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Brass Lighted Makeup Mirror

brass lighted makeup mirror
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brass lighted makeup mirror - Lighted 5x
Lighted 5x Make up Mirror in Brass Finish for Makeup
Lighted 5x Make up Mirror in Brass Finish for Makeup
The Elegant One is A Magnificent 8" Lighted Magnification Swingarm Makeup Mirror in A Brass Finish. Beauty Meets Versatility When You See This Magnificent 5 Power Swingarm Makeup Mirror. All Wall Mounting Hardware is Included. This Lovely Makeup Mirror is Elegant and Has Lighting on Both Sides. It Has a 5 Power Magnification Mirror on One Side and A True View Mirror on The Other. The SwingArm Extends a Full 14 Inches. The 8" Mirror Has a Full 5X Power Magnification While The Reverse Offers a True View Mirror. UL / cUL Listed.

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Yanking a shot from the archive :-) The lighting effect is natural and the result of late day sun coming through a window. Hope everyone has a great Thursday - we've almost made it to the end of another week. Thanks as always for the invites, comments, faves and more!
Lights Eternal
Lights Eternal
Explored 12/11/07 #120! Each of the Grandchildren have a menorah to light. When we are through it is beautiful to behold! This was taken after candle lighting on the 4th night of Chanukah when we had 4 grandchildren visiting that were old enough to light a menorah.

brass lighted makeup mirror
brass lighted makeup mirror
SeeAll 8" Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Dual Sided Surround Light Wall Mount Makeup Mirror
8 inch diameter optical quality mirror. Dual Arm Wall Mount that Extends 14" From Wall. Halo Lighted on both sides. This unique bronze finish lighted mirror features a 8" non-fogging distortion-free glass mirror that eliminates unwanted shadowing. Elegantly crafted 8" full 5X power magnification mirror on one side, true- view on the other. The graceful mirror head is mounted on an adjustable swing arm that extends a full 14" and stores flush to the wall. This Mirror is Corded. Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze Diameter: 8 in Magnification Power: 5X Package includes an extra Light Bulb and mounting hardware. Installation Instruction and Care