Beni Yoshida (Junior Faculty at Perimeter Institute)

Research interests

- I am interested in quantum information theory and its applications to problems in many-body physics, specifically black hole information problems.

- I and my colleagues will be starting a research program focusing on quantum matter at Perimeter Institute. 

- Seems I have jumped into a black hole

Employment etc

- I am a junior faculty at Perimeter Institute.

- I was a Qubit Fellow for the Simons colloboration "It from Qubit", led by Patrick Hayden, Matt Headrick and other great researchers.

- I was a five-year senior postdoctoral scholar at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, supervised by Daniel Gottesman, Guifre Vidal and Rob Myers. I am also a part of tensor network initiative

- I was a Burke fellow (David & Ellen Lee fellowship) in Theoretical Physics at Caltech, affiliated with Institute for Quantum Information and Matter and Walter Burke Institute for Theoretical Physics, supervised by John Preskill.

- I was a graduate student of Department of Physics at MIT, affiliated with Center for Theoretical Physics from 2007-2012. My Ph.D supervisors were Edward Farhi and Peter Shor. 

- I was an undergraduate student of Department of Physics at University of Tokyo from 2003-2007 where I studied mathematical physics under Miki Wadati.

- Contact:

Talks etc

- For an introduction to our paper on holographic quantum codes, see here. Also, an introductory talk by John Preskill is available here.

- My talk on gapped boundaries, SPT phases and logical gates is available here.

- Some of my previous talks are available at PIRSA (perimeter insitute archive) and KITP archive

- Some of my previous conference talks are available on youtube. For instance, here. Also, QIP records all the talks. 

Selected research papers

(Something related to black hole and quantum information) (in preparation)
 Beni Yoshida and Alexei Kitaev
Chaos, Complexity, and Random Matrices
 Jordan Cotler, Nicholas Hunter-Jones, Junyu Liu, Beni Yoshida

Symmetry-protected topological phases at nonzero temperature
 Sam Roberts, Beni Yoshida, Alex Kubica, Stephen Bartlett

Chaos and complexity by design
  Daniel Roberts and Beni Yoshida

Topological Order and Memory Time in Marginally Self-Correcting Quantum Memory
Karthik Siva, Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1603.07805 (16 pages)

Chaos in quantum channels
Pavan Hosur, Xiaoliang Qi, Daniel Roberts, Beni Yoshida
arxiv:1511.04021 (61 pages)

Gapped boundaries, group cohomology and fault-tolerant logical gates
  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1509.03626 (29 pages)

Topological phases with generalized global symmetries
  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1508.03468 (43 pages)

Topological color code and symmetry-protected topological phases

  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1503.07208 (16 pages)

Holographic quantum error-correcting codes: Toy models for the bulk/boundary correspondence
  Fernando Pastawski, Beni Yoshida, Daniel Harlow, John Preskill 
  arXiv:1503.06237 (65 pages)

Unfolding the color code
  Aleksander Kubica, Beni Yoshida, Fernando Pastawski
  arXiv:1503.02065 (46 pages)

Can long-range interactions stabilize quantum memory at nonzero temperature?
 Olivier Landon-Cardinal, Beni Yoshida, David Poulin, John Preskill
 arXiv:1501.04112 (14 pages)

Fault-tolerant logical gates in quantum error-correcting codes
  Fernando Pastawski and Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1408.1720 (13 pages)

Quantum criticality from Ising model on fractal lattices
  Beni Yoshida, Aleksander Kubica 
  arXiv:1404.6311 (7 pages)

Violation of the Arrhenius law below the transition temperature
  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1404.0457 (5 pages)

Precise estimation of critical exponents from real-space renormalization group analysis
 Aleksander Kubica, Beni Yoshida
 arXiv:1402.0619 (8 pages)

Exotic topological order in fractal spin liquids

  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1302.6248 (18 pages)

Information storage capacity of discrete spin systems
  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1111.3275 (35 pages)

Feasibility of self-correcting quantum memory and thermal stability of topological order
  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1103.1885 (72 pages)

Classification of quantum phases and topology of logical operators in an exactly solved model of quantum codes
  Beni Yoshida
  arXiv:1007.4601 (81 pages)

Framework for classifying logical operators in stabilizer codes
  Beni Yoshida and Isaac L. Chuang
  arXiv:1002.0085 (20 pages)

Conferences, Seminars & Lectures


Dec 2017, Tensor Network and Quantum Field Theory, Stony Brook
Oct 2017, Colorado Boulder [OTOCs]
Sep 2017, Quantum Error-Correction, UMD [Decoding Hawking radiation]
Aug 2017, UBC workshop [Decoding Hawking radiation]
July 2017, Relativistic Quantum Information, Kyoto [Decoding Hawking radiation]
June, 2017, Aspen center for Physics [Chaos, complexity and random matrices]
May 2017, Simons Symposium on quantum entanglement, Munich [Decoding Hawking radiation]
Apr 2017, Perimeter Institute [Black hole and QEC]
Apr 2017, UC Berkeley special seminar [Fault-tolerance and SPT phase]
Apr 2017, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics [Chaos an complexity]
Mar 2017, Stanford, Holographic complexity workshop [Decoding Hawking radiation]
Feb 2017, UC Berkeley 290K seminar [Black hole and QEC]
Feb 2017, Perimeter Institute [Black hole and QEC]
Feb 2017, U Waterloo, combinatorics and optimization department [Black hole and QEC]
Jan 2017, QIP [SPT at T>0] (Presented by Sam Roberts)


Dec 2016, Sanya workshop in China
Dec 2016, Stony Brook
Sep 2016, Intensive lectures on "Quantum Information, Black holes and Holography", Osaka University
Sep 2016, AQIS, Taiwan
Aug 2016, Tsinghua University, China 
July 2016, Quantum Matter, Benasque, Spain
June 2016, Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems (Talk), Kyoto University
May 2016, Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems (Lecture), Kyoto University
May 2016, Workshop on quantum information theory, University of British Columbia
May 2016, Stanford University
Apr 2016, Caltech
Feb 2016, Coogee, Sydney [Logical gate and SPT phases]
Jan 2016, Quantum Information Processing, Banff (talk 1) [Holographic code] (Fernando will give a talk)
Jan 2016, Quantum Information Processing, Banff (talk 2) [Gapped boundary and SPT] 
Jan 2016, Quantum Information Processing, Banff (talk 3) [Global symmetries] (2 and 3 are merged...)
Jan 2016, Quantum Information Processing, Banff (talk 4) [Unfolding the color code] (Alex will give a talk)
Jan 2016, Simons collaboration, KITP [Tutorial on QEC]

Dec 2015, Fudan University, Entanglement at Fudan, China (talk 2) [Global symmetries]
Dec 2015, Fudan University, Entanglement at Fudan, China (talk 1) [Gapped boundary and SPT] 
Nov 2015, Perimeter Institute, Condensed Matter Theory [Chaos in quantum channels]
Nov 2015, MIT Quantum Information Theory Seminar [Gapped boundary and SPT]
Nov 2015, Brandeis university String Theory Seminar [Chaos]
Oct 2015, Fundametal bounds on quantum dynamics: chaos, dissipation, entanglement and complexity, Stanford university [Chaos]
Oct 2015, Stanford university, Simons collaboration kickoff meeting [Chaos]
Oct 2015, Caltech, Quantum Information Theory Group Meeting [Higher-form SPT]
Oct 2015, Caltech, Institute for Quantum Information seminar [Gapped boundary and SPT]
Sep 2015, QuICS workshop, University of Maryland [SPT and logical gate]
Sep 2015, Topological club, Perimeter Institute [SPT and logical gate]
Sep 2015, AdS/CFT and quantum gravity, Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada [Chaos]
Aug 2015, Quantum information in quantum gravity II, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada [Chaos]
Aug 2015, Kavli IPMU, Tokyo Japan [Holographic code]
July 2015, Kyoto University, Yukawa Intitute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan [SPT and color code]
June 2015, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara [SPT and color code]
May 2015, University of Maryland (talk 2) [SPT and color code]
May 2015, University of Maryland (talk 1) [Holographic code]
May 2015, MIT quantum information theory seminar [Holographic code]
Apr 2015, Tohoku university, spring school for string theory and entanglement, Sendai, Japan [Holographic code]
Apr 2015, Kyoto University, Yukawa Intitute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan [Holographic code]
Apr 2015, University of Tokyo, Institute for Solid State Physics, Tokyo, Japan [Holographic code]
Mar 2015, Quantum Entanglement (Simons Workshop), Puerto Rico [Holographic code]
Feb 2015, Caltech, Quantum Information Theory Group Meeting [Holographic code]
Jan 2015, Quantum Information Processing (QIP), Sydney, Australia [Logical gate]

Dec 2014, 3rd International Conference on Quantum Error-Correcting Code, Zurich, Swiss [Quantum memory]
Sep 2014, Perimeter Institute for Theorretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada [Logical gate]
Mar 2014, New Directions in Quantum Physics, Kyoto, Japan [Summary talk]
Feb 2014, 15th Squint workshop, New Mexico
Feb 2014, Quantum Information Processing (QIP), Barcelona, Spain
Jan 2014, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stanford University

Nov 2013, Guest speaker at CIFAR workshop, Orford, Quebec
Jan 2013, Perimeter Institute for Theorretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada

Oct 2012, Quantum Information Theory group, Caltech
Sep 2012, Univ of Tokyo, Univ of Osaka
Aug 2012, QCMC (11th International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing), Vienna
June 2012, PhD thesis defense, MIT

Dec 19, 2011, Institute for Quantum Computing/Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Univ of Waterloo
Sep 9, 2011, International Conference on Quantum Information Processing and Communication, ETH Zurich
Aug 31, 2011, Max-Planck Institute Quantum Optics, Munich (Garching)
May 18, 2011, Microsoft Station Q, University of California at Santa Barbara
May 12, 2011, Condensed Matter Theory Seminar, University of Southern California
May 10, 2011, IQI Seminar, Caltech

June, 2010, Quantum engineering of states and devices: theory and experiments, Conference, Obergurgl, Austria
March, 2010, Quantum Information Theory Seminar, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Feb, 2010, Condensed Matter Theory Informal Seminar, MIT

Feb, 2009, The Annual SQUINT Workshop, Seattle, USA

Popular articles covering my works

Fellowship etc

2007             DiCapua Fellowship, MIT
2007-2008    The Whiteman Fellowship, MIT
2007-2012    The Nakajima Foundation Scholarship
2012-2015    David & Ellen Lee Postdoctoral Prize, Caltech

Teaching Experience 

2011 Fall       TA for Physics 1 : Classical Mechanics (undergraduate)
2010 Fall       TA for Physics 3 : Wave and Oscillations (undergraduate), 6.3/7.0 in teaching evaluation
2009 Spring  TA forAtomic and Optical Physics I (graduate)

Students Mentored (And Collaborations)

Sam Ocko (MIT, grad student) 2009-2011
Alex Kubica (Caltech, grad student) 2012-
Karthik Siva (Caltech, undergrad student) 2014-

Professional Activities

Referee for: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, Physical Review B, Physical Review X, Annals of Physics, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Quantum Information and Computation, Journal of Mathematical Physics, New Journal of Physics, Journal of High Energy Physics, NPJ quantum information
Program Committee for: Quantum Information Processing 2016 (reviewed ~15 full papers).


I have asked letters from Sergey Bravyi, Patrick Hayden, Alexei Kitaev, John Preskill, Xiaoliang Qi and Peter Shor in the past.