Project Red Alert Goals

  A YoYoFactory Inititative

Forget the rules.. defy convention....explore new horizons






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'Project Red Alert' is an initiative by YoYoFactory to produce players yo-yos featuring innovation that does not conform to the norms. It has two aims, offering the players a different definition of elite performance, not the typical followed by others but pushing different directions, expanding existing ideas with those from left field. The second aim is offering the manufacturer a way to gain feedback on these new innovations without the implications of a larger commercial project.

The opportunity for the design team to play with it is a greater reason for production than profit. We play yo-yo and these yo-yos are ones we wish existed... so we make a couple for us and for like minded players.



G5 Concept

Specifically with the G5 Concept YoYoFactory looks to blur the lines between a commercial project and the evolution of play.

Constant change is to be expected, variety in response and finish commonplace. The G5  should not be considered the ultimate embodiment of the technology, merely the 1st step along the path of discovery we are taking as a manufacturer, and you as a player have the opportunity to be a part of. 

The narrow design of the G5 gives feel of a regular angular yo-yo rather than the focused rim design which many would percieve has a tendency to hurt the hand. As the evolution continues expect a wider designs to issue and potentially even a traditional butterfly shape.  There is also the potential the G5 will launch into a larger commercial project like F.A.S.T. is for YoYoFactory. Only time will tell.