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For those of you who havnt read the front page this blog is moving to Im still working a few of the bugs out but new news is being posted there now!


August 1 12:01am World Yo-Yo Contest

Dont make plans.


Cali love July 20

This weekend saw Yuuki Spencer kicking it in LA for some Street Fighter action. While there he hooked up with Kentaro Kimurra who flew in from Japan on his way to Worlds. Tomorrow Kentaro heads to Arizona to take a look at the Factory in action.

Product news:

  • LOOP720 should be at all good stores early this week.
  • California and VK also!
  • By the end of the week expect a skyline restock at

Kentaro will be throwing down with ALL-YOYO while in Phoenix and then heading out this weekend on a road trip to Orlando Via San Antonio and New Orleans.


Also checkout this Cali vid


YoyoFactory Direct @ World Yo-Yo Contest July 18


In 2007 YoyoFactory rocked the world yo-yo contest with hot exculsive items, new releases and rare and collectables previously thought to be sold out. 2008 is going to blow you away. If you don't come see us during the contest it just means you don't love yo-yos!


Worlds packs

Choose from a range of pre-bundled goodie bags!

Bag 1.

B-Grade Bag

Retail Price USD $55

Choose your bag type; there are: 07 888, 888w, Grind Machine 2, G5 or G5+ B-Grade. B-Grade yo-yos usually have a cosmetic defect OR/and do not spin as 'smooth' as regular YoyoFactory product.

also includedis a yoyofactory sticker pack, a F.A.S.T. Yo-Yo Holder and a YoYofactory Poster

Bag 2.

LOOP720 bag

Retail Price USD $55

contains 2x loop720

a loop720 T-shirt

2 loop720 stickers

Other bags may be available at the event so make sure you come by and see. (available Wednesday-Saturday. Stocks and sizes are limited)


Checkout three all new designs being released.

Retail Price $15 Available (available Wednesday-Saturday. Stocks and sizes are limited)

Collectable product

An assortment of 888s, Grind Machine 2, 401k, 401SD, G5 and G5+ yo-yos have been brought out of the vault and will be on sale at retail prices. (available Thursday-Saturday while stocks last)

F.A.S.T. yo-yos

The full range of F.A.S.T. yo-yos including the new OFFSTRING will be available. (available Thursday-Saturday while stocks last)




dont missout on the unveiling of the 10th and final Project Red Alert yo-yo.

Going to the World Yo-Yo Contest? July 18

  • F.A.S.T. Challenge
  • Buddha Sleeper       and now


details coming later today.


Augie Fash says..

Augie Fash (10:53:51 PM): Can you announce Gong Show on the blog btw?

YoYoFactory (10:54:11 PM): yeah sure, when is it on?
Augie Fash (10:54:26 PM): Should be 10 pm tomorrow, Comedy Central
Augie Fash (10:54:29 PM): You should watch it

 UPDATE: CC schedule change, stay tuned for new air date.

BLC July 3

Secret b-grade sale. Spin the yo-yo Factory Display to choose from B-Grade 07, 08, highwall small bearing 888s or GM2s or skylines or G5s or G5+. Limited stocks, dont sleep in.

Loop720 and Californias PACKED.

Cali dreams? July 2


YoYoFactory will be there this weekend!

July 5 BLC

  • get a LOOP720, California, Velocity, G5 or 888 at the YoYoFactory Table!
  • See the Catch 22 and maybe give it a spin!

July 6 Redondo Peir

July 8 The California yo-yo (shown above) ships to stores!

Buy a Yo-Yo June 29

a very pretty yo-yo CLICK HERE TO BUY


Been relaxing? June 22

I wish I had. Trying to launch 3 yo-yos at once is hectic, and did I mention there could be 2 more coming too?

This week:

  • Expect to get the official news about YoYoFactory giving a car to the winner of the F.A.S.T. Challange at the world yo-yo contest.
  • YoYoFactory will announce sponsorship of BLC (Southwest Regional) and World Yo-Yo Contest
  • YoYoFactory will have retail sales at BLC (including Loop720 and California) as well as 2-4 more unreleased prototypes on display!
  • YoYoFactory will also be at Redondo Peir on July 6. Its going to be a crazy contest format so dont miss it. Details coming any day now.
  • Loop720 and California ship dates will be announced

Do you own one of these? June 13


Register your purchase by emailing me with the # of your prototype California and recieve a discount on production Californias!


Some people will not understand June 6

To others it will be everything


Only in California June 6

Pre-production Californias available today at:

Bird in Hand, Chico CA

Sunshine Kite Co. , Redondo Beach CA


Shhhhh! its sleeping June 6

Unoficially,  Buddha King sleep sleep record is over 17 minutes


YoYoFactory 'California' June 6

Introducing your new yo-yo.
The classic feel of a full sized yo-yo is back with the YoYoFactory California.
The shape is OG YoYofactory (see 401k) combined with the pad and response from the widely successful eight8eight.
The California is the first yo-yo to come with YoYoFactorys' new 'nubs' which protect the yo-yo and the user from the hubstack posts if they choose not to use them.


Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 63.3 'nubbed', 66.5 'hubstacked', 70.8  'Z-stacked
Width (mm) 42.17
Diameter (mm) 56.34
Gap Width (mm) 4.15
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width in mm) .250 x .500 x.187
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Silicone Sticker


Being National Yo-Yo Day there will also be PROTOTYPE release TODAY. These yo-yos have not been cosmetically refined (machine marks etc. are still present) only sealed with clear annodize to protect the string. Each yo-yo is numbered and dated 06/06/08, National Yo-Yo Day!
Included are 2 hubstack bearings, 2 orings, 2 hubstacks, 2 Z-Stacks which can be used traditionally or inverted and 2 YoYoFactory decals.


 Loop720 sighting June 4

watch the first two commercials to see the Loop720 in action!


POP! June 4

We need a bigger warehouse to stack the champagne bottles needed to launch all the new products in just the next few weeks. It starts FRIDAY with the launch of a new aluminum yo-yo. Joining it shortly will be the Loop720 which is officially in production! Catch 22 is also finishing up production this week and will also be looking for a July release. PLUS a new Contest Team signature release.

It all starts FRIDAY.


National YoYoDay June 2

New product Information and Launch happening.



 Augie Fash in Alaska June 2

Augie Fash touches down in Alaska today. Something to do with Polar Bears I think.


eight8eight nevermore May 29

Following the success of the first X YoYoFactory product, the Celtic eight8eight (check out the matching SHIRT too), we are proud to unveil a second offering, The Raven.


Limited to 50 pieces and exclusive to (100% personally tested by me :) )


And some bad news May 22

Production of the Superstar has been suspended indefinately due to production complications. Production product could not meet the high quality demands expected and some redesigning will be required. HOWEVER a new yo-yo was quickly moved up the production schedule and will be dabuting inplace of the superstar. Enough product has been made for Kentaro Kimurra who will be competing at the World yo-Yo Contest  with the Superstar!


Information on this new yo-yo and the player who will be getting a signature model of it  NEXT week.


Want an exclusive drop? May 19

Its the annoversary of the retail 888 launch coming up and we like to celebrate bithdays so here is your chance for a treat.

8 pieces of 08 888 in original pre-production 888 styling. Clear coat annodize, delrin hubstacks and black decal stickers


8 pieces of pre-production Superstar

Raw, decal art only. 'Nubs' (hubstack post covers) and hubstacks included.


8 pieces of 401k

4 red, 4 black, New old stock

sold out

This offer is valid for 24hrs or until stocks last.

If you are interested please email with your desired purchase. A confirmation will be sent to you. Payment by paypal or credit card for those without a paypal account is accepted. Shipping via DHL is $6 anywhere in the USA. All other countries may enquire as to shipping rates.


Be the King May 19

  • 83.5gm
  • Small bearing
  • Flowable silicone response
  • Shipping this week to just a few select retailers

Superstar, Buddha King, 888

YoYoIsland May 17

New retailer (for us) decided to go their own way on 888 coloring.


They dont look too bad either :)


Be The King; Buddha King G5 May 12

Stay tuned this week for pictures of the soon to be released BUDDHA KING G5. This G5 is a special super heavy narrowed G5 designed for super stability in on the side during spin. Limited to 120 pieces world wide it is also one of the rarest yoYoFactory designs ever produced.


Speaking of Buddha Kings, the Buddha Sleeper Champion who pocketed $100 USD at BAC was Yoshi Mikamoto, who was the last man spinning at just over 6 minutes. This time was well short of his 10min + record but was long enough to get the cash!


Meanwhile at the Japan National Yo-Yo Contest Taka unleashed a modified Buddha Machine.... 15.32!!!

Bye Bye Kentaro! May 12

 Kentaro Kimura has returned to Japan after his long stay in NYC. We would miss him, but he will be back before you know it for a coast-to-coast road trip, Worlds and the International contest in NYC!

BAC Domination complete, again may 12


Did you Know... may 8

 To><ikon at forum spotted this Celtic 888...

talk about it here


BAC may 8

Be there....

Retail Sales

Precedent $5

F.A.S.T. 201 $10

Velocity $20

SpeedDial $40

B-GRade Sale!

888, 08 888, highwall 888, G5, G5+, GM2, Skyline all 40-70% OFF RETAIL PRICES (no refund, return, warranty)

Cash sales only.


Buddha Sleeper contest. Are you the king of Hubstack spin?

Begginners lessons with YoYoFactory?

Try a Loop720, Catch 22, Superstar, Buddha King G5 and MORE!



New YoYo April 27

Sorry to get you all excited but we are pushing the unveiling.

Unforseen production delays are have pushed things back.

The name is SUPERSTAR, and if you are going to EYYM or BAC you can see it there. Full details MAY 16.


BAC Factory Clearance Sale April 26


This year at BAC YoYoFactory will be offering B-grade Project Red Alert/ Premium Collection and other F.A.S.T. yo-yos at huge discounts (between 40-70% off retail). Color/finish variants, samples, returns all marked as B-grade and all up for grabs.

07and 08 888s, G5s, G5+, GM2, Skyline, 401sd, highwall 888, small bearing 888s.... but stocks are limited!

Sales will be CASH only and there will be no warranty, refund or returns accepted on any of the items sold.

A great chance to pick up an amazing playing yo-yo at a fraction of the price.

Upcoming product Test Sessions April 24


1-4 May

Vienna Austria



10th May

San Jose USA


Coming this weekend April 22

It is new product unveiling time.

The evolution of G5 continues. The specific aim of this yo-yo is more national and world titles for YoYoFactory Contest team members. You might also like it too. 

Specs, Images, Release dates ..... all will be revealed.

Step 1. 

skip a few steps....

YoYoFactory Contest Team @ BAC April 21

Confirmed attending:


Others potentially:


Also from YoYoFactory:

  • Ben
  • YoHans

Don't miss BAC

Generation Next April 20

YoYoFactory 2008 Summer Product Release Information

Information subject to change. Not all projects listed (we need to keep some secrets)


High Tech Yo-Yo, Low Tech Security

Catch 22


Testing Completed, Currently in production.


  • Patent Pending pinnacle of Yo-Yo engineering for performance.
  • Titanium/Aluminum/Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Featuring new 'TRUE PLAY' axle tuning system.
  • Individually Numbered (each half and package).
  • Packaged to impress.

Try one at BAC May 10!



Loop 720


In revision


  • Patent Pending new response for the  future of loop play.
  • If next samples pass performance testing production will begin NEXT WEEK and there is a chance of a limited launch at BAC


 Try one at BAC May 10!



In Production


  • The Buddha King G5 is a heavy weight super G5 for those who like more meat than potatoes.
  • production limited to 100 pieces

 Try one at BAC May 10!


*Not Named*


Testing Completed, In Production


The original Summer plans called for a replacement of the GM2 and G5+. When the design work was done it had gone some place new, so the plans were changed to add a spot for the evolution of these two. 65gm with no stacks, full sized, increased rim weight, straigtened out  to make sure the extra weight didnt slow anything down. The results are spectacular, expect the YoYoFactory Contest Team to rock it to pieces. Accepts all YoYoFactory stack kits.


 Try one at BAC May 10!

Expect THREE configurations

1) Raw, Minimal Lazer, stainless bearing, No hubstacks.

This is the bare minimal player configuration for those looking for the best performance at the lowest price

2) Beadblasted, Annodized, Dorothy Bearing, Hubstacks, Z-stacks, full lazer graphics

Fully loaded for the ultimate playing experiance

3)  (not named)

Kentaro Kimura Signature Edition with a special coating to take the hits of 3A.




In production

Now with 20% more Soul...

Coming Editions;

YoYoPeople (

2008 Japan Nationals (


Dynasty Project (Working Title for Project Red Alert #X)


In design, untested.


The replacement for the GM2/G5+.  Conventional Yo-Yo Design questioned (again).

Potential YoYoFactory Contest Team Member signature issue.


Expect even more releases this year!



YoYoFactory have signed the dotted line and will be sponsoring the 2008 Japan Nationals. LOOKOUT for the Buddha Sleeper contest where Yoshis' 10min 10 seconds record may be under threat, and a new 888 coming from SpinGear!


YoYoFactory Contest Team Pre-Season News April 16

The season unofficially kicks off in just over 3 weeks times so its a good time to take a look at the YoYoFactory Contest Team in 2008.

Starting in the East, Vashek! EYYM is coming real soon ( EYYM ). EYYM is going to be held in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, from 1st to 4th of May. Vashek is a 2x Czech National Champion and there is talk of a Vashek signature yo-yo coming this summer!

In NYC Kentaro Kimura has been working hard at his 3A and plans to dominate in 2008. Scheduled to return to Japan in May but will return to try capture his first World Title in August. Part of his training is set to include 'eating a big steak in Texas'. Kentaro is planning to start his own label later this year and has a signature yo-yo through YoYoFactory due early May. Based off the G5+ his yo-yo will have a refined custom shape, added rim weight, new finish and be strengthened to take the abuse of 3A.

In Texas World and US National Champ Yuuki Spencer has been focusing on making himself a champion in life also. New school, new job and new addiction.... Street Fighter 2. Yuuki rates himself as a 90% chance of being at BAC, a 50% chance of competing and 100% chance of winning if he does (ok he didnt say the last bit about winning but it sounded good ;) ). Currently throwing a GM2 exclusively but work has begun on a Yuuki Spencer signature design.

Also in Texas, Miguel Correa has been a busy man. He is heavily involved in filming, writing and editing. You may have caught the two yoyo videos he made since nationals? You can expect to see him at contests with a camera in one hand and throwing 5a with the other. When asked about his tricks he simply replied "i would rather show than tell", so 5A players, watchout!

The ellusive Augie Fash.... Well we are not sure what to say here. There were reports of him in Mexico for the Mexican Nationals, where he reverted to his alias 'ELYOYO', but after that he has gone underground. Perhaps someone can fill us in with the details? Maybe you can look here

Now across the Pacific to Mr John Ando, who has been studying hard. John will NOT be using his seed at Japan nationals (won early this year when he won the East Japan Regional Contest). Instead he will be focusing on competing at the US Nationals in October! To do this John will need to attend a US regional event and win a seed. Johns current yo-yo of choice is the 401SD using a full recess with 1 thin silicone sticker over sanded starburst. John is also involved in testing the LOOP720 due for release MAY!

Cherry, Luke, shoutout to you, we know your there we just havnt got any goss from you lately!


YoYoPeople April 16

John Higby does amazing art.

Shawn Garcia takes amazing photos!


The yo-yo, the YoYoPeople 888, is coming soon to


Skyline bling April 16

Photo and yo-yo: Pol0

 X yo-yos X*3 bearings April 12

 YoYonation has a great thread here.

It started with Bemis needing a new case.

photo Bemis.

Then Tanner (aka Turbolover) stepped up with his collection

photo Turbolover


 Where will it end? Well with 888s it is about to slow. The YoYoPeople 888 (shown below) due to drop soon at yoyonation is the last 888 release coming to the US in the near future with the last LE of the run coming to the Japan Nationals in May.


April 5 update

Inspired by THIS THREAD the 888 page will get a long awaited update with all known 888 variants listed with approx # produced.

It is one of those proud times G5, 888 and GM2 are all available at your favourite retail store!

A big thankyou to all who bought a CELTIC 888 from The response has been fantastic and a big thanks also to, who are only the 3rd party (after John Higby and Jason Lee to provide their own full art for an 888. Last time I checked a couple were left, so if you still have not got one and want one, more quickly!

Clifford Ball, who I had the pleasure of meeting at MA States, is magic with a Velocity and some colors!

A tentitive release date for the Loop 720 has been set... for the Weekend MAY 10 2008. This is subject to change and may only be a prototype release... but its the current target!



Coming April 1 2008 will today unveil its first YoYoFactory colaboration.


Released 10am GMT April 1 2008

more information




 eight8eight 08 specs, beadblasted.

Restocks coming Mar 14 

The Aqua 888 is back! Upgraded alloy, beadblasted finish and new graphics give a new edge to a modern classic!

New G5s 7075 alloy in raw, black and red annodize built with Zstacks (regular stacks included).

Ask your local store when to expect them in!


Peir Pressure Mar 10

Sunday the 9th of March The West Coast Yo-Yo contest went down under the warm California sun @ Redondo Peir. While the nearby Festival of the Kite was plagued by light winds, the yo-yo players rejoiced! The typical contest format was thrown out the window as a festival atmosphere developed infront of large crowds on the Peir.  The Pro freestyle performances had the crowd gasping!

Pro Freestyle:

1st Farrah Seigel

2nd Ryan Gee

3rd Grant Johnson /Dylan Benharris

Rookie Freestyle:

Jacob, Gary, Cornin, Joseph and Alex were all Champs !

Buddha Sleeper Contest:

Yoshi Mikamotu is the NEW World record holder for Buddha sleeper with a time of 10 minutes and 10 seconds set OUTDOORS!

F.A.S.T. Challenge

Grant Johnson defeated Dylan Benharris for $100 cash!

G.5 Throwdown

Mcleod Benson narrowly defeatedHassaan warren to prove he was #1 with the mini yo-yo!






PAUL WINS mar 10

YoYoFactory Junior Team Member Paul Kerbel is the 2008 Mexican National Champion.

Going down to the wire, only 2 points seperated the top 2 place getters! Check back here for a full contest report from YoYoFactory Contest Team Member Augie Fash who travelled to Mexico for the event.

Loop 720 and Catch 22 revealed Mar 1

Ma State contest gave many players their first look and try of the newest YoYoFactory offerings. As expected, most people were suitably impressed. Unfortunately the Allyoyo test session today will not be happening but everything is ready for Redondo Peir on the 9th.

Schedule of Events for this event coming soon.

First online picture of a Catch 22 prototype HERE. Some minor changes are still being taken but this shows the concept.


Missing something?

GM2 Premium BLACK

G5 7075 


Jason Lee 888

Catch 22 and you. feb18

There will be no jewels, no coatings for shine, no excessive art, no over the top package, no overcomplicated parts. The only expectation you should have is for performance.

And you are invited to make your own opinions with test drives prototype of the Catch-22 and the Loop 720 at:

MA States Feb 25

Allyoyo class Chandler AZ March 1

West Coast yo-yo Contest March 9

Are you Crazy?feb16


To many the concept of a $100  yo-yo is crazy. This point of crazy is about to be tested by TWO new releases coming from YoYoFactory.

The 'ultimate yo-yo' is a concept that passes and changes over time. For the longest time the ultimate yo-yo was made of wood, then plastic  and then metal. The quest to find it may have included scouring antique stores, toy stores and magazines looking for that 'something better'. That search is much easier today but it still exists. Buying, frequent disapointments and the odd satisfaction. Until recently few could claim their ultimate yo-yo would perform that way straight out of the pack. They required knowledge and tuning or modification. Recently we think we have been close to delivering many peoples ultimate yo-yo. We created something our Team players could play stock with and win World and National Titles and in a retail sense, was only rivaled in sales by our other designs. So, from the top, there was only one place to go right?

Correct, off the charts.

Frills? none.

Performance.... also off the charts.

The downside, it costs some, and then some.

The decision you will face is what is it worth to you?  You would be crazy not to want the ultimate yo-yo, but you would also be crazy to pay $500 or even $375 for a yo-yo.

That's the Catch-22, and it is coming soon.


What is Love? feb14 


Enough with the flowers, ribbons, balloons candy and teddy bears! Celebrate the HATE in the world this Valentines day with YoYoFactory. 13 HATE HATE HATE eight8eights have been produced to support one of yo-yos most controversial figures, BOXTHOR (aka HATEthor). For all the trash talking he does he does the community great service in getting quality contest footage online with amazing speed. Money raised in the sale of these yo-yos will go to improving his camera quiver meaning better footage for his lovers and haters.


08 888 Black annodized. Black and green hubstacks (1 set of each) included. Limited to 13 pieces. SOLD OUT




changing it up feb9

With YoYoFactory halting the release of 'revolution #9' some enery has been put into two new and exciting projects.

After years of development, Loop720® is close to seeing the light of day! Confidence in the current prototype is high enough that samples are being distributed to team members over the coming weeks to get some serious hands on testing.

The next project is Catch22™ which in early prototype stages, is giving the impression that people may have to reasses their understanding of the limits of a modern yo-yo performance. This is some serious stuff.


Other things coming....

Jason Lee 888 @ YoYoNation

Beadblasted Purple 08 888 (Large bearing) @

Premium Gm2 Green @ Spingear

White SpeedDial @

More of our most popular yo-yo in 2007... the G5!


Did you miss....

GM2 Premium @

Champagne GM2 @

401SD in PURPLE, RED and BLUE @


If you missed the small bearing skyline at YoYoNation, sorry, but there are not any more :(


coming events feb9

Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championship Feb 23

YoYoFactory are proud to sponsor the event and will be making some cool stuff available for purchase at the event.

Mass States Feb 24

YoYoFactory will be sponsoring the 2A division (we think?). Hopefully someone playing with LOOP720 ;)


WestCoast Yo-Yo Contest Mar 9

YoYoFactory will be hosting the yo-yo fun all day on the Pier!

There will be yo-yo activities for all ages and skill levels with fun events including:

  • F.A.S.T. Challenge
  • Buddha Sleeper Contest
  • Freestyle with a Twist
  • Lessons for beginners
  • Introduction of the Loop720 by YoYoFactory

There will also be some interesting new YoYoFactory product available so plan your trip to the beach NOW.

Want to send Augie Fash to Mexico? feb 6

We do too!

To support Augies travels to this years Mexican national Yo-Yo Contest where he can inspire the current crop of Mexicos finest players YoYoFactory has reached WAY back in the vault to dig up a couple (2) mint-in-pack unreleased OCHO 8 OCHO 888s.

These are SOLD.





G5 in purple and blue now at yoyonation.

Premium Gm2 jan 29

Back in black and in hot demand! The premium Gm2 has SOLD OUT rapidly at every store released  worldwide and TODAY YoYoNation will be releasing the last bound for USA stores. Also checkout their uber limited G5s (also due to drop today/tonight!) In the UK they are instock at RIGHT NOW.

Gm2s on the left<-

This weekend jan 28

JASON LEE will be at The Southern California Yo-Yo Championships 2008

Location: The River, in Ranch Mirage, CA (outside Palm Springs)
Date: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008.


Checkout jan 26

These skyline Vids!~


Yuuki by Miggy

David Ung (should be called Davie?)

And the Official word is MORE Skylines coming soon to YoYonation!

401SD $87.99 at


Skyline by YoYoFactory for YoYoNation

Jan 14

The process...
G5 lead to eight8eight and also spurred into G5+ and Gm2.Experiments with 'highwall' and in exotic finishing and recent advances with the 08 888 also added to the knowledge base to bring Skyline to you, the player.

The stats...
weight       63.5gm
width         39.5mm
diameter    50mm
gap            4.8mm

The red skyline comes with a unique precision texture finish which allows us to increase grinding potential on the rim while keeping the extra friction away from the string.

The result...
A fast moving extremely stable player. The stability at speed gives it appeal to a range of players, obviously it is manouverable and nible through technical tricks but it will also hold plain for flash tricks including CW play.
If you do not know what makes a yo-yo smooth, this will show you. If you already do, you know to expect nothing but the best.


Contest Results

Jan 14


Recent YoYoFactory Contest Team recruit John Ando DOMINATED the East Japan regional event held in Tokyo on Jan 5 using a Grind Machine 2. This is easily Japans most competitive region and John showed he has what it takes to be a force in the single A scene. Despite winning a seed into the Japan Nationals even John will be opting to compete at the US nationals instead (he is a US citizen going to school in Japan) which is exciting because it means he will be back for a regional event looking for a US seed! Central Japan regionals were held Jaunrary 12 with Shinya Kido taking the title using an eight8eight. second place was 2 time world champion and professional Yo-Stick demonstrator Hiroyuki Suzuki. Third was Shinyas brother Kengo Kido using G5+.

2008 East japan Regionl 1A John Ando




The contest season is yet to hit full swing but the East coast warmed up to the East Coast Classic!

YoYoFactory Contest Team member Kentaro Kimura was unchallenge for the 3A title and still put on a show for the audience.




Jan 8


Support Pro Division!

60 for $60

Samples of a never to be released 60gm eight8eight will be available at ECC this weekend at the bargain price of $60.

The finish isnt perfect, the bearing isnt the highest grade, but it is $60 and $10 from every yo-yo sold goes to the prize pool for 1A and 5A, so get 2 or 3.

Also at ECC see WHITE SPEEDDIALS, and try a 401SD!

2008 is here, let's look at 2007

Jan 3 2008

2007 was a huge year by anyones standards.

It started with the G5 dec 26 2006. This yo-yo influenced modders, players other manufacturers and inspired players world wide. It was also our #1 selling metal yo-yo of 2007. Players stepped up in our G5 Trickedout Video contest and enjoyed the benifits of the Top Tip and T-stack kits and later in the year with the Z-stacks. The Sabotage and Elite editions remain valued collectables and further increased the G5 legend. While not currently in production expect to see a small release of G5s in Janurary at YoYoNation and a potential player signature collaboration coming later in the year.

While the G5 was being developed a wider 'brother' was also in development. The first sign of this was the Grind Mutant 2 shown in Janurary. The commercial version of this was the Grind Machine 2 released in March.  The design had a few bugs leading to a higher return rate but it had performance off the charts. It was re-released later in the year with all the bugs removed and is still one of the best players on the market with a loyal following. In 2008 the GM2 is still in production with a Premium edition due for release late Janurary.

The G5 had as many haters as it had fans. The unconventional styling was adored by early addaptors but others were looking for something more traditional player, including YoYoFactory Contest team members. So as soon as the G5 production began, design work started on a more traditional shaped hubstack yo-yo. During the G5 production we also discovered 'smooth' something few manufacturers had. So we put it all together, hubstacks, smooth, conventional shape... then implemented an international marketing plan to promote it abroad while the US focused on the G5. Videos from France and the Czech republic preceeded the yo-yo launch which occured simultaniously in Europe and Asia with a very limited North American release at BAC, a contest won using the new yo-yo, know by the name of 'Eight8eight'. It became a hit with players and collectors world wide. Limited supply frustrated no one more than the team at YoYoFactory who fought to keep the performance standards to the highest level. But the commitment to quality paid off. YoYoFactory Contest Team players selected it as their weapon of choice, independant players selected it as well. Letters of appreciation were, well appreciated, in LARGE volumes. The standard Aqua blue became common in videos and the Limited editions flowed, Higby, Steve Brown, Augie, Yuuki, Jason Lee, Cherry Player editions and color and themes like Shadow and Stealth, Aussie Gold got into even more hands. Everyone has a favourite, and they kept coming. Quality control was the only factor limiting supply and this was again pushed higher in December 07 with the re-designed and upgraded 08 888. The 08 design will continue to be available in 2008 with the aqua color coming back as well as more limited editions. Look out for the Yuuki world champion edition, Yuuki USA champion edition, a collaboration with YoYoPeople and more!

While the eight8eight became the flagship yo-yo the G5 line expanded with the G5+ and later the mini G.5. These further enhanced the reputation of YoYoFactory as a producer of yo-yos to suit the skill and style of the worlds best players.

While this revolution in metal yo-yos was occuring, development of the F.A.S.T. line was also occuring. The F.A.S.T. 201 was repackaged for the US market and the Flymaster was changed into the Offstring. Numerous design changes have been made and in 08 expect to see a spacer/new axle combination in the Offstring to offer a more reliable performance. The SPEEDDIAL was released in August as an affordable metal yo-yo with the patented adjustable FAST technology previously only seen in the 401k of 2005. The SpeedDial has also undergone a few small tweaks for 2008 and now comes with a wider string gap to cater to an even wider range of players. In December the VELOCITY joined the SpeedDial in using this technology and the 401SD offered a precision metal version also. The success of this technology ensures the Velocity, SpeedDial and 401 will be a big part of YoYoFactory in 2008. Expect all these designs in new packaging very early in the year!

YoYoFactory Contest Team

Members achievements this year were highlighted by the dominance of Yuuki Spencer winning BAC, US Nationals and the World Championship. Vashek Kroutil defended his Czech national Champion title and also put on an impressive display taking 12th place in the world contest. With his brother Ondrej they Vashek made many friends on his travels to the World and Internatonal Contest in New York. They were also gracious hosts to new YoYoFactory Contest Team member Cherry from Russia on his travels to Prague and put out great videos like A REVOLUTION IN PRAGUE . Vashek also had a win at OFYC 3 (open freestyle yoyo contest) and OFYC 4, a second on NYC (north yoyo contest) and a 2nd at German masters (+ guest and judge on french yoyo contest).... Phew, Thats a big year!  Despite increased study requirements, Augie Fash remained a highlight at contests taking 4th in single A and US nationals and 7th in both worlds and nationals in 5A. His ability to lodge yo-yos in the lighting fitures at the world contest made his performance even more memorable. He also put in a stellar performance in the Autism Society of America Freestyle. He also dropped...MOTION SICKNESS .

With eyes to the future, YoYoFactory formed a Junior Team.

Foundation members Paul Kerbel (Mexico), John Chow, David Ung and Yuji Kelly (UK) have all released numerous videos and are enthusiastically preparing for the 08 Contest season.

In 2008 look for the development of a European Contest Team!

It aint about to stop spinning yet....



401SD now available

Almost closed for the holidays... and so happy about it!

Image by spingear

Quick news:

401sd WILL be available Dec 26. Infact, they ship from the factory today.


Body- Precision Machined High Grade Aluminum
Coat- Anodize colors: October Red, Cold War Gray, Clear....(and present danger)
Diameter- 56mm
Width- 40mm
Bearing- 5mmX10mmX4mm Dorothy
Response- F.A.S.T. 400 Series Fully ADJUSTABLE Starburst Technology.
Extras- Dec 26 release set comes with a set of spare plastic dial parts and shuttles PLUS a set of rubber shuttles.
Colors- October Red for the revolution

Velocity Statement part II.

A day of testing has revealed the issue with the string slipping on the velocity is cause by a number of factors.
Specifically, round edged bearings, yo-yos not tightened fully, thin strings and a round edge in the yo-yo body where there should have been a square.
So, what we will be doing....
All retailers will be contacted and advised of the situation and will be recommended to inform customers that use with anything less than type 8 string may cause slipping.
Customers who have reported the problem will be advised of this remedy and be offered immediate refund on return of the product or replacement will be sent to them at no cost as soon as the parts become available. Modified product should also be on the shelf by the end of Janurary.

To tell you the scale of the problem, under 10 people have reported the problem via email. While we expect there are more people who have had trouble and not yet reported it (or waiting for santa to deliver their Velocitys) it is not a problem we expect every player to have.

For further information or to advise me of your problems,

Thanks for your support on this matter and for general in 2007.

yoyofactoryben is invisible  


VELOCITY statement

It has been brought to our attention today that a small number of people have experienced an issue with their Velocity, specifically, the string slipping off the bearing at the deepest recessed setting. We are actively working on a reliable solution to this,  BUT DO NOT FEAR, this will not render your Velocity idle while we devise/implement a solution. To minimise the potential for this to occur: use a thicker string. The most common instance for this occuring is using a poly string, which may even be melting the yo-yo! slick 6 would be better, any type 8 is a sure fix. Also play with the starburst raised slightly will prevent this from occuring.
These are by no-means permanent solutions and we are working on that. If you have experienced this problem with your Velocity please email me at and let me know as I have no idea of the scale of this issue. IF there is cause, and that is a big if, YoYoFactory will halt sales of the yo-yo and deal with all customers on an individual basis to ensure their satisfaction, but at that stage we do not feel this problem is common enough to warrant this action.


POLY STRING does not appear to be the friend of this yo-yo! Before any action is taken some reasrch and testing will be done... stay tuned.


Cherry took fourth! The but dominated as part of Realista Rails! Check them out onon Myspace  

eight8eight + Velocity + news + rumours

  • Eight8eights are restocking at stores to make sure everyone gets what they want this holidays!
  • YoYoGuy has the final G5+ release of 07
  • F.A.S.T. Velocity will be shipping from all stores by Monday

And now rumours of the new F.A.S.T. 401? Friday Myspace fiends can get facts at Speculation is at .

Congrats to Hadrien for reclaiming his French National title last weekend. Freestyle vid coming soon. This weekend is Russian nationals. GOODLUCK CHERRY!

Some ultra huge YoYoFactory Contest Team signing announcements are going to be made over the holidays as well as the development of a new team. Stay tuned for that information.

I got more to tell you... but its bed time....






Shipping Monday

  • eight8eight (08) LARGE BEARING
  • eight8eight (08) SMALL BEARING
  • F.A.S.T. Velocity
  • G5+ Stealth ( exclusive)


08 888 UPDATE

These things are F-I-N-E.

Shipping Monday in both SMALL and LARGE bearing. This will be the first small bearing eight8eight release ever to make it to stores.


            YoYoFactory  08 888
Weight (g)   64.50 
Width (mm)   41.5
Diameter (mm)   50.5 
Gap Width (mm)   4.9
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width in mm)   6x13x5  AND 5x10x4
Gap Type   Fixed 
Stock Response System    Silicone O-pad

So what changed for this year?

Material changed, we stepped up an alloy grade, then we changed our machining process to offer a high lustre finish. It isn't all about grinds you know (but if you insist a tutorial on finishing your 08 888 is coming too). The axles is stainless, and a spare axle is included in the box. Its a floating axle, no need to centre, no need for loctite or glues. The total weight has not changed much at all, but everyone who tried it comments on how it is heavier, this is all in the weight distribution, which is futher improved. The new hubstacks are polycarbonate and a little lighter too.

Spare Axle, pair of cotton gloves, 888 button, Highlight string, 2 spare o-rings

Final G5+ for 07 is...

 Stealth G5+ Available soon from .

Videos you should have watched


David Ung (YoYoFactory Junior Team)


John Chow (YoYoFactory Junior Team)


Three Blue Shirts This isnt 'new' but somehow i missed it!



 F.A.S.T. Velocity

Here it is...
Born from a failed project to release an all plastic yo-yo the dial technology was salvaged and put on a metal body. In 2005 YoYoFactory released its first Fully Adjustable Starburst Technology yo-yo, the F.A.S.T. 401k. This yo-yo went on to become a hit for YoYoFactory, discontinued only so YoYoFactory could pursue other innovations. Now the Dial has turned. Adjustable is BACK!

  • 63gm
  • 35mm wide
  • 55mm tall
  • 5x10x4mm bearing
  • Available in Flourecent Yellow and Green with dorothy bearing
  • Available in Black, White, Clear, and with fluro accents with stainless steel bearing
  • All come standard with a spare set of RUBBER response shuttles to offer even more response options
  • Made in the USA


Shipping Dec 1

John Higby is a gentleman

19 Nov 07

John Higby came by the Factory last week and graced us with his presence. He has an art exhibit in Arizona Museum For Youth if your in the area to checkout. Where here he got to play with all the new toys. Checkout his video it is cool :)


Last seen escaping a Jail in Panama...

19 Nov 07


Have you seen this man? Since winning the 2007 US national championship single A title for the second time and securing his second world title Yuuki Spencer has spent his time here there and everywhere. He traded his Cali status for some time in Vegas, was spotted in Arizona and now some time in Texas is on the cards? Will it be good times or hard time? With a head like that I would say the later.....


19 Nov 07

New color tomorow....with specs.


Spain says...

19 Nov 07

This Vid is fresh.  Too many freestyle videos are about the tricks not the show. this is all fo sho!


Picture of the year contender?

19 Nov 07


Check it at YOYONATION


Czech Yo'self.

 19 Nov 07

2006 Czech National Champion Václav Kroutil has gone back-to-back and has done it again! Vashek made many fans worldwide with his videos Fast 201 and A REVOLUTION IN PRAGUE  plus even more friends on his trip to Orlando and New York this year for the World Contest and Internationals. Pictures and videos coming soon..

Final G5 of 07

19 Nov 07

The Five5five is a legit eight8eight knock-off. It is also a G5. Get it at


Contest Team G.5 available at

Grind Machine 2 now at:

Bird in Hand (who snuck out some Stealth 888 but quickly sold out this week)

Sunshine Kites

Mitchells DE

Factory Buzz

NOV 13 2008

Lots of cool things happening, heres an update....

  •  John Higby touched down in Arizona tonight for a quick visit of the YoYoFactory in cation. Tomorrow he is scheduled to see bothplastic and metal production facilities and may even sit in on a design session and if he is lucky, see some prototypes for the future.
  • Have you seen Yuuki Spencer? He is a man of the world, so much so no-one can find him :)
  • This weekend Official F.A.S.T. Velocity pictures will be posted. There will be 2 versions,  with the difference being the 1st will come with a Dorothy bearing in Fluro colors+ all white. The second version with a standard stainless bearing in a range of colors. Both versions will come with a set of rubber 'Tractor' shuttles for more response options.
  • This weekend is Czech nationals. Big shoutout to Vashek who is looking to devend his title. Vashek recently took 2nd place at the German masters contest.
  • The Grind Machine 2 is due to hit stores this week! keep an eye out for your store to put up the FOR SALE sign.
  • Also keep a lookout for the new YoYoGuy/Infinite Illusions catalouge. For the first time YoYoFctory will be revealing a new product IN PRINT with the catalouge showing pictures of the 08 888 in all its glory! Also checkout Yuuki Spencer on the cover.
  • We just saw pictures of a manufacturer trying to cash in on the looks and styling of the 888 and the G5... IN THE ONE YO-YO!  Its a classic, pictures also coming soon.
  • Check David UNG here


Gm2 pre-order up at

Wanna see the newest 888?

NOV 10 2008

The new Infinite Illusions print catalouge will be your first place to see it. The catalouge will be shipping to all of their customers next week. Also check out YoYoFactory Contest Team member World and National Champion Yuuki Spencer on the cover!

Grind Machine 2 is BACK

NOV 9 2008

now shipping from

Available next week from

Also shipping soon to:


The Grind Machine 2 is a full body yo-yo design with a play feel unmatched by any yo-yo. The best thing you can do is give the GM2 a try, good chance is you will be hooked. True to the form of Project Red Alert the GM2 defys the trend of undersized by coming big and bold!  Its size and weight (66.5gm) create a very deliberate player, which will encourage smoother play. The response  groove is identical to the 888 with a silicone o-pad filling the void. Stock issue stainless bearings all round you are in for a real playing joy.

NOTE: some color variance in the product is to be expected.


News not good... but there is light!

NOV 1 2008

YoYoFactory are extremely disappointed to announce the 888 restock has hit a major snag with quality concerns causing the pending 888 aqua release to be cancelled. No store orders will not be filled. None. This is very disapointing to us but necessary.

While this sounds like the end of the earth, there is some good news. Because of this situation YoYoFactory will be bringing forward the release of the Grind Machine 2 AND the 08 888.

Which brings us to the question... what is the 08 888? The eight8eight has been fairly well recieved, and we plan to continue making it (although that is proving easier said than done lately :( ) so we took a look at it, gathered feedback, and formulated how to make it better. These refinements will be seen in the 08 888.

So what dates are we talking about?

  • Grind Machine 2 shipping 14-16 Nov
  • 08 888 Nov 21

08 pictures dropping this week.


Looking for a beater or a player?


NOV 1 2008

This is an auction by YoYoFactory for a YoYoFactory 888w. This yo-yo was returned to YoYoFactory and is NOT in mint condition. As seen by the photos, there are cosmetic variations (picture captures them better than the eye) ALSO one of the hubstack bearings is a little loose which is most noticable when spinning at High speeds. The yo-yo itself plays pretty nicely. Not the best thing ever made but better than 90% of all other yo-yos.

The item is sold as is with not warranties or returns available.

The 888w was made by YoYoFactory and sold at YoYoNation where it sold out in under 24 =hrs. There were under 50 pieces available.

The retail price was $100. At this auction with the faults described you get to decide what it is worth to you. Some player may get a bargain or someone may fill that whole in their collection.

Payment by paypal only. Shipping worldwide.



Happy Halloween

oct 31 2007


The 'jasonleejasonleejasonlee' eight8eight features art from Usa National Champion, Trick Innovator of the Year award winning all round tough guy JASON LEE. This is a HIGHWALL eight8eight a touch narrower and lighter than regular eight8eights but with the added stability of a higher vertical face. The hubstack post is aqua blue with a black double-dip annodize on the rest of the body.

Until stocks last or MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME

So whats next?

oct 30 2007

The eight8eight restocks hit a little snag this week with a vendor delay on bearings... but they are coming

A restock of the clasic Aqua 888 will then be shipping to:

  • yoyonation
  • spingear
  • yonjoy
  • Bird in Hand

(any retailer not listed will need to contact me to correct their omission )

But there will be more....

If there was a low point in the year it was the design flaw people discovered in their Grind Machine 2. While most of these have been replaced by now, YoYoFactory is still accepting returns ( And the good news, IT'S BACK !

Re-designed, stronger Grind Machine 2s is here....

Released at TODAY and shipping to Spingear next week (in a different shade of green) it is just 2 weeks from shipping to Enlish speaking stores.

The Grind Machine 2 offers a full sized body and stability with ALL YoYoFactory Hustacks! This re-release gives the Grind Machine 2 the chance to become the legend it should be. As with the original Grind Machine and Grind Machine 2 there may be some variance in color (lighter/darker patches of green. BANG ON!




888 Restocks  continue

Oct 26 2007

YoYoNation had their turn earlier this week when 45 Aqua High wall 888w came and went in under 24hrs. Next drop is set for early next week when they offer a couple of very unique 888s. A small bearing high wall 888 will be available (shown below).

This is the narrowest 888 ever produced. It plays very different to a regular 888 with dual Ghost pad response and a small bearing set up it suits a smoother more developed player, rather than one looking for the big gap at catch to make tricks easier. 25 pieces total. will also be offering a bundle set of a white wall all grey 888 with 100 of their exclusive grey poly string. Both of these yo-yos are not expected to stay in stock long.

A big restock is also coming to who will be getting an exclusive range of colors including the white wall red, gold and purple. will also be getting the first look at a re-released classic (which will be the topic of a big news release here in coming weeks!). Gyroscope were the coolest place to be earlier this month when they celebrated the addition of Cherry to the YoYoFactory Contest Team with the release of the Cherry 888 (thats it on left picture by Walter).

A restock of the clasic Aqua 888 will then be shipping to:

  • yoyonation
  • spingear
  • yonjoy
  • Bird in Hand

(any retailer not listed will need to contact me to correct their omission )


Did someone say an Augie Fash G5+? well they didn't but they can start talking about it because it has happened! 100 pieces produced available at YOYONATION soon. The G5+ design has been altered a little to futher suit Augie's style, gone are the Ghost Pads and in come an 888 sized groove with the new silicone 888 O-pad. Keep an eye on for details.


Ready Set...

Oct 21 2007

Most amazing yoyo contest footage ever?

888 restocks start shipping Monday, will take some time but coming to all stores

Is that a chill? Not for long....

Oct 17 2007

Do you feel the chill in the air? The seasons are changing and instead of getting cold..... things are about to get HOT.

Here is the menu:


The newest Hubstack Upgrade. Shipping to store October (thats NOW)

F.A.S.T. Velocity

New adjustable all plastic F.A.S.T. yo-yo. Shipping to stores November.,


A LE colorways for October and November (one each month).


image from Bird in Hand


A LE colorways for October and November (one each month).

888w Highwall

A few of these will make their way into stores. Like the PPK experiment before it, this is just a test...

Here is an highwall 888

Image by yoyojoee at


Restocks of our hottest yo-yo are long overdue.... but we are making sure the wait is worth it.

888 LE

Jason Lee and Yuuki Spencer 888s will both drop over the next 6 weeks. For news how and where check this site!

YoYoFactory will also be upgrading a few of their favourite designs for 2008 (look for them sneaking out late 07) plus as usual, we have something ALL NEW for 08.




Oct 13 2007

looking at this Chinese rip-off, I'd say they wish they could make 888s. But they can't. They think its about hubstacks?! How lame.

You know whats lamer?American manufacturers planning 888 clones. I'd be embarrassed to be involved with that company.


Yuuki V G.5

Oct 13 2007

Round 1

Round 2

Read the fine print...

Oct 13 2007

Nationals Pictorials

Oct 08 2007

Augie Fash by oldyoyoguy at yoyoingnews Note the RED G5+ available at

ChicoER has some event photos

Sarah Jones has a Aussie Gold 888w

and took some real fine photos here. A few teasers of her work here.


Yuuki came and spent some time at YoYoFactory in the week leading up to nationals. This green one was the first yo-yo he ever built. 100% stock.

Doc pop ran a great phtoblog at the event you can see HERE amongst the things he snapped is this picture of what was attached to Jason Lees finger...


A huge set is posted online here by michelle

highlights include Miggy rocking something from the future

and Augie tossing the red G5+ available at



Nationals over/ Shanghai Childrens Expo over... time to catch up

Oct 08 2007

It is 08/08/07, close to the perfect day! Back at YoYoFactory things are anything but! A good week of catchup is needed with the dust needing to settle to reveal when the newest releases will drop.


A weary Yuuki Spencer spent the day laying VERY low after finishing off the perfect Single A season. Perhaps the lure of a trip to the arcade to play Street Figher will break the post contest blues. A surprisingly peppy Patrick Mitchell flew into LAX after rocking it hard performing for the masses in Shanghai. Jason Lee reportedly fell asleep in his bubble bath late last night and has not been heard from since.

And in the office the email tally is 500 deep, so a little patience is needed.

Rumour has it BIRD IN HAND completely sold out of Z-Stacks, which were a surprise hit at nationals. More are in production now and will be shipping to all good stores real soon.

YoYoNation is almost out of its Special Edition G5 so move now or miss out.

YoYoguy also listed a red G5+ this was the same color Augie Fash rocked in his 4th place at Nationals single A.

back to the grind....




Run and won! To chants of "SPEED" Yuuki Spencer again proved to mighty taking home his SECOND USA National Title. Rocking a unique Green 888 Yuuki performed a modified version of his World Title winner freestyle to become 3rd only National/World champion in Single A history.


More details to follow....





YoYofactory Contest Team arrived a day early to settle into the Holiday Inn (AKA the epicentre of modern yo-yoing in the Americas this weekend). Yuuki Spencer has been focusing his efforts on 4A and tonight it will be on show with the prelim rounds.

Tomorrow things hit full gear in 5A with Augie Fash taking on the big guns of 5A. The other name to check out is Miguel Correa who will be out to teach the string pulling 'Step Yo Game Up' crowd a thing about 5A. John Huber (the original #1) also has something special to show you so dont miss that.

YoYoFactory is also close to signing one of the HOTTEST single A players in the world. A multiple time national champion with the freshest bag of tricks..... stay tuned for an announcement...

Bird In Hand is stocking Z stacks, the 'Hands off G5s', now dubbed 'Prison Breaks' by team members, as well as some of the new 888s, so get on down there.

Away fromt he contest, Infinite illusions/ is now stocking the Gpoint5!


gotta run...

Wanna see something new?

 Oct 3 2007

Guess you should come to Chico this weekend. YoYoFactory will be dropping the next generation hubstack, the Z-stack!

Designed to play in either a G5, G5+ or 888 the Z-stack makes yo-yo catches easier. IT SHOULD BE NOTED CAPS SPINNING AT DIFFERENT SPEEDS WILL CAUSE VIBRATIONS TO DEVELOP IF YOU LET THE YO-YO SPIN WITHOUT USING THE STACKS ON YOUR 888. If you understand what full stacks are about, this shouldnt be a problem. So far these are HOURS old and testing has been limited, but the appear great on G5s, and 888s so long as you understand the above disclaimer.

Available BIH FRIDAY.

YoYoFactory is officially closed until next Tuesday. Email will be answered then. Apologies for being human.

Tease picture...


 US National Yo-Yo Contest Releases

 Oct 2 2007

These will all be available at Bird In Hand Chico California Saturday Oct 6th when the doors open at 10am. No reservations will be taken. There may be some others added, which will be available at the same time. Numbers will be limited, so if you can wake up early, consider camping out.

Also on display will be a Collection of 888s YoYofactory is donating to The National Yo-Yo Museum valued at over $1500.

You will also get a chance to see the new F.A.S.T. VELOCITY, the new improved F.A.S.T. Offstring (due for release in 2008) and your first peek at the Yuuki Spencer and Jason Lee Signature Edition 888s.


US National Yo-Yo Contest Releases

Sept 22 2007

Bird in Hand, the long time host of the US National Yo-Yo Contest will be the ONLY place in Chico this coming weekend to get your YoYoFactory Yo-Yos including some previously unseen releases

Check back here tomorrow for pictures and details

Also on display will be a collection of previous and soon to be released 888s


Yuuki Spencer 2007 World Champion

 Sept 26 2007

Check it out. Yuuki will be throwing this at the coming US National Yo-Yo Contest proudly sponsored by YoYoFactory.

The AYYA will be making their 2007 Yo-Yo of the Year available to their members. Here it is....

Details on how to get HERE


Speaking of the National Yo-Yo Contest, YoYoFactory Contest Team will be repped by YUUKI SPENCER in 4A and 1A and AUGIE FASH in 5A and 1A. Also attending will be former national champion and current contest team member Jason Lee. While this is going on, YoYoFactory will also be repping at the Shanghai International Children's Expo with YoHans and Patrick Mitchell performing on the main stage dialy. Their choregraphed routine features some of the biggest and most extreme tricks ever (think 20ft strings and multiple yo-yos in action)... so if you are in Shanghai, check it out, or atleast go to watch the pig sports at the event!

YoYoFactory Junior Team

 Sept 22 2007

With over 60 applicants from 10 nations the selection of the initial members of the Junior Team proved to be quite the task.  While it would be simple to select players based on contest results we were looking for something more…. and in every player selected it was something different.  One thing all the players selected showed was a commitment, not just a passing desire, to be in yo-yo for the long run, and to make it better for their involvement. So today the inaugural FOUR members of the Juniour Team will be announced BUT be advised, we are STILL considering players who applied and constantly looking for new members. Even if you have applied already, don’t be afraid to drop me an email ( to let me know what you are upto and how bad we screwed up by not adding you to the team already :) . As a thanks to all those who applied we will be sending out a token of our appreciation.


So here they are, the first 4....



Mr Paul Kerbel

Age: 12

Mexco City, Mexico

Being a  junior world record holder (ELI HOPS: 102, Junior, Paul Kerbel, Mexico, 12, Yo-Yo Factory G5 Plus) Video star and seasoned competitor

1st place 1A at 2006 Winter Championship on December 2006
2nd place 1A at 2007 Mexican Nationals on March 2007  
1st place 1A at 2007 Summer Championship on July 2007
41th place at 1A wyyc 2007

Paul Kerbel has the skills to be part of any team but it is the  attitude and willingness to share his skills and experiences with others that have gained him a spot here. He has a big future in yo-yo and hopefully a long association with YoYoFactory is born!


David Ung

Age: 15

Los Angeles, California, United States

Made a big name for himself by taking 2nd in the region at South West Regionals (4th overall) against some stiff competition. His videos show a fluid style with the potential for even bigger things. Check out VISAGE (  ) to see what I mean. His aims are to innovate, to inspire, to compete and to win. California has been home to more national champions than any other state, and this could be the next one.


Going International again with

Yuji Shimokawa Kelly

Age: 15

London, UK

Bucking the trend of bad teeth and the inability to read instructions the UK has produced Yuji, or Yoji as many know him, already has the contest results on the board (1st advanced division (1.5 min freestyle) GYYC 06, 4th SRC 06, 4th UK nationals 06).  His short term goals are simple…. beat simon welch and win uk nationals, after that who knows? We want to see it tho.



The bay areas' next big thing is…..

John Chow

Age: 14

San Jose, California, USA

San Jose is home to some of the best players in the world, John Chow shows there is even more of them comeing up. Making the finals at BAC this year, passing qualifing at worlds and recently 4th at Cal states John is about to bust into the big time. With ambition, drive and practice, in 2008 he will arrive! 

Check out  to see what the hype is about.



Again a big thanks to all the applicants and we look forward to keeping tabs on all of your yo-yo 'careers' and hope that some day we are announcing you to our contest team or inviting you as a professional on a promotion to some exotic land to teach the world how to yo-yo!



Mr Cherry

Sept 22 2007

Wanna see what YoYoFactory saw in a Russian player (enough to add him to their elite Contest Team?)


 Junior Team announced TODAY



888 Showcase

Sept 18 2007

This shot of Yuuki was taken during Yuukis 1 minute freestyle qualifier at worlds. Check it HERE (thanx Matt!). It was controlled and flawlessly executed.

The master of yoyo pictures is YoToy Aka Shawn Garcia. check his Steve Brown 888 shot.


The polished rims have been seen before but they look good enough to show again


Red made a surprise appearance at MAR!

Posted by David A. at theyo


Here it is in a set

 From David A. at  yoyonation


 From Nick at yoyoing

Then there is a WHOLE THREAD at theyo and finally this set from the Philippines spooted at Theyo.


And finally check out this shot from video wizzard ANAMORPHIC. Click on the picture for the full size screensaver version.


Grind Time

G5s are popping up again at all good retailers!

Check yoyonation, yoyoguy and SpinGear out for custom art and, theyostore, yoyocrazy,, out for the general release. The G5 is the ultimate stack playing yo-yo with the top tip elements being largely unexplored here is a big opportunity for players to make their name in the yo-yo scene with a little creativity and practice.

Entries have officially CLOSED for the Junior Team applications. Responses from the last batch of players seeking sponsorship are coming in right now with Team member invitations due out this weekend. Just because applications have closed doesnt mean you cant be a part of it, just become a star on yoyofactory product and let us know about it!

The US national contest is but weeks away.... Contest Team member Augie Fash kept his teeth sharp with a win at Caifornia states while Yuuki Spencer has been putting the finishing touches of his upcoming 888 edition. Get ready for some HEAT.

MAR was an 888 fiesta! Some RED 888s were for sale to a limited few and the 5A division boasted a prizepool unseen at any regional contest with 4 different small bearing 888s up for grabs (Steve Brown Black, Augie Fash, Shadow and Silver). Jon Rob brought the A game but all the players showed why Delaware is now considered the new home of 5A.

The delivery of special edition 888s to is still delayed! all apologies to players made to wait but it will be worth it!

An aqua restock is due within 2 weeks in American online stores.

Augie Fash looks good in magenta? If you know him, ask him if he does.


Thats all for now!~



Tuesday news

Sept 4 2007

Product availability

At and the 888s have all gone again :(, last I looked, had some and spingear just got restocked in Japan! The shipment to has been delayed.... but hopefully will get there soon :(


Are you coming up in the yo-yo world and have what it takes to make it BIG? YoYoFactory is looking for some junior ambassadors to join a new JUNIOR team it is putting together. YoYoFactory has PROS which go do promotions, a CONTEST TEAM which go kick it at events and the JUNIOR team will help younger players step into these.


Players who make our stuff look as good as we think it is! Players who are active and ambitious, getting themselves OUT THERE in person at contests or online. Looking for players UNDER 16, who currently ROCK yoyofactory products and who would like their case a little more pimped out by us.....


Sell yourself to us, tell us why we need you!

We do expect to hear from plenty of potential players who are good enough to be on the team but positions are limited.

If you are interested send an email to

and while Im here check out this collection at yoyonation. Its been a big day, pictures of some neat stuff TOMORROW!


Friday Tease

aug 31 2007

  • G5+ instock at yoyonation and
  • 888 instock at and
  • A European store is getting a signature 888 to celebrate the addition of a new team member... Images coming
  • YoYoFactory JUNIOR Team is COMING. For information on WHO is already onboard and how to apply check back here NEXT Friday
  • Original G5s, will ship within 10 days! Retailers dont fret, we will be taking orders next week, players get ready because these things are smooth as silk, spin for ever and have POWER!
  • YoYoFactory going to CHINA? You betcha! Stay tuned for the WHOS, WHARES and WHYS but YoYoFactory continues to spread GLOBAL!
  • Thats it for now. YoYoFactory will be empty over the holiday weekend, off to Vegas to watch Team USA sweep the Americas!


 .for a sneaky new release. The people who had golden tickets got to try it at Worlds, official announcement coming soon.

Where are the 888s? Dont worry, they're on their way. YoYoFactory has now restocked all its stores around the planet with eight8eights twice, the only problem is now we need to start again! So, don't fear, or settle for anything less!  As a twist to the 888 YoYoFactory have comissioned custom made pads to be made to FIT SILICONE GROOVED eight8eights! Proving they were ahead of the curve YoYoNation also offer a KENTARO pad to fit in eight8eights! This new pad is a silicone based material and will be available in stores within 10 days.


NY State contest looked hot Video so did these




YYF Premium Collection