M.S. Thesis: Paraphrase Extraction from Parallel News Corpora

Cep telefonları için Akıllı Vapur Tarifesi 1.0

Minimum Weight r-arborescence: Edmond's Algorithm (the implementation) (with Tayfun Elmas)

Ad-Hoc Bluetooth Network

Parallelization of Jarvis-Patrick Clustering

Visibility Graph Construction for a Set of Polygons (in 2D) (with Tarkan Sevilmiş)

3D Scene Construction with Ray Tracing (with Tarkan Sevilmiş) [not ready]

My Implementation of Reversi AI

Bengi Mizrahi

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in Bilkent University (1999-2003)

Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Koç University (2003-2006)

Software Engineer in ARGELA Technologies (since 2005)

email: bengimizrahi at gmail dot com