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September 21, 2007

As if you'd check here before some other news source, but thought I'd put it out there - The Jena Six:

The cause of Thursday's demonstrations dates to August 2006, when a black Jena High School student asked the principal whether blacks could sit under a shade tree that was a frequent gathering place for whites. He was told yes. But nooses appeared in the tree the next day. Three white students were suspended but not criminally prosecuted. LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters said this week he could find no state law covering the act.

Apparently in Louisiana hanging nooses from a tree that has been historically known as a "whites only" tree doesn't qualify as a hate crime.  I can only imagine what would qualify in Reed's mind.

And a bonus giggle for the day! Drowning Jesus...

September 20, 2007

A horse head with fuel in it?  Where do I buy one!?!

Yes indeed, you too could be the proud owner of a Horsey Horseless Carriage.

They just don't make vehicles as innovative these days.  Maybe smaller cars should put SUV hoods on the front to try and fool other drivers...

September 17, 2007

Alberta continues to put it's best foot forward in an effort to impress newcomers!

Two of my favourite topics: Hunting and tolerance! 

Apparently, September 22 is Provincial Hunting Day, which apparently aims to teach Albertans to respect wildlife.  I wonder if I get it off?  I'd better oil my gun just is case.

And then there is my new best friend Craig Chandler, who graciously open his arms and his mouth to welcome all of us new Albertans.  Read what he has to say to newcomers here.

August 27, 2007

Ever so often I find something that re-inspires my faith in the general goodness of humanity.  Generally, anything that mentions Chuch Norris' thighs is one of those things.

August 25, 2007 - Creationism, Intelligent Design and Unicorns

Hey, if certain people want to use the Bible to support their discrimination and bigotry they should at least take the time to literally interpret ALL of the Bible. 

August 17, 2007 - Oo, oo, can I get it?

This is almost as cool as my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Blimp (wow, two dirgible/blimp references in as many days...)


August 16, 2007 - Klassic Komedy

Eight Track's traditionally built feline tries to fit in a cat carrier.  Someone call the SPCA.

I can relate.


Attica! Attica!


August 16, 2007

Would you believe I've been going through my whole life thinking that a dirgible and a blimp were the same thing?  Man, I've been living a lie!

There is also a serious lack of information on dirgibles on the internets, so someone should really get on that.

August 10, 2007

Trying out a random picture script.


August 10, 2007 - What did Jesus really look like?

This pretty well ends the debate.  Thanks, The Pope.