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Luxury By Nikki Giovanni (Poem Analysis)

I suppose living
in a materialistic society 
to some would be having 
more than what you need

living in an electronic age seeing
the whole world by
pushing a button
the nth degree might
perhaps be 
adequately represented 
by having 
someone there to push  
the buttons for you 

i have one though if only
i could become rich and famous 
i would 
live luxuriously in New York knowing
famous people eating 
in expensive restaurants calling 
long distance anytime i want
but you held me 
one evening and now I know 
the ultimate luxury
of your love

Literal Meaning: Luxury of society technology making life easier 

Non-Literal Meaning: Love is the ultimant luxury of all

Poetic Devices: slant rhyme, free verse, connotation, symbolism

Theme: Love is the best luxury of all