This is the place to get a copy of a map for organising a Bendigo Orienteering Club event. There are over 90 maps available on this site. We will endeavour to have the most recent copy of each map on this site.
Maps are organised into the following categories.

Here are some guides written to help organise a club event.

Condes templates:


Most of the files stored on this site are in OCAD 10 or OCAD 11 format. There are only two licensed copies of this in the club. But some people have the earlier version, OCAD 8. Others may have Open Orienteering Mapper. If this is you, Windows will offer you the chance to open the file in OCAD, and then will tell you the format is wrong. This is correct. Nothing is broken. Your software is looking for an OCAD8 file. The map you are downloading is in a more recent format.

Instead, download the file rather than open it. Then call the file when setting up the event on CONDES. CONDES reads the later versions of OCAD files (10,11 and maybe 12) but doesn't open them in the sense that windows understands.

You may also view the OCAD files in the free OCAD viewer, but this does not allow you to set courses or edit the files. You can use this to hide symbols (eg tracks) and save the file.  https://www.ocad.com/en/downloads/ocad-viewer

Location of maps to north of Bendigo- click to enlarge

Location of maps south or Bendigo- click to enlarge