Homemade Makeup Remover. After Applying Makeup.

Homemade Makeup Remover

homemade makeup remover
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homemade makeup remover - It's Nature
It's Nature - Natural Anti Aging With Dead Sea Minerals, Hydrophilic Make-up remover 3 IN 1 Colombian Coffee For all skin types and Sensitive skin
It's Nature - Natural Anti Aging With Dead Sea Minerals, Hydrophilic Make-up remover 3 IN 1 Colombian Coffee For all skin types and Sensitive skin
This healthy, gentle make-up remover easily and simply removes make-up and waterproof mascara
Hydrophilic Make-up remover 3 IN 1 contains pure Colombian coffee (caffeine) to revitalize and refresh your skin while maintaining the skin's pH level.
The product cleanses and purifies your skin from environmental pollution, leaving skin feeling supple while its Dead Sea minerals and moisturizers hydrates and replenishes your skin.
Particularly suited for sensitive skin.
Also contains concentrated extracts of Peach, Cherries, Dunaliela algae from the Dead Sea, Aloe Vera, Oblipicha (Sea Buckthorn), Vitamin C and kiwi.
This intense moisturizing makeup remover is also an antioxidant and exfoliant that leaves your skin refreshed and toned.
Hydrophilic Make-up remover 3 IN 1 moisturizes your skin with the minerals it requires while maintaining its gentle, smooth texture.
Instructions: Shake well. Use a cotton pad to apply a thin layer onto clean skin. Wait one minute and then wipe easily in circular motions. Once the skin has been cleaned, wash with lukewarm water. To clean the area around the eyes, keep eyes closed. If any makeup remover enters the eyes, flush eyes with streaming water. Store in a cool, dark place.

84% (5)
Rose Water (lavender)
Rose Water (lavender)
When you use soap in your face you take away what protects it and your skin becomes imbalanced and end up with oily skin, pimples, and blackheads. Instead of using soap to wash my face I use this rose water cleanser! It is a gentle cleanser and hydrates without taking away too much of the skin's natural sebum. You can use them every day to remove dirt and also make-up! (this product can also be done in lavender)
365: May 14, 2009
365: May 14, 2009
vegan skincare products - homemade by Mary Anne. There's a massage bar wrapped in purple, pomegranate face mask (that works like CRAZY!), and make-up remover. This stuff is amazing!

homemade makeup remover