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What is a pride march?

Gay pride marches are annual parades held the world over to celebrate the identity of sexual minorities and to speak up for their rights. Read more.

Why should I be part of Bengaluru Pride?

If you are gay or part of any of the spectrum of sexual minorities, this is an opportunity for you to stand up and make your voice heard. Be proud of who you are, and join the rest of the community in raising awareness among the general public.

If you are heterosexual and liberal minded, we urge you to join the parade and show solidarity with your friends and fellow citizens who are doing this for the first time in Bengaluru's history.

How can I help?

Your biggest contribution is your presence at the pride march. Please be a part of it. Help us spread the message. Please invite your friends and family to join us in this endeavour.

Additionally, if you would like to volunteer (write about it in your publication, blog about it online, make videos) or make monetary contributions, please write to us at

Is it safe for me to participate in the march?

Bengaluru Pride 2008 is a peaceful march that is being carried out with the permission of the police department. India is a democracy. By participating in this march, you are exercising your right to peaceful demonstration.

We are proud of who we are. We are also proud of who you are. But in case you wish to protect your identity because of your circumstances, we respect your decision. Face masks will be handed out at the march, please feel free to wear them. It's important that you march however!