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1. Benito's Treasure Hunt, 2000, 25pg, Subject: Kids, Retail $10 or download ebook via NOOK Kids...
ISBN 0-533-13567-2I Author P.Marquez-Garcia, has written the first bilingual kids novel; Benito's Treasure Hunt(Benitos Busqueda de Tesoros). Mixing and matching English and Spanish phrases in the intent to give American kids a Latin boys dream of finding a treasure in Las Croabas(Seven Seas). In reality its about the imagination, adventure, and fullfillment!! *Great for story-telling, Kids Gift, Environmental Conscientious(Sea Turtles)
      Order in August 2013 on NOOK Kids all 4 Short Story Novels via Ebook.

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Choose ebook $8, Coloring book $6.99,  Hardcover $10 Now on NOOK Kids;


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            Call Author directly for a Special Price at; US / Spanish Tel. 787.424.3629.Thank you for your donation for Sea Turtle Sanctuary - Gracias por su contribution para santuario para tortugas de mar.  No vendemos en AMAZON o KINDLE porque ellos no ayudan a escritores bilingues.


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