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Benefit Eye Make Up

benefit eye make up
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benefit eye make up - Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics Smokin' Eyes
Benefit Cosmetics Smokin' Eyes
What it is:A kit that delivers a sexy eye and brow makeover.What it does:Benefit Smokin' Eyes... has everything a gal needs to create sexy, smoky "after hours" eyes and perfectly groomed brows in no time. With the blendable shades and a step-by-step lesson, even makeup-phobes can smoke it out like pros. When the sun goes down, this smoldering eye kit comes out to play!This set includes:- 3 Eyeshadows- Smokin' Liner- Brow Zings in Light- EyeBright- Tweezies- Fluff Shadow Brush/ Hard Angle Brush

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110/365 I heart make-up
110/365 I heart make-up
We went out for my friend's hen night and I took this just before we went out. Lots of people I know love going out on a night out because of the getting dressed up thing. I love it because I get to trowel the make up on, I love love love make up. I'd feel a bit silly wearing a full-on face like this all day every day, but I do love it if Im going out to a place that it would be suitable for. Incidentally, can anyone recommend a foundation that's good for taking pics? I mean, not that looks good in front of the camera, but, for using the camera? One that doesnt transfer to the lcd when you're shooting? :o FGR : : Any Given Saturday
Make-up macro Day 2
Make-up macro Day 2
Day 2 (again) - Make-Up It is good to put a bit of make-up on every so often, even if you're not going anywhere. (OK this is my 2nd day 2 one, but sometimes you got to go with what is in your head before you forget it!) These were fun to do, although a bit tricky. I used my tripod and a remote shutter release. The picture of the pencil was an accident as i got my hand in the way of the lens which meant it focused on that instead of the reflection in the mirror... but it was a happy accident and i quite like it. I then converted the images to black and white in photoshop.

benefit eye make up