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Remembering Belsen

Ben's dissertation, written as an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield, was about representations of the Holocaust in fiction. It co-won the Holocaust Educational Trust annual essay prize, and was published as a research paper in November 1999.

This led his employment at the Trust editing a book on the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. 

Remembering Belsen – Eyewitnesses Record the Liberation was published by Vallentine Mitchell in April 2005.

From the synopsis:

"Bergen-Belsen was the only major Nazi concentration camp to be liberated on the British front, some three weeks before the end of the war in Europe in 1945. This book contains accounts which should ensure that the horrors of the camp are on the record for posterity and cannot be denied or excused... Although Soviet forces discovered Majdanek, Auschwitz and other camps on their front in 1944/45, the significance of these sites did not register in the West until much later. It was the atrocities perpetrated at Belsen and Buchenwald, therefore, that became headline news in the Western press in April 1945. The eyewitness reports and testimonies are as profoundly shocking today as they were then; they are gathered in this volume so that they will not be forgotten."