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First game is up! Enthernet Beta

Combat Heaven (664kb)
by tonowi

Category: Flash : Action > Target Shooting

This is a side scrolling shoot em up game with a lot of thrilling action. Stranded in a desert all alone and surrounded by enemies, what else can you think about other than try to survive!
Fortunately you are armed with guns enabling you to face the enemies with courage. Blow up the enemy tanks, missile launchers and fighter jets and avoid getting hit by bombs and missiles etc for as long as you can to score the maximum number of points.
Submitted on 07/1/05


Move Left Left Arrow Key
Move Right Right Arrow Key
Activate Jetpack Up Arrow Key
Aim Mouse
Shoot Left Click
Change Weapon Space Bar

 Enthernet Beta
by Arayh Arayh

Category: Flash : Action > Fighting

Addictive Action-packed Fighting game for 1-2 players. Many cool attacks and secrets to unlock.
Submitted on 04/13/04


w/a/s/d = up/left/block/right
f/g/h = Attack
v/b/n = Attack
Keyboard controls are configurable


 Tanks (416kb)
by Khayam Ahmad [Free Online Games]
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Category: Flash : Classics
Average Play: 580 / 411891 (per day / total)
Average Rating: 3.86 of 5.00 (from 436 ratings)

Introducing Tanks, the most advance Tank War Game ever, and it couldn't be more easier and fun to play. With Over 12 different types of artillery to choose from, from scatter bombs to air strikes, and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes etc....Stuffed with option to play against upto 4 human or upto 4 computer controlled opponents, or why not try a mixture of both. From Hot dessert terrains to Snowpacked mountains...This game is one not to go unplayed.
Submitted on 03/27/04


N Game (372kb)
by [Metanet Software]
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Category: Flash : Action > Platform Scroller
Average Play: 777 / 100937 (per day / total)
Average Rating: 3.96 of 5.00 (from 127 ratings)

You are a ninja. Your god-like speed, dexterity, jumping power, and reflexes are all the result of an amazingly fast metabolism. Like all ninjas, you have an unquenchable thirst for gold, a natural propensity for exploring rooms infested by increasingly lethal ninja-killing robots, and a devout belief in N.
N, "the way of the ninja", is a highly advanced system of spiritual, cognitive, and physical training. It emphasizes pacifism, humility, and the need to traverse all the rooms collecting gold before the end of your lifetime.
Submitted on 11/1/05


Left and right arrows to move,
Z or Shift to jump
K to kill yourself


Star Wars Assiant! (372kb)
by [Lucas Arts]
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Category: Flash : Action > Click Fighter
Average Play: 777 / 100937 (per day / total)
Average Rating: 3.96 of 5.00 (from 127 ratings)

This is s Star Wars Game, its not special but fun nethertheless!
Submitted on 11/1/05


Move the Mouse and Click to Play