Project 04


This project’s main goal was to introduce the fundamentals of rendering and also to teach advanced rendering in the process. By using photorealistic rendering, a much better idea of how a part or component will look is given, saving time and money over actually making the part. Pro/E is extremely capable in terms of rendering complex materials and objects, with an enormous amount of options to make the picture exactly as intended. The internal designation for this process is Advanced Rendering Extension (ARX).


The major problems faced in this project were solely of a rendering nature (of course). Waiting up to 5 minutes for each render wasted huge amounts of computer time. When trying depth of field for the razor my computer crashed as did the computers of five other people in the class. Therefore I skipped that step. Also some of the rendering was pointless due to the level of detail. The sharpness was terrible on nearly every picture, so the finer detail work that was done really didn’t matter and none of the tutorials even mentioned sharpness and camera settings. I couldn’t even find anything that would allow for me to change a setting like that. Detail and light bounces were options, but focusing etc was not really offered. However, I am now confident that I will be able to render future projects with extreme ease.


The goals of this project were very straight forward: learn rendering to an advanced level. I learned how to do that, adjust every rendering setting and used pretty much every option during the course of the project. It really wasn’t difficult; it just took a very long time for the computers to run the software.

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Ben Kromphardt,
Oct 7, 2009, 2:36 PM