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Project RED ALERT yo-yos are NOT for entry level players. For an entry level yo-yo Please consider the F.A.S.T. Precedent or SpinStar.


The G5, Grind Machine 2 and eight8eight are low response yo-yo requiring bind returns under stock configuration.

Project Red Alert yo-yos are PRECISION INSTRUMENTS. Care should be taken not to stress the yo-yo body (i.e. sitting on it, extreme impacts, pressure from a vice or other tools while removing bearings. DAMAGE may be caused to the yo-yo BODY which is irreparable! TAKE CARE. If you have an issue EMAIL FOR ADVICE BEFORE YOU BREAK IT. All warranties will be void if this advice is not followed.

When reassembling all Projects red alert yo-yos please ensure there is no debris (string lint, silicone, frayed pads) touching the bearing or in the bearing seat. This area bearing clean is critical to the performance of your yo-yo.

Project Red Alert yo-yos are PRECISION INSTRUMENTS. They are designed to work with the yo-yo half, bearing and yo-yo half combination as purchased. Other bearings not designed for the eight8eight MAY NOT WORK with the eight8eight. Due to the unique manufacturing process not all eight8eight halves are interchangeable and yo-yo performance may deteriorate if halves are swapped.

Yo-Yos featuring Silicone response WILL need the silicone replaced at some stage. To see how this is done check out: SILICONE VIDEO. The silicone is added by hand to these models. Some silicone residue may be present. Please rub it off or allow it to be worn away to achieve optimum play. If your silicone falls out of the yo-yo please re-apply NEW silicone. Make sure the recess is clean before application for best results.

Hubstack Play

Some feedback/vibration is to be expected when using the hubstacks.Here are some examples of play: G5 BASIC PLAY VIDEO

 Just remember not to let the string get loose enough to wrap around the caps/your fingers.

Hubstack Assembly



Need to remove a axle From a 1st release G5?


The wrenches have 7mm stamped on them.  The nuts and washers are 4mm from the hardware store. NEWER G5s, all Grind Machine 2s and eight8eight feature a threaded ros axle which has been set in a fixed position in the yo-yo. While it is removable with force it is NOT RECOMMENDED. If re-installing please center the axle and affix one end of the axle to the yo-yo body with a small drop of Krazy® Glue. The axle position may compromise the smoothness of the spin if not positioned correctly.

Hubstack and bearing removal

Heres a vid to help people remove the precise fit bearings from a the hubstack.    VIDEO

Need to remove Top Tips/ T-stacks from Stacks?

Easy! like THIS

Need to know more? For anything not covered here please email