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To build a simple touch interface for 2 users to communicate and actuate a touch to each other. 

Users in mind are parents and their children as this is a system for parents to remain in 'touching' distance of their baby children as touch has been proven to be an important part of communication between parent and child.

Hopefully at the end of the project, we can have a jacket or small pajama enough for a baby to wear and feel the touch.

Weekly Report

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Progress/ Results

1. Familiarized with system by reconnecting wires and making new wires for system.

2. Modified to smaller rubber tube to simulate better touch sensation. 

3. Improved pouch to house the rubber tube and also to wrap around the user's forearm in a less medical way

4. Wooden board to stabilize user's hand, support for it so that user can have his/her hand near his/her so he/she does not need to have her hand outstretched on the table, also helps to isolate the touch to the top half of the arm.

5. Pull tubes up so that the pouch does not touch the user when there is no inflate signal. This change was proposed as something already touching the user gets inflated has a big difference to something that is inflated and touches the user as a result. We feel that the "no-touch" state to a "touch" state gives a better touching sensation.

6. Helped out with building of the 'paper' pressure sensors.

7. Helped out at user test setup and testing.

Results from experiments:

~ To be added ~

Future Plans

If inflated pressured tubes are proven to be a way to go from the user test, we need to come up with ways to turn the system to be non-dependent on the structures holding them together such as the wooden board and the rope to hope the tubes up.

Turn the output modules even smaller?

Add warmth to the output modules as the touch of a human is warm.