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In 2003 YoYoFactory initiated 'Project Red Alert'.  With a mission of innovation to offer players a unique experience Red Alert allowed YoYoFactory an opportunity to produce unconventional products compared to the mainstream trends giving players a chance to refine their styles and play with something ‘a little different’ from the every day.




Released December 2003/ Feburary 2004

298 produced

Size 2.25"
Weight 76 gm




The Grind Machine Featured 3 different response pads and 2 sets of spacers players were offered more response options than ever before.  It also featured a plastic lens, previously only seen on the F.A.S.T. 301. Its heavy weight and moderate width gve the Grind Machine a unique playing feel.

The Darker green (shown left) was the original color (# produced 98) while the left was the 2004 release which had the new 'gap gadget technology' allowing twist gap adgustability.

Replacement stickers were also sold seperately

YoYoHistory Museum # 518

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Original Retail price $50



Released Feb 2004

300 Produced

Size 2 1/8"
Weight 68 gm

 Like the Grind Machine it featured 3 types of response pad the unique plastic lens and the 'Gap Gadget'. The key feature of the Grind Monster was its undersized make and a silicon O-ring for response which offered another response option. 300 produced


 Limited Editions:

A special edition Grind Monster was commissioned for finalsts in the 2004 'Spinning Art Contest'


Grind Monster SS


Yo-yo Artist John Higby even turned his talents to this Grind Monster below.

Image by John Higby

The Grind Monster came standard in RED, BLACK, SILVER and a few GOLD. One othe coloor considered but not produced was Copper, shown below:

  A Grind Machine / Grind Monster Comparison

YoYoHistory Museum # 541

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Original retail price $55



March 2004

24 Produced

Size 2 1/8"
Weight 84 gm


Although the result of a production error this yo-yo had a unique wide profile and extreme weight that gave the lucky few who got hold of them an extreme playing experience.  3 Response sticker options as well as silicone o-ring response varieties + 2 thickness spacers gave players plenty of choice. 12 of the 24 produced were sold by yo-yo specialists Brainstorms Az (now closed) while the remaining 12 went to family, friends and a limited few collectors and players.  Profile below shown with narrow spacers.

Grind Machine, Grind Monster, Grind Mutant!

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July 2004

155 produced

Size 2 1/8"
Weight 69 gm




"Play yo-yo for 18 years, travel to over 30 countries. Teach the champions of tomorrow, introduce yo-yos to millions. Start your own yo-yo company. Now take a chunk of weapon grade aluminum; you know the stuff Sadam didn’t have. Spin it at 9000pm so a precise blade can shape it even more precisely. Add a variety of response materials, in a way that has been deemed ‘the best’ by those players involved in its testing. Add one of the finest quality bearings ever put in a yo-yo (capable of 10min sleep times). Coat the yo-yo with the new Slick Metal™ finish, the lowest friction material ever used in the production of yo-yos. This stuff is so slick it holds a Guinness world record®. Built to grind™? No way! This does it all. Make sure you include a Gap Gadget™ to allow this new creation to be adjustable like no other aluminum yo-yo before. Then take it to four continents to allow the best players in all these lands to comment on its performance, take notes, revise designs if needed, watch them play, watch them perform. Finally, put it to production… people out there will NEED this."

This Yo-Yo was a true innovation in yo-yos as it was the first yo-yo in the world to receive a special low friction coating to assist in 'Grind' tricks. Finishes to assist with grinds have since become an industry standard practice. This was also the first yo-yo to carry the name Project Red Alert replacing the working name former name 'Redline Series'

Limited Editions:

While the front logo remained the same (bling chain) 3 different reverse sides were released:

Worlds/Contest Team

Available only at the 2004 World Yo-Yo Contest it carried the name of the original YoyoFactory Contest Team members.


Image Source

US Nationals


Although technically not a Project Red Alert project, the HYPE, HOAX, FAD series of yo-yos utilized the same body as the Grind Master without the 'Slick Skin' finish. Production was under 20 pieces total (hype, hoax and fad) with few complete sets in existance. These were used as gifts and prizes by YoyoFactory mid 2004.

and during production

YoYoHistory Museum # 543

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Original retail price $65


#5 G5

December 24 2006

Currently in Production

Size 2.25"
Weight 62-66 gm

For full informtion visit HERE

Initially shipped in silver with a broad recess (.040 deep) with a new size dif pad 555 (made by Frank @ Dif-e-yo). Oddly the original release were numbered 135 -325 however within 2 weeks of the release # 00001- 135 were released in a black matte annodize (as were #'s 325- 499) these features a .030 deep recess.

Limited Editions:


The only factory issues half/half Project Red Alert Yo-Yo this  LE was randomly mixed into stores standard G5 orders. This featured the deep .050 recess on both sides (the only black deep recessed halves),  a white cap on the black stack and a black cap on the silver stack. 18 pieces total.


Unique Lazer graphics, .030 recess, upgraded stack bearings (YoyoFactorys' own Dorothy bearings), upgraded finish and the inclusion of longer and spintop attachments to the bearing stacks built up a high demand for the SABOTAGE G5.

The day before it was scheduled to ship YoyoFactory announced it would not be shipping to stores as many of the scheduled production run had performance inconsistancies. A total of 48 pieces were sold directly through YoyoFactory.

 Red Star G5

 A 49 piece run for retailer Sold out in 2 days.

Contest Team G5

A 50 piece run for retailer Built with the same colorway and logos as the 2006 released Contest Team F.A.S.T. 401k


 Gold Edition G5

80 piece run for physical retail stores. Initially comissioned as a 100 piece run physical store orders were not large enough to build 100. In total 45 will be released through US physical stores while the remaining pieces will be available through Asian based online stores.

YoYoNation Custom

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available HERE


YoYoGuy Blue star

<image coming soon>

Available here




<image coming soon>

Available HERE


Hands off my G5

<image coming soon>

coming soon


7075 888S







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Original Retail Price $89.95- $105.95



Janurary 2007

24 produced

Size 2.25"
Weight 62-66 gm




The Grind Mutant 2 was a very limited spin-off from the G5 project. 24 produced, 12 released to the public. Its wide profile is a pleasure to play with but a nightmare to produce, hence limited production.



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 #7 Grind Machine 2

March 2007

350 produced

Size 2.25"
Weight 62-66 gm



  • The Grind Machine was the 7th Project Red Alert release Combining styling and experience gained with the release of the G5 and the Grind Mutant 2, The Grind Machine 2 offered a wider softer profile while retaining the unique stepped profile.  Its string play is unique with or without the bearing stacks (included as standard). Stock response is factory installed silicone (no pads included).

    The Grind Machine 2 was widely acclaimed on of the best Project Red Alert yo-yos produced however a number of Grind Machine 2s were bent by users and returned.




    YoYoHistory Museum # Not Listed

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    Original retail price $89


    #8  eight8eight


    MAY 2007



    Size 1.99"

    62-66 gm





    The eight8eight marks a clear shift in some of the key philosophys of Project Red Alert. Hightened attention to detail, higher precision and more care about asthetic qualities were originally secondary concerns to a good performing yo-yo at a good price. However recent trends have prompted an experiment, and experiments are something VERY Project Red Alert. So with the eight8eight or 888 as most people will call it, extra costs have been spent at the first $100 Project Red Alert yo-yo is to be launched May 5 2007.

    Pre-release eight8eights were shipped in silver with decals

    The eight8eight departs from the 'usual' at Project Red Alert in a number of  other ways. Instead of being versatile to the users needs, 3 different production specifications are planned. Firstly a LARGE bearing flowable silicone response model will be released, followed by a SMALL bearing pad response version with plans for a third version later in 2007. Secondly the eight8eight release becomes an event of its own with 3 regional color/themes PRECEDING the main launch. This gives players in Europe and Asia the rare chance to get in first on a new product. Third there is the yo-yo. In a time where other manufacturers look to extreme shapes to forge identity the eight8eight stands alone in a crowded field. It's look grabs attention without being outrageous. Its differences subtle but they do make it unique, and most importantly, desireable.


    From the same design team that brought you the 'Turbo Bumble Bee™' the 'Cold Fusion' and 'Cold Fusion™ GT' the F.A.S.T.® 201 and F.A.S.T.® 401K the eight8eight proudly meets the demanding needs of the highest calibre yo-yo player including YoYoFactorys own Contest Team.  Slightly undersized and a mere 1-2gm of weight lighter give the eight8eight an edge when speed and control matters the most. The LARGE bearing version features an enourmous gap, which combined with flowable silicone response provides extremely low response yet predictable bind returns and significant spin generating throws. The SMALL bearing version has a narrower gap area but is equally smooth and stable. The increased response area and stability assist counterweight players and those looking to push the trick area of regeneration.

    In terms of manufacturing the extra effort that has gone into the eight8eight is noticable in terms of look, feel and performance....

    General Release 1

    WIDTH: 1.63"

    DIAMETER: 1.99"

    BEARING: Large .250" x .500" x .187" DOROTHY bearing Hubstack Beaings 5mm x 10mm x 4mm stainless

    RESPONSE: Flowable Silicone


    ·          67gms W/ T-stacks

    ·          64gm W/standard stacks

    ·          60gms W/O stacks


    Visit the 888 Gallery to see more LE 888s


    YoYoHistory Museum #

  • YoYo Wiki Article

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    Original retail price $99 - 179


    #9  Revolution # 9


    Not Released

    Revolution #9 was created but  never released by YoYoFactory. Rampant reproduction of replicas by Asian manufacturers of other YoYoFactory designs prompted the decision to not release #9 until a change in the world retail market.

    Size "






    #10 T.B.A

    AUGUST 2008



    Size "