eight8eight Gallery

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Original Aqua Eight8eight

Both BLACK and WHITE hubstacks were used

used by Yuuki Spencer to win 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest


Asian Edition eight8eight

Custom art and colors (Gold representing wealth and Red representing prosperity and happiness) adorn the Asia 888. 888 is also considered a desirable number in Chinese due the sounding of 8 being similar to prosperous and the added meaning of three repititions of this.

100 pieces released exclusively through Asian stores

European Edition eight8eight 

The Blue and Gold Europe eight8eight again features custom lazer art depicting the 12 stars of 'perfection and unity' found on the european union flag (which also gives the colors to the yo-yo). Total Production 80 pieces. Released exclusively through European stores


2007 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest/SPINGEAR


Built in PURPLE and SILVER to reflect the 2007 contest logo the 2007 Japan Nationals eight8eight came stock with T-Stacks attached from the factory with contest decals on both stacks. A SPINGEAR logo is also positioned on the purple rim. 66 released for sale, 6 awarded as prizes at the contest.

Also was imported into the USA as an aqua/purple however this combination was done by the store not the manufacturer


Ocho8Ocho Edition 

In a striking Red/Green annodize with white stacks the Ocoho8ochO was released on Cinco De Mayo and is was the first and scarcest regional release with only 50 pieces being produced.Other features include a custom made red/green/white G-String, custom themed lazer art (and bonus bandana!). Released  (May 5) at BAC, yoyo.com.mx  and at Mitchells Toys Train and Hobby.

Pre-release Silver 888

Black YoYoFactory Decals are the only branding on these first eight8eights. While 6 were sold at EYYM (April 2007) most were given away as samples or as replacements for broken Grind Machine 2s. Total production of approximately 30 pieces.



50 Pieces made for the Team and friends at www.allyoyo.com


Higby Eight8eight

120 piece run made in conjunction with yo-yo artist John Higby! 8 Pannels of comic art cover the rims and custom factory art on the hubs.


YoYoFactory Contest Team Eight8eight

  • small 5*10*4mm dorothy bearing and BORN CRUCIAL pad response standard
  • 75 piecs total


Augie Fash Eight8eight

  • 40 Piece run for YoYoFactory Contest Team Member Augie Fash.

Sold at events in California June 2007
  • small 5*10*4mm dorothy bearing and BORN CRUCIAL pad response standard
  • 50 Piece Large Bearing and PURPLE produced later in 2007



    SHADOW Eight8eight (bottom left)

    Small bearing Ghost Pad Hardcoat 888 with black on black lazer art

    70 pieces made 

    STEALTH Eight8eight (top right)

    Small bearing Ghost Pad Hardcoat 888 with minimal markings

    100 Pieces made


    Steve Brown Eight8eight

    Produced in BLACK and RED large bearing and released at 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest

    Dice Hubstacks to honnor Stve as the inventor of 5a/Counterweight

    Very Limited quantities of small bearing black also produced and ONE purple large bearing.

    Total production 100 pieces


    EDIT: September 2008: 22 additional pieces made to finish to fulfil royalties to Steve Brown. available @ www.shoparooni.com. These are original 07 blanks with identical art to the previous production run.



    CHERRY Eight8eight

    Produced for YoYofactory Contest Team member Cherry

    30 pieces sold through www.gyroscope.ru

    balck and hardcoat small bearing versions made for Cherry also.



    Jason Lee Eight8eight

    Large bearing highwall

    Art created by Jason Lee

    72 pieces


    Small bearing

    96 pieces exclusive to yoyonation.com



    Highwall Eight8eight

    20 pieces silver small bearing released through theyostore.com

    50 pieces aqua large bearing released through yoyonation.com



    AYYA Eight8eight

    51 pieces total in Gold, Red, Matte Gold and 1 Black



    YuukiQuake Eight8eight

    Samples produced and some sold through yoyofactorydirect however production run never released under 30



    Snowquake Eight8eight

    7 Released at 2007 US national yoyo contest through Bird In Hand

    no two yo-yos are identical




    08 888

    November 2007 Release

    Upgraded alloy, shape refinements, polycarb molded hubstacks

    Packaged with cotton Gloves, 888 pin, new art, spare axle and O-rings. 

    TheYo.com logoed 08 888 (50pieces)


    08 spec, new 'FAT 8' mark

    Also produced in limited colors in RED, BLACK, GREEN and PURPLE.





    Celtic Eight8eight



    Yo-YoPeople Eight8eight

    50 pieces released via YoYoNation

    30 pieces GREY released via www.yoyopeople.com



    2008 Japan Nationals/Spingear


    Raven Eight8Eight