to have an 'official' visit to Hong Kong so this was the perfect chance!

Straight Away we met up with the crew from HereWeYo

John Ando + HWY

Showing off

Simpson on the job!

Over the next comple of days we ate and hung out with a mix of yoyoplayers including the guys from HKYYFC.

YoStation Nathan Road

Chan Man Fai!

But all to quickly it was over :( with some footage on tape and photos on disc we headed for China. The good news was... most of the HK players came too!


Ah China. First time I visited china I was scared. It was so big and no-one spoke english.... what if I got lost... how could I get home. When it comes down to it, people are nice EVERYWHERE, especially in China :)

KOBE, our man in Guangzhou came down to the HK border to meet us. 

We were whisked to the city, rode the MTR and popped up in our swank hotel, just around the corner from the contest venue. Armed with no Chinese speaking skills Kentaro, Ando, Mickey and I (YYFBen) headed for the streets.  Mango smoothies and a 2hr long $7 foot massage later we went to bead dreaming of more good food and excited to meet a whole new crew of players.


The next day I rolled with the stars. Mickey, Ando and Taka were guests of TVs5 who took them downtown to film a TV piece on them enjoying Gunagzhou.

YoYo Superstars

Filming on the street in Guangzhou


Brushing up on his Mandarin

Later in the day it was CONTEST TIME!

The level of play was world class, the judging pannel was gathered from HK and Japans finest, the venue spectacular. This was legit!

Local talent shining on stage

Single A Champion Vong Kin Ian rocking a Spinworkx 888!

Hi Auldey!

5A Finalists

5A Winners!

Ando & Mickey

Mickey Lights it up!

All said and done, 2 days in Gunagzhou was way too short. Im coming back!!!!!!

Thanks to Kobe and all the HK players who helped us out!

Contest Results: HERE Thanks to YoForce!

Videos: HERE Thaks to HWY!

Texas RoadTrip

Jan 2009

One fine sunny weekend in Janurary YYF went to Texas to meet-up with two of its star Contest Team players, Miguel Correa and Yuuki Spencer, to not throw yo-yo, but to spin TOP.

Check the first results out here:


Yuuki plays with Mighty Flea

Video Production

Mr Correa to you.







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