Toys For Girls 2011

toys for girls 2011
  • (girl) daughter: a female human offspring; "her daughter cared for her in her old age"
  • A person's daughter, esp. a young one
  • (girl) a young woman; "a young lady of 18"
  • A female child
  • (girl) female child: a youthful female person; "the baby was a girl"; "the girls were just learning to ride a tricycle"
  • A young or relatively young woman
  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something
  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness
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  • 2011 (MMXI) will be a common year starting on a Saturday. In the Gregorian calendar, it will be the 2011th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 11th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 2nd of the 2010s decade.

UNHCR News Story: Toys from France bring joy to refugee children in Nepal
UNHCR News Story: Toys from France bring joy to refugee children in Nepal
Children in Beldangi Camp receive their toys from France. UNHCR / P. Baidya / 2011 Toys from France bring joy to refugee children in Nepal BELDANGI CAMP, Nepal, June 22 (UNHCR) – Conditions might be relatively tough in eastern Nepal's Beldangi refugee camp, but for the past week or so the children there have been walking around with big happy faces. The secret of their happiness lay in 41 large boxes that arrived in the camp earlier this month after being sent all the way from France's Quai Branly Museum, which specializes in primitive and indigenous art, cultures and civilizations from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. The cardboard boxes were crammed full with toys donated for refugee children under an annual drive organized by the museum in Paris and UNHCR's office in the French capital. The precious cargo was flown for free to Nepal by the Aviation Sans Frontieres charity. Five-year-old Salina Sherpa was delighted with her new toys, a doll in a blue dress and a pink teddy bear. "This doll looks just like my friend – it is so beautiful. I will play with her every day," the little girl crowed. "I always wanted a plane like this," said 10-year-old Laxman Timilsina, clutching a blue toy aircraft. "It is great, it is just like the one I see every day flying over my hut. My father says that one day we will be going to America in a plane just like this." UNHCR staff distributed the toys to community based organizations for children in Beldangi and other camps in eastern Nepal. These house more than 66,000 refugees originating from Bhutan. A further 46,000 have been resettled in countries like the United States under a programme launched in 2008. Some of the refugees have lived in the Nepal camps for two decades. Most of the families in the camp depend on humanitarian handouts and cannot afford to buy toys for their children. "All kids are in need of toys. Toys can create a great influence on the healthy growth of the child," said Tila Maya Chamlagain, who is in-charge of a play centre in Beldangi. In the past, the toys donated by schoolchildren in Paris have been given to young refugees in places like Chad, Liberia and Kenya. Rianawati, head of the UNHCR in the town of Damak, thanked the French children, the Quai Branly Museum and Aviation Sans Frontieres. By Nini Gurung and Pratibedan Baidya in Beldangi Camp, Nepal
Dynamite Girls 2011 collection: Plastic Inevitable
Dynamite Girls 2011 collection: Plastic Inevitable
There are two different Dynamite Girls collections for 2011- the second one is called Plastic inevitable. All dolls retail for 59.99$, limited to 300 pieces and are supposed to ship in May. From left to right we see Aria, Auden, Jett, Remi, and Jett. The new Dynamite Boys have FR Homme bodies. This is not my photo but the official Integrity toys promotional picture!

toys for girls 2011
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