A YoYoFactory inititative

Forget the rules.. defy convention....explore new horizons





Dorothy Bearing

Premium grade stainless steel longspin bearing

Replacement Hubstacks

2 Standard Caps + 2 o-rings



Upgrade Stack 1

2 Long stack + 2 top tip insert + 2 Orings (yo-yos not included)


 A Longer hubstack (sticks out beyond the rim on G5 and Grind Machine 2) also included are spintop inserts offering a more focused point to balance the G5 on. Spintop insert will also fit directly into standard hubstack assemby. NOT RECCOMMENDED FOR USE WITH eight8eight.

G5 Sabotage with Long stack and top insert attached.


Upgrade Stack 2, the T-Stack

Plugging into theSHORT T-Stack is designed to make catches on the fly easier.



 Upgrade Stack 3, the Z-Stack

A one piece large cap for catches. Designed exclusively for use on the G5.


Nubs (June 2008)

For players looking for the best traditional yo-yo play the fixed cover sits over the axle/bolt on the yo-yo where the hubstack is usually attached. 



G5 Tricked OUT

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