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YoYoFactory Contest Team would like to Welcome......

Aug 22


Name: Igor "CHERRY" Vishnyakov
Age: 22
Hometown: Russia, Moscow
Favorite players: Yuuki, Augie, Vashek & Ignitus
Goal in yo-yo play: Yo-Yo is not just a hobbie, it's part of my life, it's my positive.. and I want to get big success in yoyoing in Russia and all over world but i'm modest! ^_^

Modest? I have some pictures of Cherry performing in a club and they show NO modesty :)



....coming news....

  • new contest team member
  • G5 availability
  • promotion photos

Factory move!

Aug 16 2007

Things have NOT recovered around here since worlds! The only thing that has occured is the G5+ has shipped to stores, everything else has been a mess! The good news is Project Red Alert and YoYoFactory Premium collection packaging and assembly has moved to a new part of the factory and plans to GROW!

eight8eight was expected to ship again this week but another delay looks like holding things up..... curses!

Original G5 however is coming BACK! lookout for new colors and store exclusives!

This site needs about 20hrs in updates.... expect them to come over the coming weeks too!


More worlds aftermath

Aug 6 2007

I have the headings, now I just need to fill in the details

Vashek and Ondrej Kroutil

First trip to the USA, these to Czech lads are two of the nicest people out there. Vashek continued to expand his fan base, evidenced by the cheer he recieved when he walked onto stage for his 1A freestyle. Ultimately he placed 12th in the single A division and gained vast amounts of experience for the future. Ondrej (aka anamorphic) was onhand to capture all the angles and will be making both a Worlds 07 video and a YoYoFactory Contest Team Video in the near future. They are currently travelling to NYC for this weekends NY state contest, if you see them ther, be sure to say hello!

Augie Fash

A summer running around the country performing has done Augie wonders with his performances exciting the audience to new levels! He took 7th place in 5A, 2nd in the ASA freestyle event and was the unlucky highest score to miss-out on the finals for single A. Everyone who saw his 5A freestyle will remember it, and how his G5+ hung from the ceiling for the rest of his freestyle, still spinning....

Steve Brown

1. be there for bith of child

2. Place top3 in AP

3. Re-invent something you already invented

Not a bad week. Steve prooved he was not superman by falling sick mid way through it. Still heroic!

If you have not already, check his yo-yo HERE  and his AP freestyle HERE and his 5A HERE

Ryan Lai

His name will not be spoken again until he films himself stacking 5 G5s high.....

Matt, Bonnie, Adam, John Aaron

A team of their own they repped yoyofactory in their own twisted way... fighting cougars at the bar, judging, being loud and generally off the hook at most times.

Yuuki, Yuuki and Yuuki again


At some stage earlier this year, before BAC even. Yuuki decided he was going to win worlds. It was about that time that it was all over. Now you have to remember, Yuuki has already won Worlds back in 2002 so it wasn't to prove he was the best, it was just because he wanted it. So it started in San Jose where he could practice with friend and world #3 Paul Han, then it went to Vegas for a solid session working out the elements with Onikki, Kentaro and Tommy and finally the focus to see it through.  His practice sessions went up until the day of the event and were long and hard, and got better and better with the help and revision of his friends.  If he had needed to he could have even stepped it up higher, the tricks he left out were so amazing, yet too risky with a title on the line.

Up 5th in the order he had it all to loose, but smashed any doubt anyone could have had. He was electric. The crowd went nuts. Halfway through the rotine he actually started to play it safe sensing he had done enough. Using the same song his good friend and 5A world Champion Eiji had used, people knew the words and began to screm the lyrics, "SPEED, SPEED, SPEED". The other competitors followed and performed well albeit in his shadow, the trophy was aready won.

When his name was announced as champion the officials feeble attempts to hold back his supporters were forgotten as he was hoisted aloft to the chants of 'Yuuki, Yuuki, Yuuki'

Yuuki interview and exclusive photos coming soon.


Big shout-out to anyone who swung by the YoYoFactory booth to grab something or to just say 'Hi!' The steady stream of feedback was appreciated and without you guys we would be nothing.

F.A.S.T. Challenge

Most exciting finish ever?

I have not seen the video yet but from where I was watching this may have been the most intesne 30 seconds of yo-yo player in the history of competition.


(more coming soon)

Buddha Sleeper

Show and Throw


AYYA record holder

ELI HOPS: 102, Junior, Paul Kerbel, Mexico, 12, Yo-Yo Factory G5 Plus

Sunday August 5

Yuuki rocks so damn hard.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, Yuuki Spencer of the YoYoFactory Contest Team won the 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest.

Before I sing any more of Yuukis praises I want to throw some at Eiji. Eiji is a beast. He is so good people have sabotaged is yo-yos in the past to try stop him but he is too good and proved it once again to take the title of World champion in the Off String Division. Eiji is  the most influential yo-yo player of modern times; Music, fashion and play, he sets the trends and if his performance was any indication, players everywhere will need to lift their game if they want to follow him.

Its going to take me days to get the pictures, stories and videos up here... but they are coming.

Also coming... YoYoFactory Premium Collection will be releasing an EIJI 07 World Champion G5+ and a YUUKI 07 World Champion eight8eight! the Yuuki eight8eight will have an actual piece of the string from the yo-yo used in his winning freestyle embedded into the silicone response as well as custom colors and graphics for both yo-yos.

Im going to bed with dreams of the lyrics...."SPEED! SPEED! SPEED!"

Aug 1 Update

Reporting LIVE from the World Yo-Yo Contest!

First from the YoYoFactory Contest Team to arrive at Worlds was Augie Fash who is taking a break from his tour with the Brothers Grim sideshow. He was seen throwing CW with a G5+ most of the day. Late in the PM Vashek arrived after a long flight from Prague on his 1st trip to America! A late night IHOP session was needed where he entertained dinners with some smooth tricks and velvet-like style. Vashek is kitted out with 2 of only 2 standard marked RED eight8eights, made specially for him at this event! Around the same time as Vashek landed Yuuki Spencer touched down. Yuuki has been keeping a low profile with few people seeing him throw a yo-yo yet! When they do it could be either a stock aqua eight8eight or one of 5 custom purple eight8eights made for him for the event. YoYoFactory will be setting up its booth area tonight for the 1201am launch of the SpeedDial! If you are at the event come on by, if not, they will also be shipping from

  • Bird in Hand
  • Theyostore
  • Infinite Illusions
  • YoYoNation
  • Lets Have Fun
  • SpinGear
  • Project TRC

and are now on the shelf at HAMLEYS Regent St London!


YoYoFactory now in Florida preparing for the World Yo-Yo Contest!

After a big weekend of preparations in Miami things have ramped up a gear as we begin to get things ready in Orlando!

Events, Product Launches, the Team dominating.... its going to be big! Here is the pricelist for the Yo-Yos available at the event:

F.A.S.T. yo-yos

201                          $10

OffString                   $20

SpeedDial                 $50

401K                        $85

Mr Yodel 401K          $200

F.A.S.T. Holder        $5

Contest Team SpeedDial $50 (with any SpeedDial purchase. Unpackaged)


Longstack/top tip set $12

T-Stacks $8

Black Hubstack sets $8

YYF Premium Collection T-Shirt Brown,Black, White $15 or $10 with any yo-yo purchase!

eight8eight logo shirt   $15 or $10 with any yo-yo purchase!

Project Red Alert and YYF Premium Collection YoYos

Aqua eight8eight, Small Bearing silver 888, Stealth Small bearing 888, Shadow small bearing 888, Aussie Gold 888, G5+, G5extra+  $100

G5 Sabotage    $150

Ocho8ocho, John Higby eight8eight, Steve Brown eight8eight     $175




World Yo-Yo Contest


12:01 am Thursday YoYoFactory releases Speed Dial. 1st 100 customers recieve a free Dorothy bearing!

9am Thursday YoYoFactoryDirect store opens with ONLY F.A.S.T. yo-yos
(201, Speed Dial, OffString, 401K)

9am and 10am Golden Ticket holders will get chance to buy in 'Show and Throw' session.

11am YoYoFactoryDircet store offers YYF premium yo-yos and Project Red Alert Yo-Yos
(G5 Sabotage, G5+ orange, grey, Black ++, eight8eight small bearing silver, small bearing stealth, small bearing shadow, large bearing aqua, large bearing 'aussie gold', Steve Brown edition RED and BLACK, Higby 888, Ocho8ocho edition, long stack and top tip sets, black hubstack sets and more...........


Stocks are limited of all items and may sell out.



Wasknownasyonic is running a contest and does great tricks.... Details about it are here  and the first video is   here

Roll the dice.....


In  1999 Steve Brown 'Rolled the dice' and the world witnessed FREEHAND for the first time! At the World Yo-Yo Contest 2007 he will drag himself from competitive retirement step back up to the plate again! To celebrate this return the 'Steve Brown eight8eight' will be revealed and available at the contest.  Golden Ticket Holders will get the chance to win one before they even go on sale.... if you have a ticket!

Got the need?


New Speed Dial pictures at www.fast401.com

Golden Ticket?


Golden Tickets are getting out there! Lots of people are asking 'What are they For?'

Well a Golden Ticket will get you access to the YoYoFactory Show and Throw session happening at the 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest!

Heres what is happening inside...

The session will start with a freestyle teaser by Augie Fash and Ryan Lai of the YoYoFactory Contest Team. Then there will be a brief welcome and presentation by Ben McPhee of YoYoFactory. Teaser freestyles will then be performed by Vashek Kroutil (Czech National Champion) and Adam Dennehy.

At this time 3 product stations will be opened:

  • F.A.S.T. Products with Augie Fash and Vashek

Try out the F.A.S.T. SpinStar, F.A.S.T. 201, F.A.S.T. OffString, the original F.A.S.T. 301 and 401k or the all new F.A.S.T. SpeedDial! 

  • Project Red Alert and YYF Premium Collection with Yuuki Spencer, John Huber and Steve Brown

Try current releases like the 888 and G5+, super rarities like the Grind Mutant 1, or go back to the roots with a Grind Machine 1!

  • Other Elements with Ryan Lai and Ben McPhee

Take some prototype loop720's for a spin or try out some prototypes for tomorrow.

The session will end with sneak peaks at the freestyles of Yuuki Spencer and Steve Brown. 

Before leaving you will have the chance to buy YoYoFactory product BEFORE the store makes it available in the main room.  

A full list of product available from YoYoFactory at the World Yo-Yoi Contest will be published this week. Be warned... there is a surprise!

F.A.S.T. Yo-Yos now available at 'The Worlds Finest Toy Store'!


YoYoFactory are proud to announce its' F.A.ST. line including the F.A.S.T. Spinstar, F.A.S.T. 201, F.A.S.T. OFFString and the all new F.A.S.T. SpeedDial are now Available in Hamleys flagship store in Regent St London. Hamleys is the self proclaimed most famous Toy Shop in the World and if you dont know about it check it out HERE. F.A.S.T yo-yo pros will be performing in store for the next 6 weeks and if your lucky you may even catch an appearance by YoYofactory top dog and international yo-yo superstar YoHans!

G5+ Skim


while most of the world wait for their G5+'s some parts of the world they are already modding them! Check this G5(extra)+ out!


World Yo-Yo Contest Schedule (YoYoFactory Events)


YoYoFactory plans to make your trip to worlds special this year!

Draft only/subject to change/ under review


  • 12:01am SpeedDial Launch! Get yours at Midnight! First 100 sold come with FREE DOROTHY BEARING!
  • 9am 'YoYoFactory Show and Throw 1' Golden Ticket Required
  • 9am YoYoFactoryDirect Store Opens (F.A.S.T. yo-yos only)
  • 10am 'YoYoFactory Show and Throw 1' Golden Ticket Required
  • 11am YoYoFactoryDirect Store makes Project Red Alert and YoYoFactory Premium Collection yo-yos available


F.A.S.T. Challenge on YoYoFactory Stage!

  • Collect your card and Take The F.A.S.T. Challenge!
  • OPEN and JNR (14 and under) division
  • Take your attempts between12-2pm and 4-6pm
  • Open Winner Recieves $201 Cash

More details coming soon.


Buddah Sleeper Contest

  • Win a set of FIVE Project Red Alert yo-yos!
  • + Represent your favourite store with your favourite store getting a custom eight8eight produced for them!

(rules and details coming soon)

Golden Ticket reminder


Quick reminder:

Meet the Factory, Meet the Team, Try the products, Get a look at the new products and what’s coming next!
WHERE: 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest ROSEN PLAZA ORLANDO (Location to be announced)
WHEN: THURSDAY AUGUST 2ND(Time to be Announced)
HOW: You need a GOLDEN TICKET (and to RSVP before)
FeaturingPerformances by:
Yuuki Spencer (World and USA National Champion)
Steve Brown (USA National Master)
Augie Fash (USA National Champion)
Vaclav Kroutil (Czech National Champion)
Ryan Lai (dude)

Yo-Yos to try include:
Eight8eight (small bearing)
Grind Mutant 1 & 2
Loop 720 prototypes
Speed Dial
+ more!


Want a golden ticket? try HERE

Product Latests!


G5+ the build continues

Inventory is being built up now for shipments worldwide. Keep Checking with your local/favourite retailer for availability. Available in GREY and ORANGE

888 restocking NOW

In parallel with the G5+ build an equally big 888 build is going on.Limited stocks are shipping to stores weekly. Again, check with your local/favourite retailer for availability. The latest eight8eights come in the original Aqua blue with a large dorothy bearing and flowable silicone response. The YYF premium collection mark is now on the side of the yo-yo also.

F.A.S.T. Speed Dial

First reviews are now online...

YoYoNation 1

YoYoNation 2


heres some of the review pics


also watchout for some new pictures coming from yotoy!


Interesting thread...


It started out with some shots of a sweet yoyofactory collection, a real good  quiver (showing taste!) and the new eight8eight shirt (which will be available at Worlds).

Then somewhere down the thread this picture was added.... and then deleted... Wierd or what?


Tstack with grip


wasnonasyonic posted this stylish and functional T-Stack upgrade



Controversially, Jon-Rob has rleased a collection of 5A videos. I like his talk, I like his game, I see a small bearing eight8eight in some of the vids.

Fash without the Flash


Its another yotoy special....

Nick V Gravity


A new vid by Nick Pelham featuring an Augie Fash 888. YOUtube and a different edit on yoyoing

eight8eight restocks / G5+ shipping


Friday the 13 also saw the first G5+ and eight8eights start shipping to stores.  The eight8eights are the trademark aqua blue and now all carry the YYF premium collection mark. The G5+ has shipped to just a few places with the majority of them shipping next week. With BOTH these yo-yos in production and the release of the Speed Dial, now available from stores August 2 YoYoFactory is running at capacity meaning emails may take a day or two for a reply but trust us, they will get a reply!




Friday the 13 set.

Black G5extra+, Black 401K, Shadow eight8eight, Stealth 888.

The Shadow is real neat with its black on black look. the Stealth just has 1 logo on the whole yo-yo, semi undercover. Both of these are done with an industrial hardcoat which is good if you drop your yo-yo. These are both SMALL DOROTHY.

Black G5extra+ will be at gyroscope.ru next week, Shadow and stealth eight8eight at worlds. A box of the black 401ks will also be at worlds. There will also be one more BLACK yo-yo at worlds..... be warned. 


Sabotage shine

Check this visual mod Frank Difeo did for John Higby. Nice style!


Factory Jam session


Its Crazy hectic at YoYoFactory with eight8eights, G5+ and Speed Dial all in production at the momment PLUS the World Yo-Yo Contest is just a couple of weeks away.

I grabbed the camera a made a couple of quick trick vids of the Oompa Loompas in action.

Feeling Unlucky?


Check back FRIDAY




7/7/07, Lucky sevens? well for some it will be

7pm tonight (west coast USA) we have a limited drop some new stuff will be made for sale.


G5+ shipping to stores soon

Shirts available at events!


7 G5+ sets

  • G5+ Grey
  • YYF Premium Collection Shirt (S, M, L, XL)
  • YYF Premium Collection Vinyl Decal
  • T-Stack set



7 eight8eight sets

  • Silver Small bearing eight8eight
  • YoYoFactory eight8eight shirt (S,M,L,XL)
  • 7 eight8eight stickers

More shirt pictures coming soon to the premium collection site. They will also be sold seperately at events in the coming months.


Buddha sleeps AGAIN!

 July 4, 2007

Redondo Beach was the scene of a Buddha sleeper contest. A video of the event just popped up on yoyoing.com the link is HERE. Next one worlds maybe?


Augie Fash has friends

 July 4, 2007




New F.A.S.T. yo-yo revealed!

 July 4, 2007




another AWESOME collection shot

July 4, 2007

Shot by Appleseed posted at theyo!

G5+ logo'ed pics

July 4, 2007

Shipping next week.

This is actually the G5extra+ which carrys almost 4gm extra weight. There will be about 100 of these but more of the standard G5+ which will come in Cold War Grey and Augielicious orange.

Stores, you will get information later this week.

Caught in the net

July 3, 2007

Check these babies out...



A brooding Grind Machine 2 from SPY at YoYoNation. LINK

yotoy at yoyonation always takes killer shots. My screensaver now is...


 Click on the pictures to see them bigger (its worth it)


Golden Tickets

July 2, 2007

Meet the Factory, Meet the Team, Try the products, Get a look at the new products and what’s coming next!

WHERE: 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest ROSEN PLAZA ORLANDO (Location to be announced)

WHEN: THURSDAY AUGUST 2ND(Time to be Announced)

HOW: You need a GOLDEN TICKET (and to RSVP before JULY 25!)




Yuuki Spencer (World and USA National Champion)

Steve Brown (USA National Master)

Augie Fash (USA National Champion)

Vaclav Kroutil (Czech National Champion)

Ryan Lai (dude)


Yo-Yos to try include:


Eight8eight (small bearing)



Grind Mutant 1 & 2


Loop 720 prototype

*all new F.A.S.T. yo-yo*

+ more!





June 28, 2007




Got a youtube account? Help out a player!

June 28, 2007

Help out a player by opening the following link and voting athttp://www.youtube.com/ranker?name=samsungranker . Get the video by RIKARAMA top the TOP of the LIST.

Not much more news today. Injured :(

June 28, 2007

YoYoFactory Premium Collection Page with G5+ pictures now LIVE

There is still quite a bit of content to be added and the yo-yos are being finalised this right now. expect everything to be finished mid JULY.

Mmmmmyyyspace of the day +

June 28, 2007

Page of the day also if you are into myspace check out myspace.com/fast401k cuz friends will see the new F.A.S.T. FIRST.  Jeff at theyostore.com forum has been waiting to see his eight8eight beadblast job... he got it back

Got a Golden Ticket?

June 26, 2007

You are going to want one

Lazy Tuesday

June 26, 2007

 Take a look at an eight8eight  being put through its paces in the video Dreams. While on videos someonemade a video of their new pride and joy in this vid + check out I am Gordo too!

YoYoFactory will also be sponsoring the 2007 Worlds Yo-Yo Contest. We got stuff planned so plan on being in Orlando.

Bidding war

June 25, 2007

G5 Elite in high demand and ending soon!


The weekend that was

June 25, 2007


Good place to start?

1A Results

1. Simon - 70.3
2. Dicky - 65.6
3. Stefan - 59.3
4. Yuji - 55
5. Lee - 51.6
6. Will - 46.7
7. Stephen L - 45.6
8. Grace - 44
9. Dan - 43.6
10. Alex - 42.3
11. Calum - 41

The picture to the right is from a news story HERE about the event. Asian 888 at Uk nationals? Odd! Also check out the video on the same page. Who would have thought rain in the south of Britan? For more results and a write up visit this post at II

BLC/NYYL Southwest Regionals

BLC has beeen held for quite a few years now in Plumber Park West Hollywood and always attracts an kooky crowd of spectators along with the yo-yo players of the area. Yo-Yo demi-gods like Spencer Berry and Jason Lee were also in attendance which makes young players who know who invented the tricks they do pick their jaw up off the floor.The Crew from World On A String were also there showing off a teaser and giving younf childen coffee.

Augie Fash was a popular man with lots of people hunting him down for his AUGIE FASH eight8eight (i was going to link a pick but Ill throw it up again) before he heads off on the WARPED TOUR.

He took out the overall 1A title (from the sponsored division) and placed in some other divison with his other freestyle VIDEO HERE. Due to the contest organisation no-one really understands what they were getting prizes for, but they dont care. BLC has a great fun vibe and big thanks must go out to Mark McBride for running it.

Paul Yath (of Born Crucial who supplies YoYoFactory for Pads for the small bearing eight8eight and the G5+) won the Regional 1A title and seed for the US nationals. Check his freestyle.

The http://www.allyoyo.com/ crew also travelled over from Arizona so there was lots of pink eight8eight love in the house. Augie Fash actually used an Allyoyo.com eight8eight in his single A freestyle.

The day finished off at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose where the Liebowitz family turned on the love with a BBQ and Bride turned up his organizing skills with a throwdown and a yo-yo 'knife fight'. Julius defeated Jack Rinca in a blindfolded tie-breaker in the throwdown while Sterling Quinn battled above his weight to take out the knife fight. If you don't know what a knife fight is  wait around... it is about to become a regular feature of yo-yo after contest parties worldwide.

I almost forgot the cake! To celebrate the 20th Birthday of Ininite Illusions every regional contest gets a Cake and it was GOOD! Big Thanks to II!

Good times

North YoYo Contest - Czech Republic

The thing I love about Czech contests are the coverage! Photos and videos document EVERY event! YoYo.cz is the main reason for this and deserve big props! NYC contest is part of Czech YoYo Asociation Cup. Full results have been posted here. Vašek from the YoYoFactory Contest Team took 2nd place Open Freestyle, Best trick combo and won the F.A.S.T. Challenge.

 Sunshine Kites Pier Contest

Sunshine Kite Company runs free Yo-Yo classes on Redondo Pier every Saturday and Sunday at 4pm. Last Sunday things changed a little with all the big-wigs in town for BLC it was CONTEST TIME so at 12pm with big crowds watching things kicked off on the Pier! To join in the fun YoYoFactory made sure Sunshine Kites was the first place anyone could pick up a Contest Team Edition small bearing eight8eight (shown below)

Also to make things exciting A 'Budda Sleeper' contest was held. This is a sideways sleeping contest done using the pullstart on a hubstack yo-yo. So everyone with a G5, GM2 or eight8eight stepped up and were off! There was a lot of debate on what would spin the longest but in the end it came down to superior technique and the clear winner was Alex Kim using an ALLYOYO.com eight8eight with a time of 4 minutes and 52 seconds The official record (without using props) is still 6min30sec done by Taka at Japan Nationals. His prize was a HIGBY eight8eight!

Contest results coming soon.


WasKnownAsYoNic put this sweet image up at yoyoing/news

SHIED 400 always drops the best pictures...

and then check this collection! Original post and more photos


Grind Monster

June 21, 2007

Big Dollars. Never seen one? Learn some HISTORY

A big thanks!

June 21, 2007

....goes out to all the G5 Elite owners who have been emailing it when they recieved their yo-yos. YoYoNation have a G5 Elite on Ebay. Drool on their pictures HERE

Want to see the G5+

June 21, 2007

Give you a clue where.... there will not be one at MWR or UK nationals...... but there will be one at a contest this weekend.

Soft Option

June 21, 2007

Sick of your counterweight hitting your hand or dinging your yo-yo. Here is the ultimate solution AND a potential source of new tricks?


Catch a Glimpse

June 20, 2007

The ellusive small bearing eight8eight. 75 in contest Team colors and 35 all silver will be available at selected retailers next week. Please no emails asking when and where, all that information will be published here and sent to people on the mailing list (to get on the mail list send an email titled *mail me* to benmcphee@yoyofactory.com). One place I can confirm they would be available at is www.pierkites.com this SUNDAY at their contest. We would have loved to have had them at MWR but we cannot find a single store in the mid-west who will carry our yo-yos! (lame huh). There is something cool on this yo-yo, I will let the owners reveal it :)

here is the set thus far...

Game, set, match

 June 20, 2007

 Two of the hottest eight8eights combo'ed up at yoyonation

The rain is coming!

June 19, 2007

There have been a couple of very limited releases coming out of Project Red Alert lately and with the small bearing eight8eights dropping next week, it doesnt look like improving in the near future BUT the good news is MORE regualr eight8eights are in production RIGHT NOWand will be back in stores in 3-4 weeks. The G5+ is 2-3 weeks away too so LOOKOUT!

Video Day Today

June 17, 2007

A couple of great Project Red Alert yo-yo videos.

One from Hong Kong, made in a car HERE . Really neat concept. would love to see someone do a better quality production.

Also FREE FROM GRAVITY was a G5 Tricked OUT entry that got lost and wasn't in the voting. Its a Taka vid so we will fix Taka up for his efforts.

GbH: Invisable Man

June 17, 2007

Immediately go watch this: WoW (better quality version now on myspace)

Then keep reading.

Guy Heathcote is pretty amazing. It is an honor to see him playing with our yo-yos. His WEBSITE is one of the most 'newbie friendly' and informative online. His PERFORMANCE TIPS are priceless and should be compulasry reading to anyone playing yo-yo in front of an audience. His diabolo trick development is legendary, his trick development has been a massive inspiration for new product development. He is also a cool  guy with a fine moustache!

Great vid, thanks for making it Guy!


June 16, 2007

YoYoFactory Contest Team member and 2004 USA National Champion Augie Fash will be travelling on the 2007 'Warped Tour' with THE BROTHERS GRIM SIDESHOWS. Before he goes he will be competing at BLC and also attending the Sunshine Kites contest at Redondo Peir the following day. To support these travels (which will see him go coast to coast with a short break for the 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest) a special edition eight8eight has been produced by Yoyofactory. It comes with a small (5-10-4 metric) dorothy bearing and uses Born Crucial GHOST pads for response. It will only be available directly from Augie himself (there are 40 total). This is the 2nd Contest Team member 'signature edition' following the 2006 release of the 'Yuuki' F.A.S.T. 401k.


June 16, 2007

Take note, this is a PLAN and PLANS CHANGE.  

  • Small Bearing eight8eights (limited quantities)
  • G5+ (YYF Premium Collection Release)
  • Eight8Eight (large bearing YYF Premium Collection Restock)
  • NEW F.A.S.T. Yo-Yo

All by AUGUST 1??? Thats the plan! More LONG and TOP tips coming too.



June 14, 2007

YoYoFactory is coming to see you tomorrow evening at Atomic Comics PV. Be warned!

EDIT: I will show up one day!

Project Red Alert.... the future

June 14, 2007

The recent successes of the G5 and eight8eight have cause a bit of a change in the way Project Red Alert has been handled by YoYoFactory. Its not a bad thing but lately, things have begun to drift away from the goals of the Project. There have also been a number of expensive vendor problems which have seen yo-yos like the G5 Sabotage and G5 elite  releases scaled back, a fate which has also happened to the small bearing eight8eight (announcement over the weekend on how its dropping). So, an attempt is being made to get things back on track! The eight8eight will probably move to a different new product line, 'YoYoFactory Premium Collection' which WAS due to be launched with the G5 Elite.

 The logo (shown below) featured on the G5 Elite and may make its way onto eight8eights in the future too once the change has been made.

This will also signify the intention to make MORE eight8eights because we LIKE THEM ALOT.

It is not going to be in the 'YoYoFactory Premium Collection' line alone. A new 'G5+' is planned with the aim of continuing the G5 evolution at a higher level of precision, performance and quality.

This will mean Project Red Alert new releases may not be as thick and fast as they have been in early 2007 but don't think we won't be shaking things up. The future looks good, we hope you enjoy it.


Higby comic pics

June 14, 2007

Clifford Ball at YoYoNation  busted out the camera to capture some great images of the art on his Higby eight8eight. A couple are below but to see the full set visit this POST. YoYoNation have Higby eight8eights available HERE


Ocho lovin on ebay

June 14, 2007

A new ebay high for an eight8eight was set last night when this ocho8ocho went for $280. It may not hold the title for long however with this HIGBY eight8eight ending in just over 24hrs.

UPDATED: The Higby went for $300 even

Wind it up

June 13, 2007

Youtube is not letting me upload right now, but I have some great snap wind/bind wind-ups performed by the artist behind some of YoYoFactory's eye popping art, Mister John Huber. HERE IT IS

Looking for an OCHO8OCHO?


June 12, 2007


Higby eight8eight and 401k. Picture by John Higby


Pnue Trick videos coming soon

June 12, 2007

Now the G5 tricked out video contest is done Matt from the YoYoFactory FACTORY will be releasing a series of trick videos on www.projectredalert.com starting later this week. Need to be seen to be believed.

Back at the Factory...

June 12, 2007

Good news /Bad news day today. The Bad news is the Small bearing eight8eight's are going to be fewer and further between than we had planned. Which will annoy EVERY store that is trying to carry them. The good news is.... well, your going to have to wait for that.

Tilt Yer Head

June 12, 2007

What happens when you get access to some crazy prototypes and don't need to pay for them...


G5 looove!

June 11, 2007

I got an email with a sweet satin finish on the rims of a Black G5. Check it

and showing its a day for good lookin G5s

These stickers were added to the T-stacks on a G5 at yoyonation. Nicely done!


June 11, 2007


YoYoFactory has teamed up with YoYoNation to offer the limited Higby eight8eight.  Its hot!

G5 Trickedout Peoples Choice winner is...

June 10, 2007

"Mess with the Bull"

If you havn't seen the vids yet take a look at all of them.

G5 redstar

June 10, 2007

With the eight8eight getting all the attention the G5 needs a bit of love..... so checkout these cool G5 pictures here.

Cat out of Bag

June 8, 2007

 The Higby/YoYoFactory eight8eight was unveiled today by master yo-yo artist John Higby!

There is an EIGHT panel cartoon on the rims and custom logos doneby John on an Aqua/Purple body eight8eight. This is the second Higby/YoYoFactory collaboration after the scarce Yodel 401K released in limited quantities in 2006. All hand tested.

John has posted a video HERE

A very limited amount are available directly from john@yoyoshow.com

A larger release (75 pieces) will be announced next week.

To make sure you know where and how, get your name is on the Project Red Alert mailing list (To join send an email with the title *MAIL ME* to HERE ).

Ocho8ochO WatchO!

June 7, 2007

Isaac from www.yoyo.mx has posted this video of Paul Kerbel. Ocho8OchO in Mexico? More Mexican than Taco Bell Baby! Thanks to Bemis for the heads up

Someone crashed their boat into my beach! nothing to do with yo-yos

June 7, 2007


eight8eight hate?

June 6, 2007

With close to 1000 yo-yos sold worldwide in record time, in a notoriously slow syo-yo sales time of year the eigh8eight is quickly becoming loved by many..... but not all.

Some here and to even ASK this question is an insult. Luckily, there are close to 1000 fine, hand tested eight8eights out there which will prove to any doubters...  but there will always be haters


Web finds

June 6, 2007

A couple of great finds across the yo-yo world today.

Mark Allen, AKA Mark132, has a rockin vid. I started watching it, then I stopped, plugged it into my TV and watched it big screen it was that good. Even made it DOWNLOADABLE.

YoYoNation did some events over the weekend which looked like alot of fun! Here is a pic off their BLOG from the event at Union Square Park.

mmm... I can almost smell the scent of dinged metal.

Meanwhile, In brazil. There is an eight8eight review HERE 

National Yo-Yo Day!

June 6, 2007

June 6 is the birthdate of yo-yo pioneer Donald F Duncan Snr and this date is celebrated annually as 'National Yo-Yo Day'

To join in the party we are making limited quantities of the 'G5 Elite' available to players and collectors worldwide.

BEFORE purchasing, consider these are G5s and are NOT as absolutely smooth as an eight8eight, but they have all been hand tested and play as fine as any G5 made!

Price is $100 USD shipping in the US is $6 international we can work out with you. To secure yours send an email to yoyofactoryDIRECT NOW SOLD OUT. email to be put on a standby list if anyone cancels


Mailman cameth, and went, + 888, video voting

June 5, 2007

The fabled 'lost' shipment of eight8eights arrived at theyostore.com and are just about to head back out to the people who ordered them! YaY! Theyo.com is also the LAST store to have G5s in stock (1 only), you might need to email them to get it tho.

Three reports now have been recieved from people not getting long spins from their hubstacks on their 888. The simple solution is to take the parts off, and assemble them again, like shown in this VIDEO . All that has happened is the o-ring has shifted during shipping and just needs to be re-seated. If you still have trouble the contact email is HERE

Go vote for your favourite trick video! so far 3 videos have pulled out as CLEAR favourites in the voting. Go make sure your favourite wins!

Tomorrow is National Yo-Yo Day!

June 5, 2007

To celebrate we will be releasing a limited edition project Red Alert yo-yo. Which one, you will find out tomorrow.

Mailman cometh?


To some, not others. Theyo store has had a shipping delay of eight8eights, DHLs fault :( Worth the wait.... I'll guarantee it :)

A new Review and some Commentary on the topic. A quick reminder their are instructions HERE. If you get an eight8eight and have any questions EMAIL for a quick answer.

Another review with pictures

Some people wont be happy, they never are!

G5 Tricked OUT


Entries have CLOSED, some winners have already been decided, an overall winner will be selected by US and by YOU!

Check out all the videos, send us and email with the TITLE of your favourite video as the SUBJECT. The vid with the most will win. the Email addres to use is G5trickedout@gmail.com . We may spam your email address with projectredalert.com news periodically so dont get non-yoyo players to vote or they will get angry with us and you!



After a busy week at the YoYoFactory and a weekend of resting the Project Red Alert page is back to getting the attention it deserves!

1. The G5 Tricked Out video contest is OVER! a complete list of videos will be posted soon and judging will begin. There will also be a viewers choice award so be prepared!

2. eight8eights are getting into peoples hands. I have recieved one email already about 'how severe my 888 is when i throw a sleeper yet how smooth it is when i do a grind'.....which I translate into... 'I just spent $100 on a yo-yo but cant throw a straight sleeper'. Honestly people, these things are on the edge, if you arent ready from it, just return it in the pack in perfect condition to the place you bought it.

News, pics and reviews coming today.



There will be a limited amount of small bearing Pad response eight8eights coming in just a couple of weeks. There were plans to make more but quite a few parts were spoilt and well, such is life... There are a few less than we planned.

Due to the overwhelming demand more large bearing eight8eights will be produced (4-6 weeks to stores, no store orders have been taken). Response options being considered include a large bearing pad or just stick with the flowable silicone. There are arguments for both options. Flowable silicone leads to risks of stray bits of silicone being stuck around the bearing creating assembly nightmares and potential vibration (something we test to make sure there is NOT). When a decision is made, you will know about it HERE! There is also one more silicone response large bearing LE version 888 to drop. But it is not ready yet.... and its pricey.... so be warned.

eight8eight gone? Already?


Recent or orders were shipped with many stores selling out within 24hrs

Reviews will start coming through any day now from the us releases. Check back to read them.

Built, shipped, GONE...


 Tuesday orders will ship to:

These are the General release Aqua Blue color and come with WHITE hubstacks. This was one of the biggest builds of premium grade yo-yos done in a single day ever by YoYoFactory. They play good. I need sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

A Revolution is HERE


DOWNLOAD Thanks to YoYoNation!

DOWNLOAD Thanks to YoYo.CZ!



AllYoYo is a company based in Phoenix Arizona who promote yo-yo play in schools, communities and public events. Boss dog Julius (one of the few true yo-yo pros out there) and his team of skilled performers are local celebrities performing at both private and pulic events across Arizona. In recognition of their role in promotiong yo-yo YoYoFactory has produced an AllYoYo edition eight8eight which is available only to Allyoyo team members, their friends and people at Allyoyo events.

Here is the Team

and here is the yo-yo

 want one? there are only 40 and you can only get them from an Allyoyo event.

 To find out when and where they are call 480-221-1678 and ask for Mr Top Dawg.

Oh My..... these things are good.


Having personally now played with over 300 eight8eights all I can say is Oh My Goodness...

We are SUPER STOKED with how good hese things are. STILL we want to make sure people have the right expectations so if you are considering buying one read THIS


Yesterday I spent the day getting the eight8eights ready to ship. There have been a few hold ups but today everything came together. It is an emotional process putting together things you are so proud of.

These things ar being tested repeatedly and blow minds. It is a highly precise instrument and anyone considering purchasing it must understand the absolute perfection could be compromised if they do not respect the integrity of the yo-yo (IE SIT ON IT, BEND IT WITH TOOLS USING EXCESIVE FORCE TO REMOVE BEARINGS). Perfection does not make it idiot proof!



  • Meet the team from ALLYOYO and see what this team of players and their friends have got that you dont.
  • checkout the new 'REVOLUTION IN PRAGUE' video
  • rub your hands together, because the eight8eights ship to all USA stores TUESDAY

The Big News


YoYoFactory are proud to announce Vasek Kroutil (Vashek) has signed with the YoYoFactory Contest Team. With his brother, Ondřej Kroutil (Anamorphic), Vashek was the winner of the 2006 YoYoFactory Video Contest and 2006 Czech National Single A Champion.

The second item of news....

Vasek Kroutil (Vashek) and Ondřej Kroutil (Anamorphic) combine to produce one of the best yo-yo videos you will see.

Coming soon from:

  • yoyo.cz
  • YouTube
  • YoYoNation

Inside the factory blows


too much work and not enough play! but that is about to change. Today I have volunteered to do the hand test on a batch of eight8eights..... 

Reporting from the Factory!


Perhaps some exclusive Products? Samples? Prototypes? Tomorrow check back for some photos and news from INSIDE the YoYoFactory!

 better quality Yuuki Bac vid




and also for DOWNLOAD

Hot topic...


May 7 THIS happened to James Keenan.

When I read this the 'no shoes' thing hit. I probably have over 100 pairs of sneakers, so I pulled a set off ice and we sent them over, with a matching yo-yo.

Thanks to Yodoc (Matt) for his middle man, correspondant and photography skills. Picture from this thread at YoYoNation .

If anyone else wants to help out send it to:

James Keenan IV (its important to put IV else he will think its his)
52 Sunnyside Dr
Chesapeake City, MD


Dont Try This at home!


We mean it!


Budda sleeps....


I found out all about this :)

Taka reports from Japan:

"The name is "budda's Sleeper"contest.
 (At Japan Nationals they conducted a) Good and fun event for G5,GM2,888. My time is 6min30sec.1st winner time is 7min35sec with clamp.(see attached picture)"
I like it!
Check out the pictures

Master Taka in a state of Zen

Not so spiritual but effective!

Prizes on the line....


Big thanks to Taka for organising and reporting!



This has recieved 600 views in its firsst 6 hours. If you have not seen it yet check it HERE.

Player: Yuuki Spencer

Contest: BAC

Division: A

Position: 1st

YoYo: eight8eight by YoYoFactory

2 announcements FRIDAY


Neither of them have anything to do with new product either!

Happy Birthday to Pat Mitchell who turned the big TWO-ONE over the weekend.

One of them has something to do with...

Where are the eight8eights?


So May 10 came and went, general release eight8eights still havnt shipped to most US based online stores. Whats the story?

It is a combination, slow vendors, some unexpected time demands, the large scale of production due to a higher than usual level of demand....the process taking a little longer than anticipated. Corners can't be cut with this, its coming as soon as possible... and that looks like this week.

Weekend finds


A very nice Flickr set from maslaq . I want one.

YOYO.CZ has its European edition eight8eights in stock and is the last European store with any remaining.



The first 888 unofficial pictures came out of Poland and last week, Poland got its first delivery of Europe edition 888s. There is a review HERE and quick pictures from the skilltoys.net gallery.

West Coast!


BLC site is up. This is the southwest regional event and always fun. We might have to drop some LE stuff there. To get yourself in the mood put some of these on your playlist .

There is also a new eight8eight review here with some nice pictures of the Asian Exclusive 888.


More pictures in the review here

Augie @ BAC


download and watch. I spoke with augie after the contest and he had a few things to say....

"Ohh, super messy, but the risk perhaps made up for it. It was an idea fs; not a clean, cohesive performance oriented fs.Look for the lasso idea (very first trick) and the triple grind. My hands shaking cause I was nervous"

straight from the man...



off the chain.

Skilltoys Galley


Skilltoys Galley always has some good pictures. Check out these from Poland.



Spot the 888


even if you dont, it's a cool Video of NER



Click on this picture


YONJOY has some of the best product shots I have ever seen. top work Shine!

Rock on!


while catching up on the yo-yo forums of the world I came across this picture.. and I think its brilliant



After fishing trip hangover


Not alot of fish, lots of emails to get caught up on. eight8eights have not shipped to all stores, but should this week. lots to catch up on, once emails sorted.

Fishing trip


Its an official YoYoFactory Holiday weekend where we shut the shop and go fishing!

Ok, no-one actually fishes but from today till Monday nothing will be shipping, emails wont be getting the usually rapid replies, yo-yos aren't even being built.... Back Monday!

Todays Gallery


I got some Spankin' pictures in email over the last 2 days.

1st, as promised, 'THE' Ocho8ochO shot

from yotoy

and this one from Greg Wells is from a brilliant set

These ones below were found online...

from here

and here and here

Bac Pics


There are a pile HERE. A couple of my favourite eight8eight pics below...





yotoy at yoyonation posted this gem. He also emailed me another one. It is retina scaringly good. Ill drop it tomorrow.



Although the main picture has already been noted here this thread at YoYoNation still makes me drool....

all pics by SHIELD

Mixed and Matched


Magl33to at the YoYoNation Forum has his own combo

He reports they swapped halves OK. it is reminded that this might not always be the case

May 12 Japan Nationals


Available exclusively at this weeks Japan National Yo-Yo Contest and SPINGEAR.  Ah, get me a ticket to Tokyo...

The above are from Taka (I am guessing), below is from SHIELD (the below color is more acurate I believe)


A Big Hello!


Greetings to the people who check this site out from non-english speaking countries who report the news back to their local message boards! I try read your boards as best as possible but if you ever have any news or pictures you can share with me please email me :) benmcphee@yoyofactory.com

New Vids


The G5 Tricked out Video Contest is still rocking and rolling on. Check this one out, actually check them all .

Best Trick, Best Name, Peoples choice... but three of the awards to be given. Contest Details HERE

Malaysias' got eight8eight



From YoYoing.com . The excited owners at M-Yo

YoYoNation does BAC


Check out this latest instalment from their diary of BAC featuring a video interview with Yuuki Spencer. The scores and results were also noted HERE

Image pilfered from YOYONATION

EYYM eight8eight sightings


There are some great photos HERE. I just cherry-picked a couple of 888 shots. Thanks to Korda for the news!


Ryan Lai Appreciation Momment


Ryan Lai Vs NER :

5A - 6th Place
4A - 4th Place
3A - 1st Place
2A - 1st Place
1A - 2th Place

National Yo-Yo Museum Director's award medal for being the Iron Man of the competition

NERd + more


Coast to Coast yo-yo action continued at NER Sunday. Ryan Lai flew the YoYoFactory flag winning a couple of divisions, taking 2nd place with THIS freestyle. Which means over the course of the weekend bout Ryan and Augie booked places in the US nationals Semi-Finals while Yuuki has booked a spot in the Final. FYI they all rocked 888s.



2007 BAC results


Yuuki Spencer is the 2007 BAC single A champion and wins the regional seed into the finals of the US national yo-yo contest. In testing conditions he performed a flawless freestyle with no rewinds or yo-yo changes defeating previous BAC champions Paul Han, Augie Fash and whatever Johnnie is calling himself this week. 

  • 1st Yuuki Spencer (888)
  • 2nd Mark Montgomery
  • 3rd Augie Fash (888)
  • 4th Johnnie / John / Lionel / you know him
  • 5th Paul Han

other divisons HERE

BAC news


Its happening RIGHT NOW.

Yuuki has freestyled and did 'pretty well' in his own words (no rewinds, no yo-yo changes...clean). The most critical thing at BAC (being an outdoor event) is the wind... and it hasnt disapointed this year gusting to 30mph! Pro-Melt Down is on now. Results here as soon as they are announced

G5 #00001 has a new home!


For those watching Ebay this week the #00001 G5 has found itself a new home selling to its 3rd owner for the sum of  $207.50. I can reveal the new owner is located in SYDNEY Australia and this will enter an extensive YoYoFactory collection that features ALL of the older PROJECT RED ALERT models and some rarer 401ks. Congrats to him!

Eight8eight review


Some kind words about the eight8eight


BAC Gossip...


With one high profile former US National and World Champion making a comeback this weekend another with the same titles might be absent... we sure hope not!

Augie Fash will be there, rockin it out in his bandanna. He will be without his pimp new YoYoFactory shirt (werent ready in time) but if you spot him, try his eight8eight!

Whats in a name?


The release of the eight8eight has propted many people to ask 'WHY eight8eight?'  So here is the answer....

Numbers mean different things to many people. First let me state the eight8eight has no links to neo-nazism who use the number '88' to represent 'Heil Hitler' H being the 8th letter of the alphabet (I was asked by someone if it was this!). Although the gematria code for Jesus is 888, that isnt the reason for the name either. Its not a relection of a gaming hobby or a fondness for motorsport.  The idea for naming the 8th Project Red Alert yo-yo 888 came on a business trip in china where the number holds significant meaning.

Im going to quote this page as to not butcher the details,

"The Chinese have always had a deep interest in numerology. For them, numbers are not only for calculations, they have a magical quality of their own, in the sense that they can affect human life and destiny in some way.

Often, numbers are assessed not only in terms of their yin and yang quality or their symbolic meanings, but also on homonymy, or their sound.

Eight is considered an auspicious number not only because it sounds the same as “prosperous” or “fa” in Cantonese, but also because it is the yinnest of the yin numbers from 1-9. The Chinese believe that if you are at the bottom, the only way for you to go is up. So 8 stands for potential and for growth: a change from bad luck to good luck. Eight also stands for the 8 trigrams (bagua) – an auspicious symbol of transformation.

Generally three digit numbers are preferred over two or four digits because 3 is a yang number and it stands for “liveliness” or “san” in Cantonese."

We liked that it was considered a balanced number that reflects a transformation and change towards good luck and prosperity, and considering there will be 3 versions of the 8th Project Red Alert release eight8eight became the name!

But it is nice to know skinheads, religious number crunchers, gambling addicts and motorsport fans can find their own meaning in three numbers.

Tonights the night....


The Europe and Asian stores are now showing th 888 in stock and North America gets its first taste at BAC tonight. Reviews are to be expected and if todays emails are anything to go by...

The 1st one went

"I got the 888 today and all I can say is WOW"

and then another email

"Wow. I just got my 888 in the mail, and Wow. "

Nice to know they have some 'wow' factor going on.

Oh My!


Posted HERE

Around the World


From Thailand to Tawain to Turkey, word of the eight8eight has spread. Now it has also. Eight8eights are currently in over 14 countries and this weekend American players get their chance to try an eight8eight prior to the US launch.

AUGIE FASH will be at BAC with an eight8eight you can try. Find him on the Friday evening or the Saturday morning. He will also have a couple of Aqua and ocho8ocho eight8eights for sale if you are quick enough.

STEVE BROWN will be at NER with an eight8eight you can have a try of also.


Updated Instructions


The eight8eight crosses a new barrier for Project Red Alert, and I am not sure how I feel about it. A new level of precision has been strived for and achieved, and to ensure it maintains its high level of performance, owners must have a reasonable amount of understanding what they can and cannot expect from their yo-yo. Personally I was happy when my yo-yo had a little shimmy it cost less and I could throw it around with little fear,  but I guess I am in the minority. So all owners and potential owners are invited to read the INSTRUCTIONS page. Your comments are welcome via email, benmcphee@yoyofactory.com

Fancy Colors


Mixed and matched. Some neat combos.

Eric Wolf has MAD SKILLS


Last week I forgot to blog this, which is quite dumb of me, because I was really impressed with it. So I am blogging it now AND uncovered even more pictures here

 EYYM news again



There is a killer vid coming if this intro is anything to go by.

2008 it is in Vienna, so start saving your pennies NOW.


Eight8Eight expected arrivals


Europe Edition 888 SHIPPED

Asia Edition 888 SHIPPED

Cinco De Mayo 888 SHIPPED

  • Mitchells Toy Train and Hobby (USA)

General Release 1 SHIPPED

In the process of being built are orders for.....

EYYM was a blast...if only I had gone :(


From all reports the EYYM was a great event with lots of fun for all ages. Thanks to all the people who took up the chance to be the first paying customers to buy an eight8eight. Pictures coming soon.

B.A.C. 07


BAC, the West Coasts #1 yo-yo event is 10 years old this weekend. From its roots as a pro invitational event to its current spot as a regional event of the national yo-yo league it traditionally heralds the start of contest season for west coast players. The premier Single A division has been dominated by YoyoFactory Contest Team players in recent years winning the last 3 years. This year they have a new weapon for the task with the launch of the eight8eight.

To celebrate the launch of the eight8eight the special ocho8ocho edition will also be available in VERY limited quantites at BAC.  SIX pieces have been reserved for people to buy on the day (plus the people who pre-paid), if you are interested find that Augie Fash kid on the Friday night or early on the Saturday and he can hook you up. He will also have a couple of the standard AQUA blue eight8eights too. If you want to just give one a spin and see if they are as good as people are saying, he has one for you to throw too.


That's MR T to you.


Here is a closeup look at the new T-Stack attachment for the G5, Grind Machine 2 and eight8eight.

It simply plugs into the short T-Stack (although you can GLUE it in the long stack). The increased catching area makes some advanced catches a bit easier. In the Factory where it has been undergoing testing they have been dubbed as 'training wheels'. At their best in a G5 the also fit nicely in an eight8eight. Expect your wallet to be lightened about $8 for the two discs of plastic for the pleasure of owning a set. These are by no means the 'ultimate' stack upgrade but they are another step along the road to it. Shipping with eight8eights to your local yo-yo man!

Going to BAC?


Get in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo with the Ocho8ochO. Ironically the only mexican part of most yo-yos (the string) has been replaced with a custom made Canadian G-String. The #1 reason to get one however is the bonus bandanna.

Limited quantities are available to PRE-ORDER for people who can pick them up at BAC.

 The price is $105 and to reserve yours and make payment email benmcphee@yoyofactory.com .

If your not going to BAC you have a couple of other hopes. Mitchells Toys Train and Hobby have a couple and Yo-Yo.com.mx is hooking up Mexico city.



Click it to make it bigger. its worth clicking.


Those in the know got the link to eight8eight pictures. Why didn't you?


while I tap away updating the eight8eight page the mailing list at projectredalert have already seen the pictures. Get in the loop email *mail me* here and don't miss a beat. Someone got the mail and posted a picture HERE

Yes Veruca.


In response to the emails recieved at YoYoFactory demanding that eight8eights be sold to them/their sons/daughters/brothers/sisters NOW....


Good things come to those who wait!

G5 #0001 looking for a new owner (again)


This time on Ebay. Thanks to the people who tipped me off on it (especially as they tipped me off after being outbid themselves ;) )

Currently hitting refresh waiting for final 888 pics.... oh ahha pretty!

99 problems? Nope!  888 Answers!


Check out a few more peoples thoughts on the 888.

This looks like being a big week. Final art eight8eight images should be coming, Asia and Europe eight8eights are due to ship, and FRIDAY the first eight8eights for sale will be arriving at EYYM. Thats' a big week!

ALSO, I has been decided players going to BAC will be able to pre-order and pre-pay for the special edition eight8eight that will be dropping there. Information on that is also coming later this week (with pictures of it). If you dont want to miss the news make sure you have joined the mailing list by emailing *MAIL ME* to benmcphee@yoyofactory.com .

Pink Bits


Over at yoyonation somebody got creative with the colors!

Because he made some damn cool vids (like  THIS and THIS) Jake Bullock was sent some T-stacks to play with. Debate ensued here . He has big hair too!

Eight8Eight release gets closer


Pictures are creaping back in from all around the world with eight8eights being pout in peoples hands in over 12 countries. The green light has been given and the release dates worldwide look set to happen!


The above image was pilfered from here


Czech Mate


A late night skulk of the yoyoing.com/news board revealed this fun little vid from the guys at yoyo.cz (who will be getting euro 888s in their store).

Download it and spot the 888. Also if you missed them check out the czech nationals vids on youtube. HOT skills unique styles and variety.


G5 Tricked OUT


Without too much fuss or bother a few entries have been slipping into the G5 TRICKED OUT contest  to view the entries (and a few others who use the tag) visit HERE. Thanks to all the people who have entered. The contest is being extended until THE END OF MAY so get your videos in!



Contest Team G5 looking FINE here . I really want someone to do a Contest team G5 and 401k sid-by-side (email me if you have pictures!).

I also really dig this gold G5 pic from Project TRC japan (they had some but have sold out).


eight8eight release date


Are you ready?

April 27-May 1 EYYM Prague

  • Maybe some pre-release, maybe some production.... something will be there!

Europe Edition 888 shipping by May 1

Asia Edition 888 shipping by May 1

Cinco De Mayo 888

  • BAC
  • Mitchells Toy Train and Hobby
  • YoYoFactory SELECT Customers

General release 1 shipping to stores by May 10



Happy Birthday (to my sister)


At yoyoing.com some mighty fine pictures were posted by rosgana including a couple of great G5/GM2/Sabotage shots.

 Top Notch!


Top Tippin' Too is a followup to the equally amazing top-tippin' video. Both of these vdeos feature 'kinopah' aka Ed displaying some cool dynamic tricks utilising the gyroscopic forces of the G5 when caught on the top tips.

Inspired I am.





'Its. Friiiday, you ain't got not job, you aint got.....'


Go get a job Smokey!  The 888 news is up.

You MUST checkout this video.

what people are saying:

yoyoing, yoyonation,

Scooped... on my own news!


Surprise! with under 24hrs before the 888 news gets posted this review drops! It isn't a bad review. I fell the comparisons to other yo-yos are a bit harsh as they look quite different in key elements.... check the slideshow out and make up your own mind.

FYI..... SILVER is not a production eight8eight color

back to work. Official announcement soon

just in CASE


This is amazing!

 spotted at Theyo

I pitty the fool...


Your first look at the all new T-Stack. Specs, Due dates $$$'s coming soon. Should be at BAC tho.

Eye Candy


Couldnt wait for 'T-stacks' in this VID

Nice pics of a Red star G5 with friends more here

I pitty the fool...


Im hoping to get the 1st pictures of the newest Hubstack attachment up here within the next hour. The all-new 'T-Stack'.

eight8eight announcement



Some Vid Action


Its Good Friday, which means alot to many people but its a horrible rainy day here so to me means nothing to do :(  If your bored like me. check out these videos and spot the Project Red Alert yo-yos in action (and some mad mad skills).

Contest Team G5 Drops


32 left at time of posting HERE. But... now its sold out.



Thats only at YoYoNation

Loop 720® x Project Red Alert


Heres a scoop for you. About 2 years ago YoYoFactory started work on a looping yo-yo named 'Loop 720'. Nothing has officially been released from it and their are more varieties of prototypes floating around YoYoFactory HQ than people can poke a stick at. So A decision has been made to get some into the light of day. It must be noted NONE of these prototypes are production spec, and changes are expected when (if) the final production versions are released.

This is still a few weeks away from happening but:

  • Numbers will be limted
  • Pair purchases only

To make sure you know the 'whens and wheres' this will be happening get your email address on the mail list. send an email titled *Mail Me* to benmcphee@yoyofactory.com

Some Random stuff


  • Get on down to S.E.R., say hello to a man named Greg, and hook yourself up with one of these

 Its very cool. But what's coming for B.A.C. is off the chain. YoYoFactory are about to take things to a pnue level!

  • yoyonation.com have given the G5 some love. It is one of the floating annimations on their frontpage.
  • G5 Elite has been delayed another week. They will pack a large amount of BLING status on the streets.
  • All G5 store orders have shipped. Look out for them at your local!










Available as contest prizes and for retail sale at physical yo-yo stores, and so far only:

  • Bird In Hand, Chico, CALIFONIA
  • Mitchells Toy Train Hobby and JOE, Wilmington, DELAWARE
  • Lofty Pursuits, Tallahasse, FLORIDA
  • AirTime, Exter, UK

YoYoGuy G5


snap, you say? They are available HERE info on them here



I got so many HOT pics today Im going to drop a new one a day. So BLACK MATTE should be in ALL the stores listed on the RETAIL page real soon. But heres the thing.... we have been holding out on you a little. So over the next 2 days expect EYE CANDY.


YoYoFactory Returns policy


"If anyone is having a less than perfect playing experience with any YoYoFactory product they should contact YoYoFactory immediately for a solution to this problem. These solutions may take the form of advice, a replacement product, the offer of an alternate problem or a refund. Any questions contact benmcphee@yoyofactory.com"


Cool Grind Machine 2 pics


Check em out

Surf is pumping in Australia today. FYI ;)

G5 is back


Here we go again! G5s start shipping THIS WEEK to:

  • Infinite Illusions
  • www.theyostore.com
  • www.spingear.jp
  • www.skilltoys.com
  • Wonderful Yo-Yo World
  • Bird In Hand
  • Mitchells Toy Train and Hobby
  • Lets Have Fun
  • Project TRC
  • www.extremespin.com
  • www.yoyoz.co.uk


    Matte Black will be 1st, polished silver maybe next week. Sharp eyes will spot the difference with these G5s. (silicone response, new axle).

  • Ryan Lai is mediocre


    ....well untill he gets some more yo-yos. On the 11th of this month he did THIS . Here is ONE better (video). Im tipping Ryan to do between 6 and 10 later this year ;)

  • Top to Bottom: Grind Mutant 2 RAW, Sabotage G5, G5, Grind Machine 2

    Wide Load


    Another kickin photo by Shawn Garcia




    yoyo.go.pl and yoyo2 have all the latest yo-yo news. Check them out OFTEN.

    Grind Machine 2 Reviews


    A few little ones have popped up but i will list the detailed reviews as they get posted.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    They're selling out quick!

    OUT NOW!


  • www.theyostore.com SOLD OUT 
  • www.spingear.jp  SOLD OUT
  • Lets Have Fun SOLD OUT9
  • Bird In Hand SOLD OUT
  • www.yoboy.com.au SOLD OUT
  • Mitchells Toy Train and Hobby SOLD OUT
  • Wonderful Yo-Yo World SOLD OUT
  • Infinite Illusions SOLD OUT 
  • Project TRC SOLD OUT
  • YoYoNation SOLD OUT
  • skilltoys SOLD OUT

  • Tip Off


    The first upgrade tip set for G5s is out now (or just days awayin some places) and some pictures and reviews are starting to appear like this one HERE

    Also have a look at THIS . Its Ryans' new version of totem tops!

    Holy MOley!


    Check this beast. double yo-yo, 2 strings. G10????

    mod by our favourite MO

    Grind Machine 2 Shipped!


    YoYoFactory has shipped all 350 Grind Machine 2s to stores worldwide.


    G5 Vid + new tricks


    Some more HOT G5 action had appered on yoyoing.com in another fun video by Drew Tetz! Sweet...

    G5 ReStock information


    With unprecedented retail demand and scalpers in effect YoYoFactory are happy to announce restocks of G5s are on schedule to ship to stores sometime between the 15th and 22nd of March.

    The 'Stealth' back matte finished G5 will now be coming with a narrower recess and will ship from the factory with a recessed silicone response. No increase of price is expected.

    The as a for-runner to the new  'YoYoFactory Premium Collection' a polished finished 'Elite' edition G5 will be released. Shipped in a soft fabric slip to protect the polished finish during transit the 'Elite' G5 also comes with the factory installed silicone response.


    Keep your eyes out for an exclusive to edition G5 only available to walk in customers at:

    • Bird In Hand, Chico CA
    • Mitchells Toys Trains and hobbys Wilmington DE
    • Lofty Pursuits, Tallahasse FL

    Spin Spin


    This great shot is my new screensaver.

    G5 Sabotage (with long hubstacks and spintop tips) on a John Higby mirror.

    Photo by Shawn Garcia

    Jake Bullock is probably better than you


    Thats just a guess but judging by THIS and THIS, I don't think I'm too far off the mark. If I am wrong please prove it! :)

    Grind Machine 2 well into production


    The build is on in anticipation of the March 7 ship date. Insiders are heralding this one of the smoothest Project Red Alert yo-yos to date. The color is not a stock annodize but a specially mixed blend. Next week you can decide how smooth and pretty it is for yourself.

    The Grind Machine 2 will be available exclusively at:


    YoYoGuy/Infinite Illusions




    Project TRC

    Wonderful Yo-Yo World

    Lets Have Fun

    Bird in Hand

    Mitchells Trains, Toys and Hobbies


    Grind Monster


    Someone is parting with a nice RED original Grind Monster HERE .



    Grind Machine 2 on YoYoRadio


    YoYoRadio called for the scoop on the Grind Machine 2 today. It has created some chatter on forums too here here and here


    Dates to remember in MARCH


    March 1

    G5 Tricked Out Video Contest Begins

    March 7

    Grind Machine 2 shipping to stores

    Long stack+ spintop tips available

    March 15 (approx)

    G5 shipping to stores in BLACK MATTE and POLISHED SILVER

    T-Stack insert shipping to stores.

    John Higby Does it again!


    Here is an ultra fun G5 Sabotage Video by John Higby

    Grind Machine 2



     and that shiney G5 on the bottom, its coming soon too!



    Why is GREEN the new black?

    Sabotage in the streets Pt 3.


    Never outdone John Higby.


    Sabotage in the streets Pt 2.


    Some awesome Pics popping up

    This Thread had a couple of clangers!

    and then there is this GEM posted in the Skilltoys.net gallery

    New product announcement under 24hrs.

    Sabotage in the streets


    The honor of the 1st spotted goes to Australia while minutes later some hot pics came up from G5 fan Mo (also here & here)

    I snuck around and found another one of his shots:

    Photo By Mo.

    Im hoping to add more here over the next 24hrs so check back. Also BIG announcement  EDIT: MONDAY

    Happy Birthday


    Steven Dale Brown



    The History page has been recieving LOTS of updates of late. New pictures, more information and still more to come. A special thanks to SHIELD400 for the use of his images.

    History lovers may also want to check out the myspace page of the F.A.S.T. 401k, anothe YoyoFactory yo-yo at www.fast401k.com .


    As mentioned for some time on the Trick Video page:


     1 Throw, 1 combo or even just 1 move.

    Get TRICKED OUT in 2007 by YoYoFactory in the G5 video contest. To have information emailed to you when it is available send an email to g5trickedout@gmail.com

    Or sit tight. An Announcement is coming by March 1st.


    G5 #00001 for Sale or trade!


    As mentioned earlier in this Blog, all the low number G5s were randomly shipped, including #00001. Well Its popped up again. with its owner looking to trade it HERE


    Sabotage Limited Release


    Despite the public release of SABOTAGE G5 being cancelled YoYoFactory did make available a limited amount of flawless, perfect G5s to the most hardcore collectors and players. Expect to see pictures of these in peoples hands real soon because they have all shipped.




    There is something happeing.... amongst all the 'when will there be more G5' emails there have been a new random mix of "what is the next 'Project Red Alert' release" and "when will it be coming?". Do these people know something? Is it possible? Will the G5 soon have a wingman? Time will tell!


    Site Changes


    The domain www.yoyostring.com started its life as a retailer information site, then became the official home of all G5 info, now its taking on a bigger task as the home of the Project RED Alert meaning it will now be promoted by the url www.projectredalert.com and will be the home to future Project Red Alert releases from YoYoFactory. G5 logos are moving out, Red alert logos moving in. More content is coming to the History section and some more action in the Trick Videos real soon. 


    Wannabe G's


    Mod Master MO has been pumping out some neat G5'esque works of late. Check em.

    The Glow G!

    The  McPhee-5, named after G5 designer Ben McPhee, sitting on a shiney G5.


    Be My Valentine?


    After the let down with the Sabotage its great to finally hear some good news and, well, I wish I could share it with you today... hopefully I can tomorrow....


    SABOTAGE Sabotaged?



    "Due to unforseen circumstances the G5 SABOTAGE will not be released to retail stores. The many stages of manufacturing, in particular the adding of the coating on the precision body of the G5 has potentially compromised that precision in a large enough quanitity that rather than risk customer satisfaction the decision was made to not release the G5 SABOTAGE. YoYoFactory apologises to its retailers and customers for this situation and reaffirms its commitment to precision yo-yo manufacturing. YoYoFactory would also like to apologise for delays in restocking the G5. It is coming. Upgrade Tips sets will be available to G5 owners from next week.


    well then. I'm sad.




       Shipping FRIDAY!



    Upgrade tip sets for regular G5s will be coming shortly aslo. Stay tuned for more info.


    Mr Big Stack


    In line with expectations, the final parts are being completed as I type and the SABOTAGE edition G5s are being prepared for shipment to stores FRIDAY FEB 9.

    The bad news, they are only going to 4 stores and there is no-where near enough!





    SABOTAGE store availability was limited based on initial store order quantities of regular G5s. This is a THANKS, to the stores who trusted a unique design.

    Pictures coming of the tips soooooon. They will be sold seperately shortly also (estimated retail $15 for 2 long tips, 2 top tip attachments and 2 small o-rings)

    Information will also be released (to both retailers and the public) next week on when more regular G5s will be available as well as the response and finish options there will be available.


    Sabotage where are you?


    1 Week at best, 2 at worst, thats the latest report on the G5 Sabotage due date, currently waiting only for the UPGRADE TIPS to be added. The tips will be available as upgrade parts so shipping them now without the tips is an option? For now, we will wait.


    Wah' wah' wah'!


    Just sad because I cant find one of my G5s!  474 where are you?


    Just can't wait till more G5s ship?


    G5 on Ebay 


    Listen Up Ya'll


    75 G5 Sabotage Edition yo-yos will be released shortly.



    • Same profile, dimensions and aluminium body as G5
    • Upgrade Finish (Espionage)
    • .030' recess (flush Dif Pad)
    • Upgrade longer tips
    • Spintop tip attachment
    • Upgrade Dorothy Bearings in hubstacks ($10 a piece retail)

    These supercharged G5s will cost more than the regular G5 and will be available in limited quantities at selected retailers. Currently the wait is on the longer hubstack tips and the spintop tips which are due next week. If all Goes to plan the G5 Sabotage will be available in under 2 weeks!

    People are talking about them HERE and HERE


    Spunky Mutant


    Another mutant has surfaced. Heres its story for those who missed how these were released.

    "YoYoFactory recieved lots of emails asking for Grind Mutant 2s. Heres how some people managed to get one for themselves. In 2003 when YoYoFactory released the F.A.S.T. 301, a alluminum version of the widely popular F.A.S.T. 201. In the pack was a product registration card. It informed owners to 'mail this card back for access to limited and exclusive YoYoFactory coming releases'. Over 100 F.A.S.T. 301s were sold 2 people sent the cards back. As a reward to their faith in purchasing a new yo-yo from a young upstart company YoYoFactory still offers these 2 people access to 'limited release' YoYoFactory product, an example is shown"

    More Pics and source HERE




    WoW. I heard Eric Wolf was doing a wooden G5 and here it is!

    still looking for real source. Found pic HERE




    There are some colorblind kids out there calling the new Sabotage  G5 'pastel'? (and here)

    Pastel it aint! Finished it aint either. Give it say, another week?


    More Silicone talk


    Mo gives his opinion on silicone in a BLACK G5 HERE.  I know it has been said it before but its worth repeating,  THESE work REALLY well.


    G5 Update


    LATE JAN: Upgrade tip 1

    Longer stack with spintop insert

    LATE JAN: Sabotage G5 under 100 pieces of low friction coated, upgraded bearing G5 fun.

    EARLY FEB: G5 restocks coming to your favourite G5 retailer

    MID FEB: Upgrade tip 2

    Wider Cap shaped stack


    G5 on Ebay


    Not really news worthy but its the 1st one I have seen

    #00166 Item number: 280073126582 His Auctions

    I like the way he claims he isnt trying to scalp yo-yos but sold a PS3 on Xmas day and at least has one more G5 (311)

    Spotted On: YoYoNation.com

    Also spied this hERE on yahoo auctions (in japan, the only country to still use yahoo auctions!)




    There is a list of reviews down the page but this guy was doing a trick with the yo-yo around his neck.... wierd enough for me to list it all by itself :)

     Read the review : HEREHERE, HERE and probably somewhere else


    Bling it on

    A G5 with a shiney skin by Mod Master Mo

    For another pic and tips on how to make a G5 Shine:



    Image taken from : http://www.yoyoing.com/news/viewpost.php?post=250837


    Pad Up!

    These Kentaro Pads available from Infinite Illusions (www.yoyoguy.com). The large ones work pretty neat in a G5.

    To order visit: http://www.yoyoguy.com/PN/KT03/Yo-yo-Friction-Stickers/Black-Kentaro-Friction-Seats

     Im also real fond of THESE 


    Grind Mutant 2

    YoYoFactory recieved lots of emails asking for Grind Mutant 2s. Heres how some people managed to get one for themselves. 

    In 2003 when YoYoFactory released the F.A.S.T. 301, a alluminum version of the widely popular F.A.S.T. 201. In the pack was a product registration card. It informed owners to 'mail this card back for access to limited and exclusive YoYoFactory coming releases'. Over 100 F.A.S.T. 301s were sold 2 people sent the cards back. As a reward to their faith in purchasing a new yo-yo from a young upstart company YoYoFactory still offers these 2 people access to 'limited release' YoYoFactory product,.

    an example is shown here:

    John Higby's Grind Mutant 2

    Source: http://www.skilltoys.net/board/showthreaded.php?Cat=1&Number=138011&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&vc=1


    ExtremSpin take nice pictures

    Picture from: www.extremespin.com 


    Silicone in a black G5

    Image from: http://flickr.com/photos/pyrotechnic/358869117/in/set-72157594433717702/


    This is also topic of debate at http://www.yoyoing.com/news/viewpost.php?post=250515


    Video action

    A G5 was spotted in this vid


    Added  to youtube January 14, 2007 by FNGyos

    what # is your G5?




    #1 has been found!

     Imagine opening your G5 and seeing #00001

    Well someone did!

    Image taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/26229662@N00/353077175/


    A teaser of a vid featuring the G5


    Source: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php?topic=5966.0


    G5 Reviews:










    Mr John Higby Vid!

    Image by John Higby



    YoYo2 Blog

    Covered the Mutant


    and the G5 launch