Fever in children

Fever in children is a symptom that we trying to determine the cause.
The most common cause of a fever is an infection;but is it viral or bacterial?
This distinction is important,as viral infections do not need antibiotic treatment,but bacterial infections do.
A child is considered to have a fever if the rectal temperature is more than 38°c.
Also as important as the degree of fever is how a febrile child generally looks.
Two commonly antipyretics can be used with dosage based on weight: Acetaminophen (PANADOL) and Ibuprophen (ADVIL)
Many alarm signs needing immediately to call your doctor:
  • Fever > 39°c
  • Child appears unwell
  • Persitent fever
  • Child < 6 months of age.
Dr Jalel Ben Ghozzia
Pediatrician Expert.