G5 Concept

A YoYoFactory Initiative

Forget the rules.. defy convention....explore new horizons






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Changing the shape of the future is the all new G5 by YoYoFactory.


With the 401k you play your way. With the G5 Concept you get to redefine PLAY



1st the shape….

Inspired by a clean slate and an ambition to push play frontiers, the G5 Concept is the first shape of its kind designed for the purposes of advanced play. And when we say advanced, we mean play that doesn’t even exist yet. Don’t even try comparing this with other new shape butterfly yo-yos you have seen in recent weeks.


The extreme volumetric profile provides a wide area for more comfortable catch, decreased center mass allowing increased maneuverability. Obviously the rim weighting is outstanding with the added bonus of grind control. Fingers can slot in the Id for finger grinds while palms contact the Od while the Od glides above with zero friction. The basic profile also welcomes thumb grinding. There is also the potential for new Y-axis grinds never seen before!




The Hub stacks

The G5 features 2 additional beaings securely mounted along the same axis of the main bearing either side of the it. A fixture securely is attached to it the bearing allowing it to be held or balanced on while the yo-yo is spinning allowing you to change the plane/axis of spin. It also allows the yo-yo to be spun with a ripping action rather than a throw. Previous efforts (both commercially producing and home modification) at side mounted bearings in yo-yos have had very little success. The G5 breaks through, bringing new possibilities to more people with a new method of attachment giving unmatched performance. The bar has been lifted.


The best thing about the G5 concept? It is reality....


Think of the G5 Concept as more than just 'a yo-yo'. You are witnessing multiple steps of evolution happening before your eyes. YoYoFactory is attempting a fluid process and one I hope people will enjoy being a part of with an open mind. Nothing is certain with this project...




Weight: 62gm basic 66 with caps and bearings added

Diameter: 2.20”

Width: 1.45”

Bearings: G5 Dorothy (.250 x .500 x .187 main bearing), 5mmX10mmX4mm stainless in hubstacks.

Response: recessed Dif Pad, flush dif, 6 Factory installed recessed  silicone

Finish: Silver Matte, Black Matte, Red Matte, Silver/Blue Matte, Orange Sabotage, Polished Silver

Materials: Aluminum Body, Delrin hubstack

Availability: May be limited in availability due to demand and production limits.





  • Same profile, dimensions and aluminium body as G5
  • Upgrade Finish (Espionage)
  • .030' recess (flush Dif Pad)
  • Upgrade longer tips included
  • Spintop tip attachment included
  • Upgrade Dorothy Bearings in hubstacks
  • Numberer 500-
  • Not released to retail (under 50 released to public)

NOTE: All G5s avaialable as of APRIL feature a new axle design (shorter, lighter, stronger) and Flowable Silicone response.



YoYoGuy Store Exclusive
  • Released March 30 2007
  • 49 pieces RED. 50 pieces BLUE followed later in 07



Available as contest prizes and for retail sale at physical yo-yo stores in the USA, and so far only:

  • Bird In Hand, Chico, CALIFONIA
  • Mitchells, Wilmington, DELAWARE
  • Lofty Pursuits, Tallahasse, FLORIDA
  • AirTime, Exter, UK

The Gold color and lettering match the Gold editions F.A.S.T. 401k released in 2006. 80 pieces produced. Also released online in Asia.



YoYoNation Store Exclusive
  • Released April 2007
  • 50 pieces total


2007 National Yo-Yo Day Release
  • June 6 2007 release
  • Available 1 day only!
  • 75 pieces produced

From JULY 2007 all G5s features a silicone o-pad sticker response.




  • Purple, Blue and Silver
  • Created exclusively for YoYoNation
  • 60 pieces total, Silver being the most scarce


Purple and Blue White star logo with white rims

Created exclusively for YoYoNation

Hands off (aka Prion Break)






Other Variants







2008 Upgrade


Higher grade alloy

Beadblast finishes

Z-stacks standard

regular stacks included