Gore Bike Wear Men's

gore bike wear men's
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gore bike wear men's - Gore Bike
Gore Bike Wear Men's Power II Thermo Jersey, Lemon/Black, Large
Gore Bike Wear Men's Power II Thermo Jersey, Lemon/Black, Large
Crisp air awaits your lungspull on the Gore Bike Wear Power Thermo Long-Sleeve Jersey and enjoy the fall season. The warmth-retaining fabric wicks moisture away from your body to keep the core dry and comfortable, while a cycling-specific cut ensures you're coveredfrom stand-up sprints to crouching in the drops for an aero advantage.

Product Features
Material: 87% nylon, 13% elastane
Fit: slim
Pockets: 3 rear
Zip: full-length
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: commuting, touring, cool weather training
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

81% (11)
Man's Chicken Dancer
Man's Chicken Dancer
MAN's CHICKEN DANCER de E- POW WOW: When our one God created the creatures, there was so much to think about. For every purpose there had to be some creature. No creature could be left lonely. One creature was created almost by chance. The Prairie Chicken really had no purpose that God could remember, but it was a happy creature so it was left to roam the earth with its others. The Prairie Chicken was so thankful for its life that it spent much of its time dancing to show its joy to its maker. Over passage of time, God became comfortable with this special praise of this creature and smiled often upon it. As time flowed forward, there were fields, and hunters, and specialization, and somehow all the Prairie Chickens were lost in our area until none were left. This made God feel a loneliness for it. He looked around but could not find even one of these dancing creatures. He shed a tear for them. He looked further. Things were changing fast, but he did see Indian humans dancing at a powwow and it reminded him of the Prairie Chicken. He smiled. There were so many types of dance. There was the dance of traditional, dance of fancy, the dance of rain, the dance of hope, the dance of love, the dance of grass, the dance of peace, the dance of war, the dance of nobility, the dance of dance, but nowhere was there a dance of the Prairie Chicken. God enjoyed them all, but he missed that old Prairie Chicken kicking up its dust. This made God go into the dreams of Ron Atcheynum a Plains Cree Indian to give him a vision. Ron was a good dancer, but after seeing this vision of the Prairie Chicken, he was inspired. Thank God for those who can get inspired by the little things. Without them how much would we miss? At the next major powwow and dance contest Ron was prepared with his Prairie Chicken costume and the dance movements that he had been working hard on. The judges saw something like a vision when he danced and he won the contest. So many people began emulating Ron's dancing that the elders created a special dance contest just for the Prairie Chicken Dancers. After a couple years every young person wanted to dance in this contest. Ron became a judge for this contest. Each year he attends a Pow Wow to see the new Prairie Chicken Dancers and judge them. God looked down on this new activity and said, "It is still good."
Men's Floor Exercise Final
Men's Floor Exercise Final
Men's Floor Exercise Final Gold ZOU Kai (China), Silver DEFERR Gervasio (Spain), Bronze GOLOTSUTSKOV Anton (Russia)

gore bike wear men's