"The strength of my character is equally matched to my physical strength. Strong Inside & Out"

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  • Hitting the Gym... Seeing a loved one go through a tragedy like Ben's is not common.  And if there is something we learn at an early age is that it's not the cards you are delt rather how you play your hand.  Seeing Ben's progress since his admittance into the rehabilitation facility to now has been refreshing to see.  But it is nothing short of how he is playing the hand he was delt.  Ben has always been a motivated and capable person.   He is showing motivation in his rehabilitation and is making progress and at an accelerated pace.    His daily routine has changed as he becomes more able.  He goes to the gym 5 days a week.  At the ...
    Posted Sep 15, 2012, 8:17 PM by Brandon Ensign
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What Happened?


On the evening of July 4th, Ben Ensign went with co-workers to Jack Didley’s in Kennewick, Washington to celebrate a long day of work (on a holiday).  An unexpected altercation involving Ben Ensign altered the course of his life.  During this altercation, Ben sustained blunt force trauma to his skull rendering him unconscious.


Immediately following, a passerby saw Ben near lifeless on the concrete outside of Jack Didley’s and stopped to help.   EMT arrived on scene shortly after.  Due to close proximity, he was taken to Kennewick General Hospital.  As Ben’s injuries were so severe, he was transported by Ambulance to Kadlec Medical Center for Neurological treatment of his near fatal brain injury.  As the details regarding the incident are surfacing, our family is pulling together to support Ben in this time of uncertainty.  More to follow…

Ben's Status

First and foremost, Ben Ensign and family need your thoughts and prayers.  We are simply amazed by the out pore and love of the Tri-Cities community.  It is comforting in this time of tragedy to see the strength and community of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick.  We want to provide an update on Ben’s medical condition to the thousands of supporters.  The update is as follows…


While our family knows the strength of Ben’s character, we want it known that he is equally strong physically.  Ben is strong inside and out!  Ben had a rough night last night that extended today.  While our Family’s around the clock shifts are about to change at the hospital, we are hoping tonight is a less stressful and restful night for Ben.  The news covered that he is in a coma.  What wasn’t shared is that Ben is being kept alive by the means of Full-Life-Support.  He has a machine breathing for him, prescription drugs regulating his heart rate/blood pressure, and his temperature regulated by an arctic sun machine. 


Earlier it was posted that he is in stable condition.  Just to clarify, while his body vital signs are being artificially controlled by another means, it has become apparent that he is in a vital state of his recovery.  The term Stable is not a condition we can claim as accurate (regardless of our best wishes).  We don’t believe you can be stable when you are survived by external means.  While the wonderful medical staff at Kadlec Medical Center are working tirelessly to keep Ben alive, our family is battling alongside Ben, in this hour to hour battle.  We are comforted by the support of the Tri-Cities, friends, family, donations for Ben’s future and the media coverage bringing light to Ben’s Life.  Your effort is bringing comfort to our family, please continue that. 


See the Read More section below for more updates 

Ben Needs Your Help!


The police and detectives have interviewed only a hand full of witnesses, we believe there are more eye whitnesses so we hope they will come forward by contacting the Kennewick Police Department and explain what they saw.  Please contact them at: (509) 585-4208.     


While Ben's Article in the Tri-City Herald titled "Kennewick man hurt in incident at Jack Didley's" is the most searched article on their website, we need your help to get answers.  While the media offers additional resources to uncover details on a topic they need to be contacted and provided leads and interest in stories.  If you want to help, please contact our local media outlets below by telephone and email.  Your effort Will help Ben Ensign and our family.  If you are not sure what to say, see below.



When you make contact first ask “Have you heard about the incident at Jack Didley’s?”.   Secondly, ask “Do you have more information about the incident?”.  Feel free to ask additional questions as this is important.   


KNDU           (509)737-6725              


Tri-City Herald   (509)582-1515               


KVEW   (509) 735-8369             


KEPR                     (509) 547-0547              newsroom@keprtv.com

Seattle Times        (206) 464-2204              http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/flatpages/services/contactus.html    

From our family to yours...Thank you!



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Sheila speaks after the verdict.
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Taco Feed August 9th at The Branding Iron!
Thank you!

Thank you to all who donated items, took the time to attend the taco feed and a huge thanks to The Branding Iron!


Thank you to all those who were able to come out to the candle light vigil. Also, a special thanks to Dale Shaver from Bethel Church who lead us in prayer.


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Ben's Life Wrist Bands

Our family has purchased over 1,000 wrist bands in support of Ben's Life.  Be one of the first to receive your supporting wrist band.  Help bring awareness to Ben's Life.
Here is a fun picture of our family wearing Ben's Life wrist bans.  And yes we donated to get them!