Route map and directions



About Pride Marches

Political demands


  • Water
  • Cameras
  • Placards
  • Attitude!


  • There'll be lots of people like you.
  • Official permission has been obtained.
  • It's safe - the police will be there to escort us.
  • You can get masks if you're worried about your identity.


  •  Tell everyone you know!

Last year's pride

  Media coverage

Here's the route that we are marching:

  1. Start at National College, Basavanagudi.
  2. Go past Sajjan Rao Circle and on to J.C. Road.
  3. March straight on towards Puttanna Chetty Town Hall.
Here's a map of the route. Please zoom in to see Puttanna Chetty Town Hall, which is near the Canara Bank Park, at the junction of J.C. Road and S.J.P. Road.

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