Laars Service Specialists                                                                                               
        At Ben Franklin, we specialize in the exceptional repairing of the Teledyne Laars line of boilers and hot water makers; so much so, that we are featured on their site and are certified contractors in repairing, installing, and dealing with any warranty issues with the products. 

*We are also certified for Bradford White, the parent company of Laars

        We have years of experience with the Laars products and have good connections with the factory's technicians for advanced troubleshooting.  We are guaranteed to find your problem, and repair it!  Because of the large volume of turn around work with the Laars line, we have most of the parts in stock for the boilers. 

*Most other companies need to order the parts, which leads to lengthy wait times for repair, where as we have 90% of them on hand. 

To list some of the boilers we are trained to fix, and carry parts on hand for are...
 - The laars:
     -Mini Therm and Mini Combo
     -Mighty Therm, and Mighty Therm 2
     -Mascot, and Mascot 2
     -Mighty Stack
     -CB, also known as HWG 9600
        Because we have been repairing boilers for so long, before laars we were also the factory service for the Trianco Heat Maker brand.  We carry most parts for the heat maker units and can fix or troubleshoot every problem with these units from Trianco.
    -Heat Maker
    -Heat Maker Mark 2

    If you have any questions about what we can do for your boiler, please feel free to contact us! No job too small or too big, we handle everything from single units in apartments and houses to large scale apartment buildings and large businesses.