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Realistic electric candles

Last year we had a great Halloween in the amusement park I work for. I made some ultra realistic electric candles. Here I will show how I made them.

First a video so you get the idea!

First get the electronics. Without that, no light. I used some parts I had lying around. You can substitute the ULN for some transistors or MOSFETs for example. Also you can use warm-white (or other color) LEDs instead of light-bulbs. But light bulbs are definitely the best for a nice effect. 

The schematic tells you which parts I used.

So you can see, it's really a simple project! :-D

Here's how I put it together:

The little connector on the right is for connecting the light bulbs. The PCB was just two rows too small as you can see... But this works fine. 

The back, nothing special as you can see.

I used big candles, let them burn for a few hours and then drilled the fuse out, got a bigger drill for the lamp and put it all in. A little piece of paper and a bit of molten wax in the bottom of the candle where the wire runs in makes sure the lamp and wires stay in place.

The software is commented, but it's most in dutch, if you don't get the idea, please ask for a translation, it's planned, but I forget things easily.

The effect can be changed, just play with the values in the data segment. The effect uses nibbles, not bytes, so if you think the effect is not what you expected this can be it. It's all just some nibbles * 16 played on the lights, with in between the nibbles fading from the current value to the next.

Questions? I have a gmail address, it's benadski AT ... 

The software is underneath the ads. First read the following line please.

Ralph Willekes,
Sep 16, 2009, 9:08 AM
Ralph Willekes,
Sep 16, 2009, 9:08 AM