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smart toys trade
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  • (Smart toy) A smart toy is a toy which effectively has its own intelligence by virtue of on-board electronics. These enable it to learn, behave according to pattern, and alter its actions depending upon environmental stimuli. Typically, it can adjust to the abilities of the player.
  • the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services; "Venice was an important center of trade with the East"; "they are accused of conspiring to constrain trade"
  • Buy and sell goods and services
  • Buy or sell (a particular item or product)
  • (esp. of shares or currency) Be bought and sold at a specified price
  • engage in the trade of; "he is merchandising telephone sets"
  • the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"

Bratz 1st Ed Cloe & Yasmin + "My Bratz Story" tag
Bratz 1st Ed Cloe & Yasmin + "My Bratz Story" tag
1st Ed Yasmin arrived today! Decided to photograph her with her 2001 buddy 1st Ed Cloe :) I just need Jade and Sasha and i'll be happy! Since i have these two, i'm feeling all nostalgic about Bratz and why i fell in love with the brand in the first place so here is a trip down memory lane when i fell in love with the girls with a passion for fashion! 2001: I remember it was just before Christmas, the free Toys R Us catalogue that came free with the newspaper had arrived and i got excited to see what fashion dolls would be in there and decide what i wanted. I had been into Diva Starz for a while but they had become kinda tired so it was fantastic that a new doll line called 'Bratz' had caught my eye in the catalogue. The promo shot of all 4 girls had me in awe!! They looked soo pretty and had such an attitude (Bratitude ;D). The sass they had was something that was seriously lacking in fashion dolls at the time....everything was very sweet and wholesome and Bratz had that spice to shake up the doll world! They were priced at ?14.99 which was/is standard price for fashion dolls. The fact they came with 2 fashions was amazing too! Yasmin was the girl who i decided i wanted.....her tan skin and exotic looks were perfection to me! It was soo great to have an alternative to Barbie and all the blonde hair/blue eyed dolls around. So as soon as i got the chance to hit the shops, i knew i had to keep an eye out for the Bratz! I remember going into a branch of Woolworths (gosh i miss that's closed down) and seeing my first Bratz doll in person. It was Cloe...the blonde! It wasn't Yasmin like i had hoped but it wasn't exactly surprising that the blonde was in stock first.....that's how it usually goes over here in the U.K and i assume most places. Anywho, i decided to get Cloe since she was super cute (or should i say, Dad got her for me lol) and went on my way. I got home and deboxed her....i was in love! Her hair was super soft and silky, her fashions were so funky and detailed & her make-up was darling! Her little description in the back about her style and personality and nickname tied in soo well with everything! I adored the artwork and how it showed you all the mix 'n' match possibilities you could try out. Every day i changed her outfit inspired by the artwork....mixing and matching was sooo much fun LOL. Cloe was the start of my Bratz addiction and over the years, i had traded with one of my closest friends, swapped and played around a lot....generally didn't treat my dolls the way i treat them now! I always looked after my dolls but lending them to other people who treat them differently to you is a big mistake lol. Trading, borrowing with friends who don't take care of dolls the way i did was definitely not smart back then but i learned my lesson. My original Bratz had kinda disappeared and in it's place was a new one.....MGAE were releasing collections like crazy and at one point in my school, it was actually on trend to own a Bratz doll haha. It was all about keeping up with all the latest lines etc. Looking back, i wish i had appreciated and looked after my dolls even more so but i'm making up for that now and take EXTRA care of them! Years on and today....i have back my original Cloe! I got Yasmin at one point too years back but she got lost/traded/ruined etc so now i have her back too! I never remembered seeing 1st ed Jade and Sasha here but they definitely were released as i remember some of my friends having them. I never got to collect them though so now is my chance to find them and complete the 1st Ed core 4! Thanks EBAY!!
TAGGED* 10 things about Us
TAGGED*  10 things about Us
Hey Melissa....thanks for the Tag and sorry it took so long. Ok everybody here's our 10: 1. Got My 1st poodle when I was 10 yrs. old. Long Story Semi-Short....haha I had wanted a dog for Christmas and just knew I was going to get one. My parents had no intention of getting me a dog that year but on Christmas Eve a male gray miniature poodle named Pepe got lost and ended up at our house. A car had almost hit it when it crossed the street so my mom went out immediately and got the dog and brought it in. Needless to say I said that my prayers were answered and he was my present. Well my mom had made inquiries and even got it put on the local radio station to be broadcast cause she knew that someone was missing their dog. He had been recently groomed and he was very well behaved. He stayed with us for about 3 days. The owner heard the radio spot on the lost pet and he got to our home and of course I was crying and he said if he didn't take Pepe home his kids would be crying so he asked my parents if they minded if he gave me a poodle puppy. Pepe had sired a litter and he got the pick of the litter....well what are my parents going to say with me there crying my eyes out so the day after Christmas he went up and brought me back a beautiful black miniature female and she was our first experience with a poodle and I named her Sugar Samantha....and she was a dream and I've had nothing but poodles ever since....wouldn't have it any other way either! 2. Diamond was named when we got her. She was 2 yrs. old at the time. People always wonder if they were named after the country music group Diamond Rio....they were not. 3. Rio is actually named after a Casino in Las Vegas. When we go there I tell them that I named my poodle after them so they get lots of free publicity from me so I get my things at their gift shop at a percentage cool is that? 4. Rio snores when she sleeps. It's SO cute! 5. Diamond looks very graceful but she's a bull in a china shop.....a clutzy clown. She cracks everyone up! She takes after me. :-) 6. Diamond and Rio are the biggest love bugs. Loves to be petted and loved on 24/7 but it's their right as poodles! 7. Their favorite place is on the couch with me. Rio laying in a ball between my legs and Diamond right beside me with her head on my stomach. Comfy for them but I can't do anything in that position but I won't move them for anything. I love my snuggle bunnies. 8. My husband is a volunteer with our local rescue squad and he is a shock/trauma tech. so he is on call some weeknights and weekends. He has a pager and we have a scanner and when his tones drop Diamond knows it...she is very sensitive to different tones and can pick his company's tones out from the huh? 9. Diamond and Rio like to play tug with the toys but Diamond always lets Rio win. Such a good sport. 10. We all go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina twice a year cause that's my vacation when I don't have to worry about the gals and we're all together having a blast. I wouldn't trade these beach trips for anything. Poodles are the most lovable, smart, beautiful, funny, playful and brilliant dogs I've ever known. Poodles are Happiness! Ok...I'm done writing this book...hahaha Hope everyone has a great week and keeps cool!

smart toys trade
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