Amygdala Nocturnes (for left / right hand alone and for 2 hands)

Compositional series in chronological order

This series contains a series of difficult Nocturnes (in A Minor, A Flat Minor and A Sharp Minor) in 3 variations: 
for the right hand alone - for the left hand alone - and for 2 hands !

The "Amygdala" is part of the limbic system in our brains, that controls about 90% of our memory, decision-making and emotional reactions.
The Amygdala never sleeps .... and never forgets! (See also:

These one-hand piano pieces were developed as a compositional and pianistical challenge, but especially I had persons in mind, that only have one arm or one hand, due to a disability or an accident, and who still would like to play interesting neoclassical piano music. I am welcoming all pianists, especially those with a disability, to send me their recordings!

Free Booklet with all piano scores / sheet music:
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Amygdala Nocturnes Piano Score Booklet PDF   
Amygdala Nocturnes Piano Score Booklet PDF    Amygdala Nocturnes Piano Score Booklet PDF