Kid Bicycle Seat

kid bicycle seat
    bicycle seat
  • a seat for the rider of a bicycle
  • A bicycle seat, unlike a saddle is designed to support 100% of the riders weight and is found attached to a recumbent bicycle. Arthur Garford is credited as the inventor of the padded bicycle seat in 1892.
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kid bicycle seat - Summer Infant
Summer Infant Mother's Touch Large Comfort Bather
Summer Infant Mother's Touch Large Comfort Bather
The Mother s Touch Large Comfort Bather from Summer Infant grows with your child from newborn to infant The bather s large frame cushioned edges and soft mesh sling seat help to ensure your baby s comfort and safety at bath time A deluxe head support adds extra stability for your infant and can be easily removed as baby grows

Bathing a newborn is always a frightening prospect for an unseasoned parent. However, this bather’s design is well thought out to ease some of the anxiety about giving those first baths. First, the sling-style seat is made of a soft, nylon mesh that conforms to baby’s body and reduces the chances of baby slipping down below the tub’s water level--a potential hazard that is more likely with a smooth plastic bath seat. While there is a belt on this bather, it is intended to secure the cover to the wire frame, not to hold baby in the seat. For added comfort, the seat has cushioned edges so baby won’t get poked by the bather’s wire frame during bath time and a removable terrycloth and nylon padded headrest provides additional support for newborns. The backrest offers two positions—reclining for newborns with little head support and a more upright angle for when baby’s neck muscles get stronger. This bath seat can be used for newborn babies to until they begin sitting unassisted. It offers a larger frame and supportive base than most to accommodate bigger babies and non-skid feet helps prevent the seat from skidding in the tub. The seat neatly folds for storage or travel and has a machine-washable and mildew-resistant cover for convenience. --Cristina Vaamonde

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An interesting kid's rear bicycle seat
An interesting kid's rear bicycle seat
Maybe sometimes an Xtracycle isn't needed for a rear kid's bike seat, crude but damn spiffy plywood construction. The rear slot in the wood seat plank holds a rear back rest. (The back rest is on the ground behind the bike.) The kid's feet are protected by the rear bike baskets.

kid bicycle seat