The Faith of Benjamin Franklin (e-book)

Ben Franklin is one of the most well known American figures world-wide.  He is looked to as the elder statesman of the founding fathers, a man of moral virtue, Biblical knowledge, and tremendous wit. 

Was Benjamin Franklin a Christian?  Franklin was not timid about his religious views.  "The Faith of Benjamin Franklin" reveals to modern readers what colonial citizens knew so well about Philadelphia's most famous citizen.

Based on the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and his personal letters, this 
e-book answers the question, was Franklin a Christian?

You will learn about--
  • This founding father's belief in God.
  • Franklin's keen awareness of Providence.
  • Franklin's friendship with the great 18th Century Evangelist George Whitefield.
  • His generous contributions to the Christian churches of Philadelphia.
  • The strong moral virtue which described his life.
The real question of the book, however, is "What did Benjamin Franklin do with Jesus Christ?"  

  • Did he believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ?
  • Was he "Born Again?"
  • Did he ever receive a purely Christian witness?
  • Was he a Christian in an evangelical sense of the term?
Only 34 pages, this e-book is as easy to read as it is enjoyable and informative.

There are two ways to enjoy this e-book--

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