Color Make Up Palette

color make up palette
    make up
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color make up palette - FASH Eyeshadow,
FASH Eyeshadow, 78 Color Palette
FASH Eyeshadow, 78 Color Palette
Now think outside the box!! Makeup now brought cheap to you! Get 78 different colors on a single palette at extremely affordable prices. We believe in providing the highest levels of satisfaction to our customers. We pick each of our colors and put them in the palette by hand! We take pride in our products and we hope that you will feel the same way once you purchase this product. FASH has been loved by thousands and once you apply cosmetics from FASH you will not need any other brand! Mirror and two mini brushes included in this kit!!

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Look 577-1
Look 577-1
After using every color in all 4 of my Mehron palettes I have to say that surprisingly the metallic palette turned out to be my favorite - which is surprising because it has so many browns - but I honestly can say the colors are the best because most of them are so beautiful I didn't have the heart to use a setting shadow instead I used a clear setting powder (like with today's look which was rusty brown with multicolored glitter - though the glitter didn't show up on camera). The formula is even nicer in this palette than the other ones and it came with a better quality brush (which still isn't useful for this palette but I love it for when I use my gel liners). The application is smoother too. As for today's look - fall finally "feels" like it's here today. Trust me all last week it was well over 100, but this week it's going to be in the low 80s so maybe fall is finally coming in - sure hope so. Because I wanted fall so much I decided to let it inspire my eyes today.
Palette (56/365)
Palette (56/365)
Another quick snap. Gemma's favourite Urban Decay make up palette. I don't like this very much apart from the colours, the palette was squinty and it looks bad but meh, it was 11pm at night and I had to crank something out. Learning that this is a discipline. Not always easy to take a new shot each day.

color make up palette