Bender Ball - High Level Fitness Training Using the Bender Ball Method

With the Bender Ball your exercise workout is focused without wasting time and energy.  Typical workouts center around one doing lots of sit-ups endlessly followed by crunches. The average person usually quits because the sit-ups and crunches are simply the wrong exercise working the wrong set of muscles. The key focus of the bender ball method is the core abs.

Over the past few weeks I decided that I would spend less time in the gym working out and more time at my job and going out with friends and family living life to it's fullest.
I decided though before going this route - to cease being a "gym rat" - I would dedicate myself to using the new Bender Ball that I had ordered every single day with the exception of Saturday.
It does not take up hardly any of my time, just a few minutes a day and I can tell you my body is not getting flabby cause I have stopped going to the gym. The opposite my abs are tighter and more defined than they have ever been before and I am spending less and less time working out, amazing! I am now convinced more than ever before that it is not repetition nor heavy weights nor endless crunches and sit-ups that make the difference it is just being smart and focused.