A Collectors Guide
(T.V. Series & Mighty Midgets)


Benbros (London) Ltd was a British toy company in existence from 1951 to 1965.


The company was founded in the 1940s by two brothers, Jack and Nathan Benenson of Golders Green, 

North London. They first called themselves 'Benson Bros', the name a contraction of "Beneson Brothers", 

but later in 1951 became 'Benbros' using the trade- mark 'Qualitoy' and were based at 145 Gosport Road, 

Walthamstow, London. It is also believed that they had a condom factory in North London at the same time !


In the 1940's and early 1950's they produced moulded toy figures under the Benson name. In 1954 they first produced 

diecast metal models including cars, farm machinery, motorcycles and military vehicles under the name "T.V. Series". 

Packed in a box resembling a 1950’s television set with an artist's impression of the contained toy on the screen, they 

were in competition with the Lesney Matchbox Series of small toy vehicles produced the preceding year, 1953. 

On the 18th June 1951 they became a limited company known as Benbros (London) ltd. The diecast toys were 

made at two other factories in Walthamstow, Sutherland Road and Oatland Rise, but Gosport Road was the head 

office where outworkers would bring assembled and painted toys.


The T.V. Series boxes were numbered within the artwork, apart from no's 1, 2 & 3. The toys were not cast with their respective 

model numbers. Occasionally a label would be placed over the art work on the box depicting that of another toy, I guess it was 

cheaper to produce the labels as opposed to boxes; examples of this can be seen in the book.

This hardback book is a collectors guide on the 51 Benbros T.V. Series and Mighty Midget toys made between 1954 and 1965, 
with a brief history of Benbros (London) Ltd and includes 64 pages of over 160 large colour photographs (a sample of which 
can be seen below), the majority of which are of my own collection, and descriptions, including the different castings and colours 
of each toy. It concludes with an index of the toys and a rarity value for each one.

I believe it to be the first hardback book ever to be published on Benbros Toys. 
It will be limited to 250 copies each one numbered and signed.


It was released on the 31st October 2013  at the price of £29.99, plus £3.70 postage (U.K. only)

You can order a copy direct from me now at a reduced price, I have a few copies left.

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As there are only 250 and each one is numbered you can order a particular number from number 11 to 250 (providing it has not already been sold).


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