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  • Bloom theory was introduced in 1956.
  • Blooms theory was that if students master learning then they will be successful in life. To improve the learning skills of children is to strengthen their knowledge and make their ideas grow. 
  • Bloom discovered that all children can learn at a higher level when attention, practice, and support are undertaken in the child's home and at school.
  •   In 1964 he was invited to testify to the congress of the United States about the importance of the first four years  of the child's life as the critical time to promote cognitive development.
  • Blooms theory strengthen the way educators view learning by setting goals for themselves to better there minds and make theirs ideas come alive and be successful in their future ahead of them.
  • Cognitive: mental skills ( knowledge)
  • Benjamin Bloom was best known for research about the intellectual development of children.
  • He wanted children to learn passed the basics of learning and increase their knowledge of new things.

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