I am a researcher in computer science at Inria, since January 2015. I am in the PARTOUT team, the evolution of the PARSIFAL team.

My research: I study higher-order computations, that approach to computation where the inputs and the outputs of a program are not simply numbers, strings, or compound data types but programs themselves. I mainly study the lambda calculus, using a combination of tools from (linear) logic, graphical syntaxes, rewriting theory, computational complexity, concurrency, formalised reasoning, and implementations of programming languages.

My main achievement: in collaboration with Ugo Dal Lago, I proved that the lambda calculus is a reasonable computational model for time, i.e. that it is polynomially related to Turing machines, see paper [j3] below. Our proof solved a long-standing open problem, and in an unexpected way. The lambda calculus was indeed suspected to be unreasonable because of a negative result due to Asperti and Mairson (in POPL '98).

Research lines: my research work can be seen as an effort to inter-connect different topics in the study of higher-order computations, ranging from denotational semantics to implementations, passing through rewriting theory, complexity analysis, and graphical formalisms. My papers can be classified as belonging to the following entangled research lines.

  • Term and proof representations.

  • Simplified theory of explicit substitutions.

  • Rewriting theory of the lambda calculus and linear logic.

  • Reasonable cost models for the lambda calculus.

  • Complexity analysis and logical foundation of implementation techniques (abstract machines and sharing).

  • Development of a solid theory of call-by-value.

  • Development of a solid theory of call-by-need.

  • Operational bounds from denotational semantics via intersection types.

  • Computational content of game semantics and the geometry of interaction.

  • Formalization of the theory of the lambda calculus.

E-mail: "givenname"."familyname" at inria.fr

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Publications and Documents

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Journal Papers:

Conference Papers:

  • [C14] Accattoli, Sacerdoti Coen. On the Relative Usefulness of Fireballs. LICS 2015. The version linked here corrects a few typos wrt the official one. This paper has been considerably improved and simplified by [C18], in turn improved by [J5].

Invited Papers:

Workshop Papers:

  • [W1] Accattoli. Proof nets and the call-by-value lambda calculus. LSFA 2012. Subsumed by [J2].


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PhD Thesis:

  • Jumping around the box: graphical and operational studies on Lambda Calculus and Linear Logic.

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