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Wind Up Toys Uk

wind up toys uk
    wind up
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  • United Kingdom

Do you ever feel it.... the wind of change coming? So before it hits, I'm feeling the need to look back, to remember... maybe sometimes you need to do this... maybe it gives you strength so that you are ready... So a change of tack for a while.... I'm going to posts some shots from the Adventures of Dippy with some other random shots thrown in... Dippy (formal name Serendipity) was our beautiful VW camper van, who took us on journeys and adventures around Scotland and the North of England, and down into Spain. A few years ago we built up our holidays, time off etc, and took 3 months off work and headed off down through France and into Spain. We toured all through Andalucia before heading back into France to work our way through the World War 1 and 2 battlefields and cemetries to pay our respects. Dippy looked after us through thick and thin and took us to some amazing places and on some wonderful adventures. In the end we couldn't afford to keep her and had to let her go, it was very sad. I hope she went to a good home and is still taking others on new adventures. One day we'd like to buy Dippy II to carry on with the adventures. It's a journey :o) (ps She looks very small here, almost like a toy van here, but it's just that the beaches in Scotland are so enormous, and of course there are no people on them to give them a sense of scale.... I guess that is something to do with the rumours that we spread about the cold and rain and midges ;o)
Day 3 of 90 Racing Grannies
Day 3 of 90 Racing Grannies
Yup its two wind up racing grannies, needed a pic for my third day, wandered around for ages looking for something.

wind up toys uk
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