Bengt Vallhagen - music 


Bengt Vallhagen - Swedish musician. 

This page is created just to host some of my songs.  Feel free to download, listen, share...

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Recently recorded / produced (Updated 2008-07-16)

So The Story Goes is a ... well ... some guitarbased thing with lyrics in ENGLISH (shock!).

Nollsjutre is the third and last of the NollSju songs.


SPLITTER (collab project with madmachineman Svante Clementson)

This songs file under Experimental Electronica / New wave.

Baradom features me on vocals and guitar, Svante on machines, Jerry Kronquist on slappy bass.

Speglar with - again - Svante on machines and me on guitar, synthguitar and vocals.

The Right To Be Human ; Svante found a neverfinnished twotrack tape in his basement, recorded together with Håkan Lidbo back in the 80-s. Me and Stina Sterner added lead and backing vocals.


Slightly older stuff

1995 - Bättre än Verklighet (MP3) , is a re-recording of the good old Fehtara song from the middle 90-s. This version features swedish vocalist Johan Signert (Swedish For Beginners) on vocals. The rest of the stuff i play myself.

Trotsbekännelsen (MP3), is another re-recorded Fehtara song. I play, sing and program everything on this one, except for the "pastor pastös" vocals by Johan Signert.

Åska till Aska (MP3) , is some swedish power metall stuff with - ehh - a fair amount of guitars. Me on bass, rhythm guitar and drum prog, Jonas Ekestubbe (homepage) and Jonas Myrström on lead guitar, Hea (the voice of Dogpound) and Stina Sterner on vocals. 


FEHTARA (90-s)

Swedish hard rock band FEHTARA was Patrik Fägerstam - vocals, Jesper Brüde - bass, Peter Svensson (Everybody Used To Call Me Joe) - drums,  Björn Löwgren - guitar and me on guitar and some vocals.

Spinal Istid (MPG download) Spinal Istid (YouTube) is the rockvideo we made 1995.